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The Clan Camp provides a way to make it visible to the rest of Gielinor which clan you belong to. The Clan Camp and associated items make recruiting possible in-game, giving each clan its own logos and motto, an official ranking system, a dedicated clan chat as well as the illustrious Clan Citadel.

The Clan Camp is the place where it all begins! It is here that your clan will officially be founded, where you get your official clan cloaks and vexillum. It also has an area suggested for official clan meetings.
The Clan Camp and all its features are available to both members and free to play.

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Getting There

The Clan Camp is located South of Falador (see map below).

The best ways to get to the Clan Camp are as follows:

  • Teleport directly to the Clan Camp using a Clan Vexillum.
  • Teleport to Falador and follow the path to the southern entrance (or use the shortcut through the wall if you are a member).
  • Teleport to the farm patch using the Explorer's Ring (3 or 4) from the Lumbridge Tasks and run West.
  • Teleport to the Crafting Guild using a Skills Necklace and run East.
  • Teleport to Draynor Village using an Amulet of Glory and run North-West.
  • Teleport to Armadyl's Tower using any Armadylean Token (obtained during The Bird and the Beast) and run North.

Clan Camp Guide Location
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Starting A Clan

Setting it up:
To set up a clan, five people are required. You will need one person to be the leader and four others to be the founders. Once you have agreement on who will be the leader, go find the Scribe in the South-western corner of the area.

Talk to the Scribe about founding a clan and you will be given a Clan Charter. Use this each on your four founders, and wait untill they accept your invitation. When all of them have, talk to the Scribe again. He will then ask you for a clan name. Make sure to double check the correct spelling of your clan name, as you will only be able to change the clan name once every 28 days by speaking to the Scribe. Keep in mind that ONLY the Clan Owner can do this.

NOTE: While setting up of your clan, none of the five players should leave the area, or else you will not be able to finish.

Clan Chat:
Your clan will be ready for use when you're finished setting it up, and every time you log in to the game, you will automatically enter your current clan's Clan Chat. This chat works largely the same as the Friends Chat; an explanation can be found here. To speak in Clan Chat, start your message with /c or use //.

To change the colour of the chat, click the Community tab (represented by two hooded people), then click the Chat settings tab. More information on chat effects and options can be found in the Chat options section of our Beginner's Guide.

To invite new members to your clan, simply click the Clan Chat tab and look for the Invite button. Click this, and then click on the player you want to invite. After this player accepts the request, they will officially be in your clan and will automatically join the clan's chat as they log in. It is also possible to "switch off" your Clan Chat channel, which in effect is similar to leaving the chat for a short period of time (without having to leave the clan itself). Players can now temporarily ‘switch off’ their Clan Chat channel in-game by clicking a button on the Clan Chat side interface.

Note: you do not necessarily have to be a member of a clan to go into a clan chat. Clan Chat channels can be joined as a "guest" as well, provided the clan in question has set their permissions to allow guests. Joining as a guest can be done by clicking on your clan chat tab and then clicking on the small green dot in the right-bottom corner of the interface. To chat in a guest clan chat, start your message with /g or ///. You can also quickly rejoin a guest chat by clicking on the name of the last visited one in the chat box rather than typing the clan name.

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Clan Settings

To access your clan settings, go to the clan tab (located under the Community tab, it's the button with yellow cog and yellow person) and press Clan Settings (the yellow cog). A new window will pop up and you will be able to change a variety of settings for your clan.

The first screen you will encounter will contain a full list of your clanmates and their current rank and job. Their rank specifies their position within the clan and possible kicking powers. The available ranks are (from most to least important):

  • Owner
  • Deputy Owner
  • Overseer
  • Coordinator
  • Organizer
  • Admin
  • General
  • Captain
  • Lieutenant
  • Sergeant
  • Corporal
  • Recruit

The job titles won't have any influence on the powers players have in the clan chat, but can be useful for organising your clan or its events. Examples of jobs are Event Leader, Forum Bumper, Melee Leader and many more.

Changing a player's rank, job or making him or her a Rated Clan Wars leader or Recruiter is only possible if you are the Clan Owner, an Admin or a Deputy Owner in the clan.

Clan Camp Guide Clan Settings Tab

Clan Settings
This is where you will set the major settings for your clan. You can alter the following options:

  • Change your clan's national flag.
  • Whether your events will be displayed in 'Clan Time' or in 'Game Time'. The Game Time is GMT, Clan Time can be manually set.
  • What time the Clan Time should display.
  • Set what world you expect your members to use as home world.
  • Check if your clan is currently recruiting.
  • You can input your clan's Thread ID, so whoever would be interested can find your forum thread.

Clan Camp Guide Clan Settings Tab 2

This interface allows you to enter a small message that advertises your clan. Your message can be anywhere from 1 to 80 characters long. Be sure to make it descriptive, so possible applicants know what they will get themselves into. This motto will be shown on you Vexillum, so think it through!

Clan Camp Guide Clan Motto Editor

Another feature that you can use to distinguish your clan from other clans is the motif. With the ability to choose two of 110 logos. These logos range from a dragon, to a party hat and from the crafting skill icon to a dwarf. You also get the opportunity to change the colour of each logo, your primary and your secondary clan colour. Given these possibilities, it's highly unlikely many clans will have the same motif.
Like your motto, the motif also appears on your Vexillum. Your clan cape will also have these colours and symbols.

Clan Camp Guide Clan Motif Editor

You not only have your motto to let players know what your clan is about, you can also describe your clan in 10 keywords. However, these keywords must be chosen from a list of presets, presented to you in categories. These keywords will also appear on your Vexillum.

Clan Camp Guide Clan Keywords Editor
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Advertising Your Clan

The key to expanding your clan is letting the world know about your existance. There are in-game services for this, but a part of the Runescape website is also reserved for each clan to have its own homepage.

The first in-game item that you can use is the Vexillum, which is technically a flag that you can plant anywhere in Runescape, provided that it is not to close to another planted Vexillum. While wielding it, you may also right-click "Teleport" to be directly teleported to the Clan Camp. To get your Vexillum, simply talk to the Scribe. To plant it, equip it then go to the equipment screen and right click to plant it. Inside the Clan Camp there are also designated Vexillum Stands where you can plant your Vexillum, as well as in Burthorpe just south of the Lodestone and Mistress Fara. Clan vexilla will stay placed in their spot at Clan Camp for half an hour, even if the owner leaves the area.

After your Vexillum has been planted other players can read it. The Vexillum will show general information about your clan, such as the name of the owner, the clan size, your motto, your motif and whether the clan is recruiting. If you would happen to forget where you planted your Vexillum, you can right click it to "Find" it or "Recall" it. Recalling it will result in your Vexillum being brought back to your inventory, where "Find" will open up the world map and will have a sign where you planted your Vexillum.

Clan Camp Guide Vexillum Interface

Clan Cloak:
Another in-game item is the Clan Cloak, which will display your clan's motif. The cloak has no stats and is only meant to be aesthetic, showing how proud you are to be part of your clan. To get your own cloak, talk to the Captain of the Guard, who can be found in the south-east of the Clan Camp.

Clan Camp Guide Clan Cape
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Getting Your Clan To The Top

Some clans are just a bunch of friends, some clans were founded for skilling together, some wanted to have like minded people to bosshunt with, but a great deal of clans will be founded for a single reason, being the number one clan in Runescape, having the right to brag about being the greatest clan. With the release of the Clan Camp there are now also official clan highscores.

Meeting Tent:
Success requires great planning and great strategies. For this, the Clan Camp provides you with a meeting tent, a place where private meetings can be held. For each meeting, settings can be set in place so that only specific ranks can join. In the Meeting Tent you will also find a voting box and a noticeboard. The former can be used to solve disputes, where the latter can be used to set up official clan events.

Clan Hiscores:
Claims about being the #1 can now be proven by your spot on the Clan Hiscores. Be sure to take a look here to see which clans are the crème de la crème today!

Rated Clan Wars:
Besides the hiscores being based on total level, total XP and kill/death ratio, you can also directly confront rival clans as you can now declare a rated clan war. For more information, please check the Clan Wars page.

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Your Own Personal Space

Each clan is also given some kind of homepage. When you are logged in to the Runescape site, and you click Community -> Clans, you will automatically be taken to your clan's page. Here you will find a general overview of your clan, including a full list of your members, your clan's hiscores and even your own personal forums which can be used for anything!

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Clan Citadels

The Clan Citadel is the ultimate display of your clan's size and power. Available to member's clans, this great castle floats through the sky, atop a piece of land adorned in the colours of your clan. Your clan leader can construct many objects to personalize this area into the perfect niche for all of the clan members. To get there, simply travel to the Clan Camp, and enter the portal near Avalani the wizard (marked red on the map in the beginning of this guide). You will be transported to your Clan Citadel, where you can enjoy the wonders it holds.

For more information on Clan Citadels, check out our Clan Citadel Guide.


Original Guide by: Jaffy1 & Neglexis

Special thanks to: Omnitec, Cyco_Reborn

Thanks to: Ahma Lyra, Jjamess, Jusstiinn

Last updated by: Omnitec

Last updated on: 08-Aug-2014

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