Clan Wars

Skill Defence Logo This minigame can be played as Low Risk or High Risk. Entering either the red portal or the purple portal for a war with items dropped on death is High Risk so pay careful attention before entering Free-for-all or a war! See the minigames page for a definition of high and low risk.
Minigame Grouping Icon This activity supports the Grouping System.


Clan Wars is a combat-based team game where two teams (or clans) of 1-100 players each compete against one another. There are currently no actual rewards for this minigame other than the glory of bettering another clan. To participate you must be a member of an active clan chat channel.

Getting There
You may use a games necklace to teleport to the Gamers' Grotto which has the portals on the eastern side to access Clan Wars. The Gamers' Grotto entrance is located north of Falador, near the wall shortcut.

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Clan Wars can be a safe minigame, meaning you will not lose any of items and equipment if you die. However, if you choose to lose your items on death or enter the dangerous red portal, you should only bring items you can afford to lose. Note that you cannot take lent items into dangerous Clan Wars matches. If you're playing in a safe match, you should take your best equipment as you will be fighting for your Clan's pride. Using prayers and potions is also an advantage. There is a bank chest available.

Unless you have a good reason not to, buy a wilderness cape from the cape merchant Larry. Ensure you and rest of your clan have the same cape, and you will be able to tell your friends from your enemies much more easily.

Please note: The following potions cannot be used in dangerous Clan Wars matches: extreme potions, overloads, recover special potions, and super prayer potions. You can use them in safe matches where you do not risk losing your items, however.

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During all PvP (Player vs. Player) combat, the higher your opponents' combat level is, the greater the amount of experience you'll receive per life point of damage dealt.

For every point of damage dealt:
Combat Level Attack, Strength or Defence XP Constitution XP Shared XP
Between 3 and 19 .40 .133 .133
Between 20 and 39 .41 .136 .136
Between 40 and 59 .42 .140 .140
Between 60 and 79 .43 .143 .143
Between 80 and 99 .44 .146 .146
Between 100 and 119 .45 .150 .150
Between 120 and 138 .46 .153 .153
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Starting a War

On the world select page, Jagex suggests certain worlds to find other interested players or clans. Only players with a rank of Captain or above in a Clan chat channel may challenge an opponent to a war. This can be done simply by right-clicking on a player who is a member of a different Clan chat and selecting the "Challenge" option.

Before starting, you may wish to choose a caller by talking to Calladin in the lobby. By doing this, their chat will appear in the middle of your screen. You should choose a high-ranking member of your clan, or perhaps a member of the enemy. Your caller can be changed mid-war by right-clicking the speech bubble.

an Opponent

The image below will pop up, and you can make your decisions about how to organize your war.


Victory Options

  • You can choose Traditional Knockout, wherein the arena will be closed once battle starts, and no new players may join. Battle ends when all the players on one team have been killed.
  • Secondly, you may choose Kill-Count. In this style, additional players may enter at any time. Battle ends when one team reaches a specified number of kills, ranging from 25-10,000. NOTE: If you kill an enemy clan member, each subsequent kill of that enemy will result in less than one kill. Therefore, it is not recommended to kill the same enemy over and over again.
  • Finally, in Most Kills at End, battle ends when the time limit expires, and whichever team has the most kills is victorious.


  • Ignore 5 - You can choose to end battle when only 5 enemies remain.
  • Kill 'em All - You must kill all of your opponents to be victorious.

Time Limit

  • You can choose a limit of between 5 minutes and 8 hours, or also no time limit whatsoever. Time limits are not in effect if "Kill 'em All" is selected, or if there are 5 or fewer members on one team if "Ignore 5" is selected. In those cases, the war will end.
  • When the time limit expires - if a "knock-out" match, the clan with the most surviving members is the winner. If the battle allows "run-ins", then the clan with the highest Killcount is declared victorious.

Death Rules

  • If you choose "keep your items" you will keep all items on death.
  • If you choose "lose your items" you will lose all items on death. There are no gravestones, although protect item prayer works. Please note that you cannot loot killed players equipment, although if this option is selected, you may be able to harvest some of your enemies dropped supplies such as potions, food, and runes (if you have the war set to allow you to use these items).

Combat Allowances

All of these can be set on or off.

  • Melee
  • Magic (choose between all spells allowed, standard spells only, bind/snare/entangle only, or off)
  • Ranged
  • Prayer
  • Summoning
  • Food
  • Potions


  • Classic
  • Plateau
  • Forsaken Quarry
  • Blasted Forest
  • Turrets

Participating in a War
If the opponent challenged also has a rank of Captain of above, he or she will receive a message allowing for them to accept or deny the request. If the challenge is accepted the all of the players from both Clan chat channels in that world will receive a message requesting them to enter the arena.

Challenged Message

When you see this message you have two minutes to gather all of your equipment and enter the arena through one of the portals located at the North and South ends of the Challenge hall.

Portal entry picture

The portal will teleport you to the North or South end of the arena, on the same side as your Clan mates. At first, the arena will be separated by a magical barrier (highlighted below) running East to West across the middle of the arena. You will have a maximum of 2 minutes to make preparations and strategies for the forthcoming war, upon which the barrier will sink into the floor. This is an ideal time to drink any potions you may have brought and discuss tactics with your clan mates in the secrecy of your chat channel.

Single out the greatest threats to your clan's survival, for example high level players and/or Ancient Mages. Make your clan mates aware of these threats in the Clan Chat channel. Using the channel ensures secrecy whilst alerting the whole of your own clan to this presence. Any player is a viable target, regardless of the difference between your and their combat level.

Your clan's tactics could differ per arena as the arena's have deviant single-combat and multi-combat zones. In the multi-combat zones any player can be attacked by more than one enemy, whilst in the single-combat zones it is one player versus another.

The Classic arena provides a tiny single-combat zone around the starting portals but the rest of the arena is multi-combat. The Plateau and Turrets arena's on the other hand, are entirely a multi-combat zone, while the Forsaken Quarry is only multi-combat in the centre and has a fairly large single-combat area around the edges of the arena. Finally the Blasted Forest is entirely a single-combat zone.

The barrier

A Fight to the Death
When the wall has completely sunk into the ground, the war will commence. The aim of course, is to defeat all the members of the opposing clan, whilst ensuring the survival of your own. The display in the top right of the screen (see above) will tell you how many players remain on each team.

Eliminate your chosen threats, if you cannot slay an enemy on your own have your clan mates assist you. If all the high priority targets have been slain, choose a player to attack, but be intelligent about who you choose. It will be no use attacking a player with 120+ combat if you are level 40. Remember the combat triangle; try and use it to your advantage. Trek over to our Combat Triangle guide to learn much more about the mechanics of Runescape Combat.

If you are defeated before the battle has ended, you will be teleported to a safe room with a viewing orb, where you will be able to view the remainder of the battle. The battle will end when all the members of one team have been slain, upon which all the surviving members of the winning clan and all the players in the viewing room will be teleported back to the lobby. If you have "run-ins" allowed, then those who die can leave the jail through the portal and re-enter the portal.

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Free-for-all Portals

If you want to fight others on your own, or can't be bothered to join a channel, there is the option of using the Solo Portals. These are the red and white portals. They will both lead you to a constant free-for-all battle. Red is the dangerous portal - if you die, you will lose all your items, although if you are quick you can get them back. Tip.It recommends you do not bring anything you can't replace easily. The White portal is safe; you will keep all your items should you die. In the Red, dangerous portal, you may be able to harvest some of your enemy's dropped supplies such as potions, food, and runes. These drops will affect your trade limits.



Clan wars is a minigame that is only played for fun, there are no real rewards for winning (though some may say a victory for your clan is reward enough).

Encourage your clan mates to all buy the same wilderness cape, you will be able to identify friend from foe much more easily. There is a merchant, Larry, who will sell you a cape for 50 coins! A small price to pay for the great benefit.

Strategy, tactics and intelligence increase your chance of winning! A well organized clan is more likely to win a war than a clan with a free-for-all strategy, dependent on luck. Single out your greatest threats, and remove them quickly. Choose other opponents carefully. Attack players with a slightly lower combat level and who have a combat type disadvantage to you, and you will be well on your way to victory!

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Original Guide by: Eyehawk78

Thanks to: Jaffy1, Jimmyw3000, Rien Adelric, RyBread, the49ronin, tryto, Vhellcat, Vulxai, xX Carss Xx

Last Updated by: Arceus

Last updated: 10-Nov-2014

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