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Tip.It Chat/#runescape Rules

1. Language and Messaging
  • 1.1 Flooding is not permitted. This includes intentional spamming of useless messages and pasted messages that trigger the flood control systems in place. Bans for accidental flooding will be lifted at the channel staff’s discretion.
  • 1.2 English is the official language of #runescape and speaking in other languages is not permitted.
  • 1.3 #runescape is a G-rated environment. No cursing or inappropriate language is allowed. Circumvention of the filter in place may result in a ban. Other language may not be permitted at the discretion of channel staff.
  • 1.4 Flaming is not permitted. This only causes useless arguments and does not create a friendly environment for other users. Constructive argument is allowed at the channel staff’s discretion provided that it does not turn into useless targeting of individual users.
  • 1.5 Harassing others (via channel or PM) or abusing scripts they may be using to personalize their IRC experience is not permitted. This includes ‘highlighting’ people excessively or abusing other notification systems.
    • Intentional evasion of ignores set by other users will result in a channel ban and may be escalated to network staff for further action.
  • 1.6 Advertising of other websites, channels or services is not permitted. Linking to appropriate web content (pictures, news stories, etc.) is allowed at the discretion of channel staff.
  • 1.7 Topics that consistently spark arguments or concern illegal activities are not allowed. This may include but is not limited to:
    • Drugs
    • Religion
    • Personal beliefs and orientation
  • 1.8 Formatting such as colours, bold, underlining and reverse are allowed provided they are not used excessively or in combinations that are hard on the eyes. Channel staff may remove the use of colours via channel modes at any time.
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2. Client Information
  • 2.1 Impersonation of other users is not permitted. This includes intentional use of derivative names for the purpose of impersonation and causing confusion.
  • 2.2 Users with inappropriate Nicknames, Idents and Realnames not blocked by the server will be removed at the discretion of the channel staff. This may result in an immediate ban or warnings followed by a ban depending on the severity of the situation. Such names may be passed on to network staff for removal.
  • 2.3 Clones are permitted when they provide a proven use to the user creating the clones. This may include leaving a home machine online while connecting from another location away from home. Clones may be removed by the channel staff if an acceptable reason is not supplied by the user.
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3. Channel Services & Scripts
  • 3.1 Abuse of channel bots (RuneScript, QuoteBot, etc.) is not permitted. This may include flooding, searching for inappropriate content, and excessive public messages. Legitimate use that appears to be flooding the channel may be asked to be moved to a private message by the channel staff.
  • 3.2 Anyone seeking to run a bot or bot type script (anything responding to a command) must be expressly permitted by the channel staff. The channel staff may also ask for the removal of or forcefully remove any bot or script at any time regardless of previous approval.
  • 3.3 Scripts responding to actions are permitted provided they do not allow others to flood the script. This is to prevent flooding of the channel, to prevent the triggering of the flood protection systems and the possibility of users being banned by others flooding their scripts.
  • 3.4 Channel staff may ask a user’s publicly accessible script (commands or automatic responses) be removed at any time.
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4. Personal Information
  • 4.1 Users may not divulge personally identifying information that could lead to contacting them via other means. Pictures and other information are allowed/disallowed according to section 1.9 of the Tip.It forum rules.
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5. Jagex Rules
  • 5.1 RuneScape rules are enforced at all times. Admitting to breaking any RuneScape rules via images, messages sent or other means is grounds for channel bans.
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6. Exceptions, Disputes and Appeals
  • 6.1 All rules are applied at the discretion of the channel staff. Situations not defined in these rules are to be handled at the discretion of the channel staff member(s) active at the time and may result in bans of varying length and/or implementation of new rules or policies to be added to these rules.
    • In the absence of active channel staff, select users will be appointed to handle staff duties at the voice and half-op position. These users have the authority to issue bans as needed and their decisions should be respected as if they are standard staff members.
  • 6.2 All decisions made by channel staff are final at the time of the decision. If you wish to discuss or appeal a decision you may do so using the Tip.It forum account problem form. Please provide as much information as possible regarding the situation (Time, Date, chat logs, etc.) when sending your message. Your message will be reviewed and appropriate action taken if necessary.
  • 6.3 Bans may be appealed via the Tip.It forum account problem form. Attempts to appeal a ban via other methods will be ignored.
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Last Updated: July 10, 2008

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