Chaos Tunnels

By Headnazgul

This labyrinth of a dungeon is located under the Wilderness north of Edgeville and Varrock. Beware of Player Killers (PK'ers) on your way to one of the many entrances. Many creatures here can poison or deal dragonbreath damage, so prepare to encounter both while exploring here. If you plan to fight dust devils, don't forget a facemask; bring the usual slayer equipment for slayer monsters here. For those willing to risk it, there are some of the best places to train here because the entire dungeon is multi-way combat.

Cannons are prohibited here - you will not be admitted while carrying one. However, Jagex suggests this is a good location for using familiars in a multi-combat situation.

Additional information about the Chaos Tunnels is below the map. The map itself is surrounded by a table showing which monsters are in which rooms, and what level they are:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49
Hover over each room to see the monsters within.
chaos tunnel map
Room MonsterLevel
1Dagannoth 112
3Fire elemental64
Bronze dragon124
4 Waterfiend154
5 Turoth123-133
6 Earth warrior112
Bronze dragon124
7Black demon140
8 Dust devil 122
9 Zamorak warrior88
Infernal mage104
10 Giant crypt rat110
Room MonsterLevel
11 Fire giant 122
12 Giant rock crab 136
13 Ice giant 74
14 Moss giant 74
15 Zamorak warrior 88,94
Zamorak ranger 92
Zamorak mage98
16 Fire giant 122
17 Deadly red spider136
Room MonsterLevel
18 Cave bug 12
Cave bug18
19 Poison spider 90
Giant crypt spider120
20 Big wolf 62
Shadow hound 96
21 Green dragon 90
Baby black dragon100
Animated Spade104
22 Dire wolf 66
Shadow hound 96
23 Big wolf 62
Shadow hound 96
Room MonsterLevel
40 Ice warrior78
Ice giant 74
41 Zombie 104
Skeleton 110
42Animated Spade104
Possessed pickaxe 110
43 Mummy110
44 Gargoyle134
45 Zombie104
46 Monk of Zamorak 45
47 Mummy 103
48 Ice troll female 98
Ice troll male 98
49 Ice troll female98
Ice troll male98
Room MonsterLevel
32 Zamorak warrior 88,94
Dagon'hai monk178
33 Giant rock crab 136
34 Infernal mage 104
35 Zamorak mage 98
36 Zamorak warrior88,94
37 Fire giant 86
38 Moss giant 74
39 Zamorak warrior88,94
Zamorak mage98
Dagon'hai monk178
Room MonsterLevel
24 Giant crypt rat110
25Giant ant worker 70
Giant ant soldier100
26 Giant ant worker70
Giant ant soldier100
27Green dragon90
Baby black dragon100
28Shadow spider 66
Crypt spider90
30 Poison spider90
31Shadow spider66
Poison spider90

Each red dot represents a teleport which may not be used until you have completed The Hunt For Surok. The green dots connected by a green line represent two teleports that lead to each other. Most teleports lead to the adjacent room, but not always. Also remember that they *generally* lead to the teleport at the other end of the green line, but they are sometimes random, and will teleport you to a room close by instead. The exclamation points are the entrances and exits; simply climb the rope. Because of this dungeon's size and the close proximity of the monsters, each room is numbered.

The teleport on the west side of room 1 leads to the chamber where you battle Surok (and later Bork), as part of the Hunt for Surok miniquest. The teleport on the east side of room 26 leads to the Tunnels of Chaos underneath the Saradomin Statue east of Varrock, part of the Hunt for Surok miniquest and the What Lies Below quest.

To help you find your way to the Chaos Tunnels, here is a small map showing the entrances relative to Edgeville.

Chaos Tunnels Entrance

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