Chasm Mine

By halo2_rocks7

A mine widely used by both free players and members, it's located north of Al-Kharid. It is also known as the Scorpion Pit Mine. It caters to all levels of miners and is usually busy because there is a furnace close by in Al-Kharid just to the south.

The "Man" NPC near the gold rocks is part of the Family Crest quest. The level 38 agility shortcut offers an alternate mine exit.

Rocks: 1 Tin, 3 Copper, 9 Iron, 2 Coal, 6 Silver, 2 Gold, 3 Mithril, 2 Adamant.

Nearest Bank: Al-Kharid or Duelling Arena
Nearest Furnace: Al-Kharid
Nearest Anvil: Lumbridge or Varrock

Chasm mine Scorpions (Level 14) Scorpions (Level 14) Scorpions (Level 14)
Key Tin Key Copper Key Iron Key Coal
Key Silver Key Gold Key Mithril Key Adamant

Scorpions: Level 14
Man: Family Crest

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