Coal Trucks' Mine

By GreatSilverWyrm

Coal, Coal everywhere - come and help yourself! With a few giant bats flying around, Mr. Stankers the dwarf runs this mine just west of Seers' village across the log bridge (needs 20 agility to cross). He allows you to load your ores into his trucks on this side of the river. You can then cross the log bridge and unload your ores from the trucks (located north of the Seers Village pub) and bank them. The trucks can hold up to 120 coal ores normally, but that number increases with each level of reward from the Seers' Village Achievement Diary, up to a maximum of 196 coal ores.

Rocks: 18 Coal.

Nearest Bank: Seers' Village
Nearest Furnace: East Ardougne
Nearest Anvil: Seers' Village

Key Coal

Giant Bat: Level 27

Thanks To: Eeeeediot

RuneScape 2007
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