The Champions' Guild


Getting there

The Champions' Guild is located in central Misthalin, south-west of Varrock. To enter, you'll need 33 quest points (i.e., completed most of the F2P quests). Upon entering, you'll be greeted by the Guildmaster; brave and noble, he oversees all goings-on in the guild. He is also the first NPC you must talk to in order to begin the Dragon Slayer quest.

Champions Guild Greeting

The combat bracelet teleport is an easy way for members to arrive just outside the guild door. Simply rub it and choose this guild as the destination. Read the combat bracelet items database entry to learn more about making and recharging it.

Champions Guild map Dragon Slayer Quest Chickens (Level 1) Valaine's Shop of Champions Scavvo's Rune Store Lodestone network Canoe Transport

Ground level

Here you'll find two fonts as well as a lavish long table for a banquet. If you discarded your Melzar's Maze key after completing the Dragon Slayer quest, the Guildmaster can supply you with another. In the next room there is a kitchen, with an enclosed chicken coop outside. This is an excellent place to easily raise your cooking level at lower levels.

Champions Guild Room


Basement (members only)

This is where members come to fight duel challenges. These can be fatal! Challenges are received at random while fighting certain monsters, and the champions fought are from these particular races. To accept a challenge, speak to Larxus with a champion scroll in hand. Note that the Leprechaun Champion, however, can be fought at any time; no champion scroll is required. Players are offered the chance to face him in a duel as an introduction to the minigame. For more details, read Tip.It's Champions' Challenge minigame guide.

Champions\\' Guild Basement Champions' Challenge minigame Leprechaun Champion



Ascending the lobby stairs, you'll find two shops exclusive to Quest Champions, selling items not available in any other F2P RuneScape shop. First is the special general store - Valaine's Shop of Champions. You can sell anything here at general store prices, as well as being able to purchase some black and adamant items. Second is Scavvo's Rune Store. If you speak to him, he asks if you'd like to buy some "toys". He actually sells rune armour and weapons, as well as some green dragonhide armour. For a list of all items sold, see the tables below.

Valaine's Shop of Champions
Pic Name Default Stock Price to Buy Price to Sell
Cape -Blue- Blue Cape 10 20 8
Black Full Helm Black full helm 10 1,372 548
Black Platelegs Black platelegs 10 1,920 768
Adamant Platebody Adamant platebody 10 16,640 6,656

Scavvo's Rune Store
Pic Name Default Stock Price to Buy Price to Sell
Rune Plateskirt Rune plateskirt 10 64,000 38,400
Rune Platelegs Rune platelegs 10 64,000 38,400
Rune Mace Rune mace 10 14,400 8,640
Rune Chainbody Rune chainbody 10 50,000 30,000
Rune Longsword Rune longsword 10 32,000 19,200
Rune Sword Rune sword 10 20,800 12,480
Green D\\'hide Chaps Dragonhide chaps 10 3,900 2,340
Green D\\'hide Vambraces Dragonhide vambraces 10 2,500 1,500
Coif Coif 10 200 120

Remember that Dragon Slayers can buy their rune platebody and/or green dragonhide body from Oziach in the north-west corner of Edgeville. However, better bargain prices are available when buying from other players or the Grand Exchange.

That's all there is to the Champions guild - enjoy.

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