Balthazar Beauregard's Big Top Bonanza (Circus)

This Distraction and Diversion has been rated as Low Risk. See the minigames page for a definition of high and low risk.


Balthazar Beauregard's Big Top Bonanza is an amazing three act circus that stars YOU as the performer! You will show off your agility, magic and range skills before an admiring audience. If you have completed The Firemaker's Curse, two additional firemaking events are added. Perform emotes and wear outrageous outfits to boost your showmanship. Your rewards will include experience points and circus costumes!

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Location. The circus moves each week, but the site is the same across all worlds. Just like in medieval times, word spreads quickly! Ask a friend, or find a Circus Barker (a fairy) near a bank in most major towns (such as Seers Village, Falador east bank, Ardougne east bank, Varrock east bank, Lumbridge, etc) who will tell you where tickets are currently offered.

Circus Barker

The hints they give will be brief and sometimes the location is only near a town, not within one. A description of each location, along with a map, is shown below. The locations rotate in a fixed order, shown by reading across the table.

Location Map Location Map
Seers Village

On the road to Hemenster, south of the pub.
Seers Village Catherby

Just west of the town's allotment patches.

West of the Witch's House and north-west of the house portal.
Taverly Edgeville

Across the river Lum, near the bridge.

South-east of the Mining Guild.
Falador Rimmington

North-west of town, near the house portal.

South of the village, near the bridge to the Wizards' Tower.
Draynor Al Kharid

South of the Duel Arena entrance, near the cactus patch.
Al Kharid

West of the castle, near the tree patch.
Lumbridge East of Varrock

South of the Lumberyard near the Earth altar.
East of Varrock
West of Varrock

South of the Grand Exchange, near the Cooking Guild.
West of Varrock Gnome Stronghold

West of the main gates, outside the Stronghold.
Gnome Stronghold

The location is marked on your minimap by a yellow asterisk. The Ticket vendor is a bobbing box surrounded by velvet ropes - click it to get your circus ticket and be transported to the centre ring!

Circus Ticket Box

Skills. There are *no requirements* to star in the circus. Skill levels shown in the game are only guidelines, they are not absolute. If you succeed in performing a trick with a requirement higher than your level, you will earn the same experience as the trick four tiers below the highest trick you can perform.

Equipment. You do not need to bring anything to perform at the circus - all equipment is provided. However, Jagex states that costumes will excite the audience, leading to better rewards.

Starting an Act. Speak to the assistant near the act, then collect your equipment from the box nearby.

Limits. You can only attempt each act once a week. Once you speak to the assistant to start, you are committed. Leaving forfeits your chance at that act for the week.


Exit. You can leave the circus by clicking your ticket to tear it, or use the Destroy option. You can always get another ticket from the ticket vendor and re-enter the circus.

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Magic Show

The magic show occupies three corners of the big top: north-east, north-west, and south-east. The chest supplies teleport, levitation, alchemy and elemental tablets. You will perform ten spells during the show, but you can take as many spell tablets as you like in order to mix up your act to please the crowd. The tablets will disappear at the end of the show.

Alchemy Spell Elemental Spell Levitation Spell Teleport Spell
Alchemy Elemental Levitation Teleport

Each corner allows different types of spells, and each has five objects of ascending skill difficulties. Do emotes in between spells to enliven your show.

North-East Alchemy/Teleportation (Hardest)
Object Picture Skill
Stool Stool Circus 70
Assistant Assistant 90
Anvil Circus Anvil 99
Armour Circus Suit 60
Dumb-bells Circus Dumbell 80
North-West Elemental
Object Picture Skill
Book Circus Book 10
Helm Circus Helmet 30
Armour Circus Armour 50
Shield Circus Shield 40
Tree Stump Circus Stump 20
South-East Levitation
Object Picture Skill
Cat Circus Cat 20
Penguin Circus Penguin 40
Ork Circus Orc 50
Bowl Circus Bowl 30
Rat Rat 10

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Ranged Display

The ranged display occupies the west side of the big top. There are two parts to the ranged display: a duck gallery (popinjays) and a spinning wheel with a live target!

The chest supplies a performance bow, knives, throwing axes, and arrows. Five shots are required on each target. You can only use one type of weapon for the five shots on the spinning target, but you can switch to another weapon (or use the same type) for the duck gallery.

Circus Ranged

Choose the skill difficulty of your shot by clicking on a star or a duck on the ground (the stars point you towards the spinning target, the ducks towards the "popinjays"). Your character will immediately walk to that mark and take a shot. Most players alternate between the target and the popinjays. Do emotes in between shots to enliven your show.

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Tightrope (Agility)

The tightrope is strung over the top of the centre ring, so naturally you must climb up to it. First, go to the southern pole and into the changing room, where you will automatically don the "safety" acrobat costume. Do not worry about performing high above the ground - you DO NOT FALL nor take damage in this event.

Circus Acrobat Change

Speak to the assistant, who will provide you with a Tightrope 101 booklet. You can read it to see what special acrobat emotes you can use during your act. When you are on the wire, you can use the special Acrobat emote menu (it's a tab on your control panel), or select your acrobat emote from the book.

Agility Menu

The chest supplies a choice of juggling items, and you are allowed to choose as many as you like. Juggling is just one of the many emotes you can choose, but each juggling item has a different difficulty. After you click the juggle emote, you must click on a juggling item in your pack to select it.

You will perform ten acrobat emotes during your show. Most players alternate between a juggling move and a tightrope move.

Tightrope Act
Emote Pic Skill Level
Small Hop pic 10
One-leg Balance pic 20
Twirl pic 30
Handstand pic 40
Cartwheel pic 50
Small Leap pic 60
No-hand Cartwheel pic 70
Forward Roll pic 80
Large Leap pic 90
Backflip pic 99
pic Juggle pic
Object Skill Level Pic
Balls 10 Balls (level 10 Approx.)
Plates 20 Plates (level 20 Approx.)
Eggs 30 Eggs (level 30 Approx.)
Knives 40 Knives (level 40 Approx.)
Spades 50 Spades (level 50 Approx.)
Tuna 60 Tuna (level 60 Approx.)
Soap 70 Soap (level 70 Approx.)
Cannonballs 80 Cannon Balls (level 80 Approx.)
Torches 90 Torches (level 90 Approx.)
Chinchompas 99 Chinchompas (level 99 Approx.)
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Firemaking displays

Firemaking events are only available to those who have completed The Firemaker's Curse quest. There are two firemaking events in the circus, and BOTH can be completed each week. As in the other events, performing emotes in- between performances and following the requests of the crowd will increase your points gained.

Fire breathing (Sera)

To start the fire-breathing event, talk to Sera in the south-western corner of the Circus. In this event, you can breathe fire using different pre-prepared solutions. Take a mixture of solutions from the chest, and stand on the symbol pictured below to begin your performance.

fire breathing

You can use up-to six solutions in your performance, to use a solution simply click on it in your inventory. For the highest experience gain, perform each solution once, without repeating any. For the highest points gain, alternate between the level 91 and 95 solutions while performing emotes between each performance.

Firebreathing events
Solution Picture Skill level
Salt Salt solution 74
Berry Berry solution 78
Copper Copper solution 82
Blurite Blurite solution 87
Elemental Elemental solution 91
Rubium Rubium solution 95

Fire Poi (Emmett)

Talk to Emmett in the south area of the Circus to begin your Fire Poi performance. In this event can you make different patterns with fire on sticks! Emmett will give you the Fire poi, simply stand on the symbol pictured below to start your performance.

Fire poi

You can perform up to six patterns in your performance, to select a pattern simply click the option on the menu (pictured below). For the highest experience gain, perform each pattern once, without repeating any. For the highest points gain, alternate between the level 91 and 95 patterns while performing emotes between each performance.

Fire poi menu
Fire poi events
Trick name Skill level
Twig's try 74
The Lazy Lina 78
Isis Spiral 82
The Flint Fling 87
Spinning Sera 91
The Big 'E' 95

Trickery with Thieving

Circus Thieving1

Illusions and sleight of hand tricks provide a means of entertainment for the audience using your skills in thieving! Performing in this event will earn you thieving experience. Speak to Teddy to begin your performance.

Circus Thieving2

Experience Rewards

You receive experience after every individual skill action that you successfuly perform! The total amounts listed at the bottom of the chart assume successful completion of every skill action performed. The total may differ if a player fails one or more actions, or barely succeeds in his or her performances.

Experience Rewards
Level Agility Magic Ranged Thieving
10 312.5 970.5 687.5 -
20 416.5 2055 1455 -
30 830 2059 1458.5 -
40 833.5 2132.5 1510.5 -
50 1041.5 2206 1562.5 2206
60 1354 2647 1875 2647
70 1354 2794 1979 2794
80 1354 3088 2187.5 3088
90 1354 3525 2495 3525
99 1354 3530 2500 -
Total 10204 24933.5 17710.5 14260
Firemaking Experience*
Level Experience
74 2580
78 2830
82 3080
87 3330
91 3580
95 3830
Total 19230

*The experience gained in the fire breathing and fire poi events are exactly the same. You can perform two firemaking events each week, effectively leading to twice the total experience gain!

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Item Rewards

Along with the experience rewards, at the end of each act the assistant will tell you your score and give you a clothing item. The better your score, the better type of item you will receive.

Costume Rewards
Score Type Pictures
Male Female
1 - 500
A Stylish Hat -Male Audience-
A Stylish Hat -Female Audience-
Shirt -Male Audience-
Shirt -Female Audience-
Leggings -Audience-
Skirt -Female Audience-
Shoes -Male Audience-
Shoes -Female Audience-
Hand souvenir Giant Hand
501 - 1000 Acrobat
Acrobat Hood -Male- Acrobat Shirt -Male- Acrobat Pants -Male- Acrobat Shoes -Male-
Acrobat Hood -Female- Acrobat Shirt -Female- Acrobat Pants -Female- Acrobat Shoes -Female-
1001 - 1200 Clown
Clown Hat Clown Shirt Clown Leggings Clown Shoes Tambourine
1201+ Ringmaster
Ringmaster Hat Ringmaster Shirt Ringmaster Pants Ringmaster Boots Mega-phonus
Any - Firemaking events Firemaker's
Firemaker\\'s tabard Firemaker\\'s trousers

If you lose your circus reward items, speak to the Ringmaster and he will replace them, free of charge.

Spin Ticket

On certain weeks, the Circus will award all players who take part in it spin tickets for the Squeal of Fortune. To access this reward, simply start any of your performances for that week.

You can check whether this Distraction and Diversion is offering spin tickets by checking the Squeal of Fortune in-game.

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Tips and Tricks

  • Do emotes in between your skill displays. Each emote is worth 3 points.
  • You CAN and SHOULD attempt acts that are above your skill range, because succeeding at them improves your score. A player with 73 agility can successfully perform 99 agility displays most of the time.
  • Players report that wearing related skill-boosting gear (ranged, magic, or weight-reduction for agility) and sipping a skill boosting potion (or eating summer pie) improves performance.
  • Performing only 99 and 90 level displays (alternating, and doing emotes in between), if successful, gives the best chance for a ringmaster costume reward.
  • Jagex states that obeying audience requests increases their satisfaction and thus your score. However, their requests always include low skill-level displays, which do *not* improve your score and will thus ruin your chance for higher level costume items.
  • Skill cape emotes do not seem to affect audience.
  • Jagex states that wearing your costumes increases audience satisfaction. Any circus item that you wear for a performance will add 5 points to everything you do, so you can get a maximum of 25 points added to every emote and trick. (So if you emote with a full costume of 5 circus items, you will get 28 points instead of just 3!)
  • Jagex states that different audiences (in different towns where the circus plays) will prefer different things. The only two preferences currently known are that the Edgeville range spectators prefer the Trick emote, and Draynor spectators prefer the Alchemy Dumbbells trick. These each add an extra 75 points for that action!
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