Chaos Dwarf Battlefield

By Rien Adelric

The entrance to this dungeon can be found in the mines to the south-west of Keldagrim, but players can only access it upon completion of the Forgiveness of a Chaos Dwarf quest.

The Chaos Dwarf Battlefield is the site of an on-going engagement between the forces of the Keldagrim Black Guard and the unholy monstrosities created by the Red Axe. Here, amidst the chaos of combat, players of particularly good fortune may just obtain the elusive Dragon pickaxe!

Warning: The Battlefield is a multi-combat zone throughout, and the considerable number of NPCs in the area are aggressive.

For more information and strategies for killing the battlefield monsters, please refer to our Chaos Dwarf Battlefield guide.

Chaos Dwarf Battlefield Chaos Dwogres (Level 92) Chaos dwarf hand cannoneers (Level 70) Chaos Dwarves (Level 28) Black Guard crossbowdwarf(Level 70) Black Guard berserkers (Level 56) Black Guard (Level 42)

Dungeon Monsters

Chaos Dwarves: Level 28
Black Guards: Level 42
Black Guard berserkers: Level 56
Black Guard crossbowdwarfs: Level 70
Chaos dwarf hand cannoneers: Level 70
Chaos dwogres: Level 92

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