Chaos Dwarf Battlefield Guide

This area has been rated as EXTREMELY HIGH-RISK. Extra care should be taken at all times while roaming the Chaos Dwarf Battlefield.



The Chaos Dwarf Battlefield is an underground cavern filled with menacing Red Axe Chaos Dwarves in perpetual battle with Keldagrim's Black Guard. Players can choose a side amongst the confusion and join in on the fight, with potential for great rewards! You must have completed the Forgiveness of a Chaos Dwarf quest to access this area.

Chaos Dwarf Army Basic Facts (Bestiary Profile)
Combat Level: 110, 117, 48 Dwarvestrio Life points: Varies Maximum Hit: Varies Attack Style(s): All
Experience Summary
The battlefield monsters can provide generally decent melee or ranged experience when engaged in single combat. Using multi-target magical spells on them will yield a high amount of magic experience.
Drops Summary
All chaos monsters on the battlefield are known for dropping the sought after Dragon pickaxe. The hand cannoneers may drop their own hand cannons, as well as cannon shot. All of the dwarves also commonly drop muddy keys. Other drops are very small in value, from a few runes to a seed or two.
Special Notes
The hand cannoneers have a deceptively low combat level for the damage they are able to inflict. Their cannon shots can rip through melee armour, hitting in the high 300s.
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About the Chaos Dwarves

The chaos dwarves occupy the western half of the battlefield, continually attacking the persistent and determined Black Guard troops. They have superior weaponry and numbers, making them a fearsome enemy you do not want to engage unprepared. There are multiple methods of attacking the chaos dwarf monsters, one which exploits their varying aggression behaviours, and another that focuses on killing as many monsters as fast as possible. Before these are explained, it is important to note that upon entering the battlefield, no monsters are aggressive towards you, as you have not shown favor towards a particular side. Once you attack a dwarf, that dwarf's entire army will become aggressive to you. This applies to both the Black Guard and chaos dwarf forces. The critical exception, however, is that the chaos dwogres may be attacked without arousing the suspicion of the rest of their army. The melee praying method takes advantage of this. The blood barrage method attempts to deal sufficient damage to keep your character's life points at a safe level while he or she takes on the full force of the chaos dwarf army.

To summarize, here are the fundamental rules to remember about fighting here:

  • Attacking a dwogre will cause only the dwogre to target you.
  • Attacking a chaos hand cannoneer or chaos dwarf will turn the entire chaos army aggressive for about fifteen minutes.
  • Attacking any Black Guard member will turn their entire army aggressive for about fifteen minutes.
  • If at any point you would like to reset your aggression status, you should leave the battlefield, log out, and log back in.

One should be familiar with the attack styles of the chaos dwarves. The dwogres use a mage-based melee attack when fighting close, and a magical attack when they are unable to reach their target. The hand cannoneers use a ranged attack, but will switch to a less damaging melee attack if you are praying against it. The lower level chaos dwarf soldiers will always use a weak and comparatively trivial melee attack. If you plan on attacking any monsters other than dwogres, you need to be able to withstand all three styles of attack.


Getting to the Battlefield

There are two convenient routes to the Battlefield, one from the Grand Exchange mine cart trapdoor, and another from the East Rellekka cave entrance. You will need to cross the river using the ferryman following the green route.

Cdb Gettingthere

A full map of the actual battlefield can be found on this page. You should ideally use the Keldagrim Bank to restock when you have run out of supplies. If you must teleport out, note that a quick teleport back is the DKS Fairy Ring code. This will teleport you to a fairy ring very close to the Rellekka cave entrance.

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Dwogre Slaying

Dwogre Slaying Set-up (Melee Prayer)
Monster Hunting Prayers Curses Text Protect Item On Protect From Melee On Piety On
Protect Item Curse On Berserker On Deflect Melee On Turmoil On
Helmet: Helm of Neitiznot > Proselyte sallet > God mitre
Necklace: Amulet of fury > Amulet of glory > Amulet of power
Cape: Completionist's cape > Soul Wars cape
Chest: Proselyte hauberk > Initiate hauberk > Monk robe top
Legs: Proselyte cuisse > Initiate cuisse > Monk robe bottom
Weapon: Chaotic rapier > Abyssal vine whip > Dragon scimitar
Shield: Dragon defender > Rune Defender > Zamorak's unholy book
Gloves: Culinaromancer's gloves 10 > Culinaromancer's gloves 9 > Culinaromancer's gloves 8
Boots: Dragon boots > Climbing boots
Ring: Onyx ring(i) > Dragonstone ring(i) > Ring of life
Aura: Greater reverence > Reverence
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The tactics for dwogre slaying are relatively simple. Once you enter the battlefield from Keldagrim, run all the way to the west side and attack a dwogre of your choice. To stay safe, you should follow some key guidelines. You should right click every time you plan to attack a dwogre, or do any left click action. Slightly inaccurate left clicking can sometimes cause your character to unintentionally attack a dwarf, which can lead to a quick death from multiple hand cannon shots.

Cdb Clawing

In addition, do not herd dwogres onto you. Having multiple dwogres attacking could lead to death from the piling on of magical attacks from far away. You should use a special attack whenever possible, as shown in the picture. This can give you a much higher kill per hour ratio. Activate Turmoil or Piety whenever doing so to ensure the highest hits possible. Once again, be wary of accidentally clicking on other moving NPCs as you concentrate on switching weapons and prayers. Remain in the west side of the battlefield until you need teleport or restock. The Keldagrim Bank is a short thirty second walk from the exit.

The Black Guard's assault on the chaos army can be used to your advantage to add some "free" dwogre kills over time. Some dwogres will engage Black Guard troops, and will slowly take damage over time, and ultimately die. If you manage to hit them once, the kill will automatically become yours. The dwogre may attack you once or twice, but its focus will remain on the Black Guard. Therefore, if you see dwogres engaged in combat with other NPCs, hit them once, and continue killing the dwogre attacking you.

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Taking on the Entire Army

Ancient Magicks Barrage Set-up
Cdb Promage Setup
Monster Hunting Prayers Curses Text Protect Item On Protect From Missiles On Augury On
Protect Item Curse On Deflect Missiles On Leech Magic On
Helmet: Virtus mask > Helm of Neitiznot
Necklace: Arcane stream necklace > Arcane blast necklace > Arcane pulse necklace
Cape: Completionist's cape > Soul Wars cape
Chest: Virtus robe top > Ahrim's robe top > Mystic robe top
Legs: Virtus robe legs > Ahrim's robe skirt > Mystic robe bottom
Weapon: Staff of light > Chaotic staff > Ancient staff
Shield: Arcane spirit shield > Blessed spirit shield
Gloves: Culinaromancer's gloves 10 > Culinaromancer's gloves 9 > Culinaromancer's gloves 8
Boots: Infinity boots > Dragon boots > Mystic boots
Ring: Onyx ring(i) > Dragonstone ring(i) > Ring of life
Aura: Greater reverence > Reverence

This method is not recommended for beginners. You will be attacked by magic, melee, and ranged. Your character will need to be able to hold his or her own against the fury of dwogres and hand cannoneers. You will be using range protection prayers in conjunction with blood and ice barrage, as well as a dwarf multicannon. Ahrim's robes can be used instead of Virtus robes, however note that the life points boost of Virtus can help greatly in this heavy combat situation. The cannon is a key asset as it lures far away opponents onto your multi-target grid (read below for more details).

Inventory shown: Overloads, Super Prayer Potions, Saradomin Brews for emergency, cannonballs, cannon, and runes.

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This style of fighting takes more focus than single monster slaying. Once you enter the battlefield from Keldagrim, run all the way to the west side and set up your dwarf cannon. You should set up the cannon in a central location on the west side, to draw as much attention to yourself as possible from the Chaos Dwarves. There is a high chance that the Black Guard will turn to attack you from afar, but their attacks will mostly be negated by prayer. As dwarves and dwogres are attracted to you, begin running around the room in circles until you have around nine or more enemies tagged on.

Cdb Bursting

You will want to manipulate them so that they fall into a 3 by 3 square (sample shown in the picture). This will allow your blood barrage attacks to hit the maximum amount of targets. If you find you are not taking that much damage, switch to ice barrage for greater damage. Don't forget to refill your cannon's ammunition, and watch your prayer points very carefully. Running out of prayer will cause the cannoneers to switch to range attacks, potentially killing you instantly. If you brought a Staff of Light, use the special attack for increased melee protection.



Reward Drag Pick While the chaos dwarves more commonly drop hand cannons and cannon shot, if you are lucky enough, you may receive the rare Dragon pickaxe as a drop. This fancy, combat-ready pickaxe is the best mining tool in the game, as well as having its own special attack, giving it a relatively high market price over other pickaxes. The dwogres are rumoured to have a slightly higher drop rate than the other dwarves.

Good luck with your pickaxe hunting!
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