Tip.it IRC Network

Tip.It IRC Network Information

Connection Information

Connections are currently accepted through irc.tip.it. All server names are currently for vanity only and do not resolve or allow direct connection to the server.

General chat can be found in #runescape while help with the IRC network features or other Tip.It related questions can be asked in #help.

Server Information
Server NamePortsServer AdminsServer Location
paddlefish.tx.us.tip.it6660 - 7000
SSL: 6697
Dallas, Texas, USA

The Tip.It IRC network currently does not accept public applications for server links or IRC staff.

Additional Channel & User modes

Usermode +D - Usermode +D allows a user to block all incoming private messages on the network. This allows users to ignore private messages without having to maintain ignore settings on their client. Any private message sent to a user with +D will notify the sender that the target user is not accepting private messages.
To set this mode: /mode JohnDoe +D
Example: /mode JohnDoe +D
In both examples you would replace 'JohnDoe' with your nickname.

Channel Textban - The channel textban allows channel operators to block or filter certain strings of text in their channel. This allows for custom censoring of words within a channel at the staffs discretion by setting a custom +b line. Operators can choose to either censor the string or block the offending line entirely. Censored text appears as 'censored' while blocked lines will not be displayed and the offending user notified their line was blocked. The * character can be used to match anything within the string to be blocked or filtered.
To set this mode: /mode #channel +b ~T:[block|censor]:*match text*
Example: To block the word 'sword' from your channel you would use the following command: /mode #channel +b T:block:sword

If you wish to block the word within other words (such as blocking 'longsword') you would replace 'sword' with '*sword' or '*sword*'. In all examples you would replace #channel with your channel name.

RuneScape 2007
Find this page on the Internet Archive with a date as close to Aug 10, 2007 as possible.

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