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The introduction of the Clan Camp marked the start of Jagex providing more support and content specifically for clans. The Clan Citadels are the next step in this direction, offering a private area for clans where they can meet, skill, have parties, and even battle other clans! There are also two banks in each Citadel: the Head Guard in the keep will function as a banker, and there a bank chest at the Battlemaster.

Although citadels are only available to RuneScape Members, a free to play player can choose to be taken on a small tour of a citadel when attempting to visit a one in a free to play world.

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Getting Started

To create a Citadel you need to be a clan leader, and bring four members of your clan to the Clan Camp. Talk to Avalani near the citadel portal (marked with red in the image below), and she will talk you through it. Once your Citadel has been created, you can customise it according to your wishes. However, note that any and all changes you order will only take effect at the next build tick, which occurs weekly, and choices are limited by your Citadel's Tier.

If the clan falls below a total of five members, the Citadel will become inaccessible until it once again regains a minimum membership of five. The Citadel also requires clan members to gather a minimum amount of resources each week in order provide for the upkeep of the citadel. Any additional upgrades to the citadel, be it upgrading the tier or adding decorations will call for extra resources. However, all that hard work pays off as your Citadel will improve and remain an awesome place to hang out!


Once a Citadel has been created, members of the clan can join it by stepping through the portal in the Clan Camp. Guests can also join a clan's Citadel if they permit it; however, if a user is banned from a clan, they are also banned from its Citadel. After you've stepped through the portal, your world map icon will be replaced by the Citadel interface icon. If you still wish to access the world map, this can be done through the interface.

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Citadel Interface

The Citadel interface allows you to change the appearance of your Citadel provided you have sufficient rank within the clan as determined by the clan leader.

Note: an overview of all the available options can be found in our Clan Citadel Database.

Island Icon The first thing you will see when you open the Citadel interface shows the Island layout options, and a small map with teleport options on it (see image below). Simply click on the (T)s to teleport to any of the marked locations: the entrance/exit portal, the battlefield, welcome area, the keep, skilling areas, or the town square. Keep in mind that while you are in a clan's Citadel you will be unable to use any other teleports. The Island layout part of the interface lets you choose the Citadel's layout and offers an option to switch between a day and night mode.


Buildings IconThe buildings tab of the interface can be used to view the details and upgrade the Tier of your clan's buildings. The different buildings and the Citadel itself will require an upkeep of an amount of resources depending on their Tier levels. It is also possible, for those with the permissions, to downgrade buildings to a lower Tier, and view the costs that go along with it. In both this section of the interface as well as the Island layout you will be able to see a preview of changes that will occur by clicking on "next week", providing changes have been ordered.


Customization Icon The customization tab requires you to enter your bank pin to access. It will allow you to add decor to your clan's Citadel, such as fountains and hedges, which can be placed at certain spots within your area. Your clan is allowed to order three customizations every week: the numbers in the interface represent slots to do so. To order a feature, simply click on one of the locations and then select the object of choice. Keep in mind that some features come in parts. Aside from the resources, there are no requirements to the features.


Resources Icon The resources tab shows how many resources your clan has gathered, and how many of these consist of Upkeep costs (red), upgrade/building costs (yellow), and surplus (green). It is also possible to add a primary target to the amount of resources that are to be gathered. The upgrade/building costs bar indicates the amount of resources that will be used to built something at the next tick. The surplus will be partially lost at the tick, dependent on the Tier.
Note: This interface does not show any resources that have already been gathered in previous weeks, and which have been assigned to an upgrade job.  This can lead to some confusion. Unfortunately, it means that the amount of resources needed for upkeep can be displayed quite wrongly, as the game will calculate how many resources are needed and incorrectly subtract off the amount already put forth toward current upgrades in progress from previous weeks. Be wary of this and always check the number under 'Upkeep: ' when hovering over a resource to check what you need - do not rely on the surplus number and be caught off guard!


Job Icon The upward arrow icon represents the Job list. The Job list includes an interface that distinguishes between downgrade jobs (downward arrow), upkeep jobs (coins icon), and upgrade jobs (upward arrow) as they are planned for the next tick. This is also the place where you can see how many resources your clan needs to gather for any of the tasks. Details can be checked by clicking on an unfinished item (the Statue upgrade in the image below). Hovering your mouse over the colored bars will show the status of the resources needed for this build job.

  • Blue - The amount of resource already gathered in previous weeks for this job. Note that this is not the amount of resources you might have in your storehouse, but rather the amount of resources that has already been assigned to this job.
  • Green - The amount of resource gathered so far this week for this job.
  • Red - The amount of resource that is still needed to complete the job.
  • Yellow - The amount of resource gathered by minions in citadels with a summoning obelisk skillplot.


Besides resources to pay for upkeep costs, a minimum amount of visitors is required every week. Also, to be able to upgrade the Citadel to the next tier, a certain number of visitors is required depending on the Citadel's tier.

Visitors required
Citadel tier Upkeep Upgrade
1 5 7
2 5 10
3 5 15
4 5 20
5 5 25
6 5 30
7 5 n/a
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Gathering Resources

In order to build your Citadel up into the great fortress that shows off your clan's prowess, each member of the clan needs to gather resources. These resources are required to build everything from small hedges and fountains, all the way up to fortifying your keep when you upgrade to the next tier. Upgrading tiers gives you more options on what to construct and where, thus making your Citadel more useful and more suited to any needs your clan may have. To make sure your entire clan participates in the advancement of your Citadel instead of just one member gathering resources continuously, a cap was implemented. By clicking the Citadel icon between the friend's list and the magic book, you will bring up an interface that monitors your resource gathering.


At the top of this interface, you will see the title of the selected job, and the tier your Citadel is in that job. Below that, you will see the primary resource goal set for your citadel, and how much of that resource both you as an individual and your clan as a whole have gathered. On the bottom, you'll see the your resource cap and two little icons. Clicking these icons changes the selected job between woodcutting and mining, showing the above information for both skills. Clan members of sufficient rank have the ability to view a similar breakdown of each member's Citadel contributions since the last Citadel tick through a button in the Clan chat interface next to the kick button. The threshold for this can be set under Permissions in Clan Settings.

Checking resource contributions

Some ranks in a clan (contingent on what the specific clan has set up) have the ability to check whether or not individual clan members have visited the citadel, and how many resources they have collected. In order to do this, the clan member verifying a citadel contribution and the specific clan member to be checked must be on the same world or in the citadel together.

Clan chat tab Select the clan chat tab to view the list of online clan members. Each clan member will have a small arrow to the right of what world they are on. Clicking on this arrow will open up a two icon window.


Clicking on the icon to the right (the two barrels with a green checkmark) will display a list in your chat window. This list will tell you whether or not the selected clan member has visited the citadel yet this week, and what resources he/she has collected


Clan Fealty

After gathering a sufficient amount of resources, you will receive a notice that you can collect bonus experience from the Quartermaster. Doing so is very easy; simply visit your clan's keep and talk to the Quartermaster (or right-click and select Claim-XP). You can claim experience in any skill given that (i) the corresponding skill plot actually exists in your citadel and (ii) you have at least level 40 in said skill. You will be prompted with an interface as pictured below. The amount depends on which skill you choose and the level you are in the selected skill. This acts as regular xp and can be used on most skilling activities, including skilling at the citadel. Note: If you earn bonus experience but fail to claim it by the time the build tick arrives, you can no longer claim the bonus experience for the previous week. This is true even if you have not yet begun earning resources yet for the current week.


Capping fully each week will also earn you a clan fealty rank which in turns yields a variety of perks. Ranks upgrade your clan cloak which can be claimed from the Captain of the Guard in the Clan Camp. As your rank goes up, a gold star is added to the bottom of the cape, for a maximum of three stars at fealty rank 3. Increased fealty rank also grants bonus XP while training in the citadel. Each rank will grant 15% bonus XP, up to the maximum of 45% bonus XP at fealty rank 3. Note: This bonus only applies to the next build tick. If you earn the bonus during a build tick your fealty rank will not increase until the next build tick. If you fail to meet the threshold for the bonus experience during a build tick, your fealty will drop, though it can be re-earned in later weeks. You do not need to fully cap to maintain your fealty - only to gain it. Upon reaching fealty rank 3, you can also collect an experience reward once per build tick by right-clicking on your cloak and picking "Fealty-reward." The amount of XP the reward gives per level of a skill is the same as that for the Shattered Heart Distraction and Diversion. View the XP table here. By continuing to cap fully each week, you will maintain your fealty at rank 3 and can continue to claim an experience reward once per week.

Formerly, the bonus xp was instead given in the form of a clan ring that one could charge at a skillplot - however, they were removed in an update involving bonus xp clean-up. They still remain in the banks of players who never used them, though.

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Resource Skillplots

There are seven skills you can use to gather resources in the citadel. As your citadel tier increases, your clan will unlock more skillplots and be able to upgrade them. The tier required for new skillplots and unlocked new aspects of existing skillplots is as follows.

Citadel Tier Skillplot Unlocked
1 Woodcutting plot.
2 Mining plot with stone.
3 Firemaking kiln and Smithing furnace. Mining plot upgrade to include ore.*
4 Mining plot upgrade to include ore.*
5 Crafting loom and Summoning obelisk.
6 Cooking plot.

* The Firemaking and Smithing plots cannot be used until the Mining plot is first upgraded to include ore.


Woodcutting Skillplot

A tier 4 tree.

When your clan's citadel is created, the Woodcutting resource plot is the only one you will have as a Tier 1 citadel. A large tree resembling a Yew is in the centre of the plot. In order to gather wood for the citadel, you must cut the tree's roots. The roots render individually for each player, meaning you do not have to fight your clan mates for them.


Mining Skillplot

A tier 4 mine.

When your citadel first gets the Mining skillplot, you will only be able to mine regular stone. As you upgrade the plot, the mine will eventually hold ore and precious ore also. Ore and precious ore are available on the upper level of the mine - the ore is silver coloured and the precious ore is gold coloured. Stone will remain available on the bottom level of the mine.

While stone in and of itself is a resource that is needed for citadel upkeep and upgrade, ore and precious ore contribute indirectly as one of the raw materials to make bars and precious bars. Even though these do not directly count as a resource the citadel needs, any ore you mine still goes towards filling up your weekly quota.


Firemaking Skillplot

A tier 5 kiln.

The Firemaking skillplot produces charcoal to be used with the Smithing furnace. The wood used to make charcoal does not come out of the timber your clan has collected at the Woodcutting skillplot - it is provided for free. Charcoal is another resource that contributes indirectly to citadel upkeep and upgrade as the second raw material needed to make bars and precious bars. Even though charcoal does not directly count as a resource the citadel needs, any charcoal you make still goes towards filling up your weekly quota.


Smithing Skillplot

A tier 5 furnace.

The furnace skillplot allows you to smelt bars and precious bars. For every one charcoal and one ore that is used, one bar is made. The ore and charcoal are not individually instanced. Any ore and charcoal collected are available to all clan members for smelting.

To gather resources at this skillplot, you must perform three different tasks in order. First you must shovel all of the ore into the furnace. There are two bins of ore, one on either side of the furnace. The molten bars will come pouring out of the furnace into molds - here you use tongs to pick up the cooling bars and drop them in the water trough. Lastly, you pick up the cooled off bars and drop them into the storage chute. After the last bar is stored, the process resets.


Crafting Skillplot

A tier 3 loom.

This skillplot consists of looms, the number of which increases as the tier of that skillplot is increased through upgrades. Each loom can make four pieces of fabric before needing to switch to another. All the looms must be emptied before they will be restocked. They are not individually instanced.


Summoning Skillplot

A tier 3 obelisk.

At the Summoning obelisk, you have the ability to summon minions to help collect resources for the citadel. There are four smaller obelisks, one of which will be glowing at any time. Click on the glowing obelisk to summon minions. Each minion summoned will collect one of a random resource that your citadel needs. Therefore if you summon twenty minions, your citadel will gain twenty of a random, needed resource. Minions will never gather a resource that has already been gathered to the required amount for upkeep and upgrade.

This skillplot is special in that each clan member can only gather 10% of their weekly quota. It's possible to go a little bit over, depending on how close you are to 10% while finishing up at the obelisk.


Cooking Skillplot

A tier 1 barbecue.

Three different tasks are available for producing rations. Clan members can prepare raw fish for cooking, grill the raw fish, and make vegetable stew. These tasks are independent of each other, which means they can be done in any order you want. This also means that you can stick to only one task if you prefer.

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The Battlefield

A major part of almost any clan is to show off your prowess in combat. This is where your clan battlefield comes in. The battlefield can be edited by those with a sufficient rank (as allowed by the clan leader). All of this is done at the Battlemaster, to whom a teleport exists among the citadel site-to-site teleports. Here you can join, edit, or initiate battles.

Note:There is a bank chest next to the Battlemaster to make preparing for battles easier. Also, if you enter a battlefield that does not have an exit portal, you will have no way to exit save logging out!

The Clan Battlefield Setup allows you to choose from a variety of options that can be chosen by the battle's initiator (the person who starts the battle). The options include choices for battles with other clans. Note that if you join a battle, you will have to wait for the instigator to choose the settings.

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Clan Avatars


The Clan Avatar is a members-only reward available to clans. Made out of elemental forces, the Avatar provides boosts, buffs and protections to clan members in the immediate vicinity, and on the same world (depending on the type of buff).

There are three different habitats: basic, medium and grand. The resources required for these are:

Avatar Habitat Citadel Tier Timber Precious bars Rations
Basic 1 3000 N/A N/A
Medium 4 30000 30000 N/A
Grand 7 30000 30000 30000

To use the clan avatar, a clan owner must first assign the Clan Avatar warden job to someone with the clan rank of at least Administrator. The Avatar warden can then go to the Avatar Habitat, where they can interact with the avatar to summon it. The warden can summon the avatar without having to pay the 300 Anagogic ort price to activate buffs, but will not benefit from buffs until they too have paid the 300 ort. The avatar, after being summoned for use, and once a buff has been chosen, acts as a follower to the warden. Avatars fall under the same restrictions as followers of all kinds, such as not being allowed on the Void Knight Outpost. To activate buffs, pay 300 ort to the Avatar itself or to the Citadel Quartermaster.


Only one avatar may be summoned at any time in one Runescape world, but if a clan wishes, multiple avatars may be summoned in the citadel, or multiple avatars in different worlds. If a clan wishes to summon another avatar on the same world as the first, they must first dismiss the summoned avatar, or wait 6 hours for the avatar to expire. If dismissed, the avatar returns immediately to the citadel where it can be summoned again at any time.

Anagogic ort

Anagogic Ort

Gained by skilling or killing monsters, anagogic orts are the payment to benefit from avatar buffs. A maximum of 200 orts can be collected each day in Runescape, with an extra 100 available by skilling at the citadel, dropped in amounts varying from 1-33 for skilling activities, and 1-200 from monster hunting, although 20 seems to be the most commonly dropped amount. You can check how many orts you have collected for the day by right clicking the stash of orts in your inventory and selecting the appropriate option, or also by choosing the option in Quick Chat. Orts are dropped on the floor at the player's feet, even if the player has the inventory room open. Orts will only go straight into an inventory if in range of an avatar with the buff Auto Ort.


300 orts are used to activate a week of clan avatar buffs for a player. If a player doesn't want to receive anagogic orts, they can speak to the Captain of the Guard outside the clan citadel portal to stop getting ort drops.

Avatar buffs

Buff Icon Effect
Auto Ort Autoortbuff The avatar adds dropped or skilled anagogic orts directly into the players inventory when within range.
Familiar Faces Familiarfacesbuff Doubles the summoned familiar's timer when summoning one in range of the avatar.
Heal Over Time Healovertimebuff Heals clan members in range of the avatar for 2% of the maximum lifepoints every five seconds. This stacks with Nex armours and the bonfire boost.
Protector Protectorbuff The avatar takes some of the damage dealt to a clan member when in range of the avatar. The damage taken equals out to somewhere between 5 and 7% of the total damage taken.
Random Resurrection Randomressurectionbuff The avatar resurrects a player. This can be done once a day for each player, and only a limited total amount of times per day, depending on the clan citadel tier.
Skilling Bonus* Skillingbonusbuff Clan members gain 3% more xp for skilling on the same world as the avatar, and 6% more xp if they are skilling within range of the avatar.
Skill Plot Bonus* Skillplotbonusbuff Clan members gain 10% more recources per minute when skilling in the citadel. This does not increase the resource cap for each player, but instead increases the rate of resources produced. Xp per minute is not affected, but the total xp gained by capping is lower than normal - roughly 9.1% less.

Note: The buffs are centered in a 22x22 area around the avatar, unless stated otherwise.

*One cannot activate these two buffs simultaneously in the citadel. Assuming that clanmates have paid for their buff for the week, the buff one the most recently summoned avatar will take effect.


Avatars automatically display the clan logo and colors, but the appearance of the avatar can be changed. Changing the appearance has no cost, and can be done at any time when the avatar is present in the habitat. If a clan has more than one avatar, they can be individually customized.

Players under the effect of a clan avatar buff have a glowing symbol appear at their feet at times.

The Skilling Bonus buff works with the majority of training, as well as pendants of skill, sacred clay items, and POH altars, but will not work with the Ectofunctus, Circus, Penguin Points, XP lamps, urns, and quest rewards. The avatar will also not boost xp if the warden is in the Grand Exchange.

Avatars can be damaged (for example, when using the Protector buff), and it is possible for the avatar to be healed by paying 30 anagogic orts.

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Global chat

If desired, the citadel can be set up so that all clanmates can see public chat globally throughout the citadel, even if they are a distance apart that would normally not let them see each other's chat. To do so, you'll need to talk to the Head Guard and ask him to toggle the setting for you. This can only be done a maximum of once per day, and only the clan owner has permission to do this. Since it functions as a toggle, you can always change it back in the future should you want to try it out or change your mind.

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Original Guide by: Jaffy1 & Evaluate

Special Thanks to: Arceus, Aurhora, Dragonkng198, MVP Wes

Thanks to: Ahma Lyra, All_Bogs, Asellus5, Aurhora, Salleh, Xena Dragon

Last updated by: Arceus

Last updated on: 3-Apr-2015

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