Chaos Temple Dungeon

By Rien Adelric

This dungeon is located under the Chaos Temple in level 13 Wilderness. It can only be entered after finding the grubby key and following the zombie tracks to the Temple during the Defender of Varrock quest. Further exploration of this dungeon occurs in the Curse of Arrav quest.

Chaos Temple Dungeon Armoured Zombie (Level 86) Armoured Zombie (Level 86) Armoured Zombie (Level 86) Armoured Zombie (Level 86) Armoured Zombie (Level 86) Armoured Zombie (Level 86)

For the 'Defender of Varrock' quest, players must collect the red mist from three dead zombies in three empty bottles to get through the locked gates. However, after the quest, the level 85 Armoured Zombies are the same throughout the dungeon.

During the Curse of Arrav quest, players can access the area past the metal door by unlocking it with the base key (note that after the quest, the key is not required). The area is strewn with traps and is of little use after the quest. Any players wishing to brave this part of the dungeon should bring Insulated boots, a Macaw/Ravenous Locust familiar, and a Crossbow with a Mithril grapple. Please refer to the Curse of Arrav quest guide for steps detailing the process of avoiding the traps here.

Dungeon Monsters
Armoured Zombie: Level 86

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