Tip.it IRC Network

Tip.It IRC Network Rules

1 General Rules
  • 1.1 National/religious/racial/sexual discrimination, stalking/harassment of users, being obscenely offensive, flooding, spamming and advertising are not permitted and will result in a warning or removal of your connection to the server, possibly permanently depending on the severity of the offence.
  • 1.2 Creating or joining channels which are related to sex, porn, warez, subjects which are illegal or unsuitable for young users or that are promoting the exchange of copyrighted material are prohibited and will result in removal of your connection to the server, possibly permanently depending on the severity of the offence.
  • 1.3 More than three clients from the same host are not permitted. Exceptions to this rule may be given by IRC staff on a case by case basis.
  • 1.4 Well behaved bots are welcome to connect to the irc.tip.it server as long as they do not annoy other users/opers and follow all rules. If an Oper or Channel Op asks you to remove your bot, please do as they ask and do not argue, or you may find it forcibly removed.
    • All bots should be identified with user mode +B to mark them as a bot on the network. This informs both network staff and users that the connection isn't a normal user.
  • 1.5 The use of warscripts, flood/clone bots or any other scripts designed with intent to takeover/disturb/disable a channel, the server, or other users is not permitted and will result in immediate termination of your connection and a potential ban.
  • 1.6 All channels are free to enforce their own rules within their channel. This may include no swearing and other restrictions put in place by the owner and operators of the room. Disputes within channels not owned by Tip.It staff will not be handled by IRC server staff in any way unless they violate server rules.
    • Evasion of channel bans will result in an immediate ban from the network.
  • 1.7 All publicly viewable user information must be G-rated. This means it can not contain profanity, offensive phrases or direct attacks on other users or groups on or off the IRC network. Network staff reserve the right to ask for or forcefully remove nicks, idents, hosts and realnames they deem unfit for public view. If in doubt network staff may be contacted via #help.
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2 Vhosts and BNCs
  • 2.1 Virtual Hosts (Vhosts) are provided via HostServ for users to customize their host mask. Hosts may not contain profanity, offensive phrases or anything that may violate the general rules of the network. Network staff must approve all requested vhosts and may reject any request they feel is inappropriate.
    • Abuse of vhosts assigned to a user will result in the immediate removal of the vhost and possible removal from the network. This may include (but is not limited to) ban evasion and use of vhosts to impersonate other entities.
  • 2.2 BNC connections are allowed provided the hosts used do not display words that violate the general rules above.
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