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Cooking is one of the most important skills in Runescape. Everyone needs food to live, and that's what this skill provides. You won't be able to cook the best food right from the start, but it doesn't take long before you get up there. When making food there's also a possibility (like with most other skills) that you will fail. This will result in burning the food, and making it worthless. If you have a higher cooking level, you will burn food less often.

When using a cooking range, you will burn food less often than you would when using a fire. In addition, when using the range found in Lumbridge castle, you will burn certain lower-level dishes even less often. For more information on this particular range, read the Cook-o-matic manual.

The fastest cooking location (closest bank to fire) for members is in the Rogues' Den under the pub in Burthorpe. Emerald Benedict acts as your bank, and there is an eternal fire right near him.

Levels to stop burning and members' cooking gauntlets are discussed in the Burning and gauntlets section.

This guide presents foods by category in order to provide instructions for making each type of food. However, it may be helpful to see exactly which food you can cook at your skill level. A table showing all foods, cooking levels and xp earned is available by clicking the link below.

Cooking Levels Table
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Main Cooking Shops
Minor Cooking Shops
Garden Produce
Cooking Guild
Beginner's Cooking

Beginner Lumbridge Advisor If you are just starting out in Cooking, you may want to visit Roddeck the Advisor to learn more about the basics. The minimap shows that he is located in the building to the east of the Lumbridge General Store.


Cooking food can be done in 2 ways. One is to get your hatchet out of the bank, chop some trees and light the logs with a tinderbox to cook your food on a fire. Tinderboxes can be found pretty much at any General Store in RuneScape, and there is one on your toolbelt by default. The second way is to cook on a range, fireplace or cooking pot found inside buildings scattered around RuneScape. Note that only meat, fish, vegetables and tea can be cooked on a fire or in a fireplace. Using a range is supposed to burn less food than using a fire.

To cook an item, just click on it, then click on the heat source (range, fire or fireplace). (You can also right-click on the food and select "Use", then click the heat source.) You can also cook multiple items at the same time. Whenever you have more than one raw item of the same kind in your inventory, and click to use it on a heat source, you will see a popup dialog confirming how many you want to cook with a slider at the bottom. By default it will be set to cook them all, but you can choose any quantity you like. You can also hit space bar on the keyboard instead of clicking to confirm.

Note: Cooking food on a player-made bonfire will provide a 10% experience bonus.

Cooking Methods
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Most cooking recipes have certain basic supplies in common. Common dishes may include pots, bowls and pie dishes. Ingredients may include flour, water and milk. F2P items and sources are marked with a solid circle.


Pots, pie dishes and bowls

  • These items can all be made from clay using the crafting skill. Check our crafting guide for detailed instructions.
  • Pots can be bought in any general store.
  • Pie dishes respawn in the Dwarven Mine at the pickaxe salesman, as well as in the Cooking Guild.
  • Members can buy bowls, pie dishes, and pots at "Frenita's Cookery Shop" in Yanille.


There are a number of ways to get flour:

  • Go to any general store and buy a pot of it, if they have it in stock.
  • Buy it from a shop that stocks pots of flour, such as the Port Sarim food shop, or for members, "Hudo's Grand Tree Groceries" in the Grand Tree, "Frenita's Cookery Shop" in Yanille or the General Store in Port Khazard.
  • Members can also take a pot to the Sinclair Mansion north of Seers' Village. In the kitchen on the ground floor there is a flour barrel. You can fill your pot from the barrel as many times as you like (just click it).
  • Mill your own flour:
    1. Get a pot. Go to a wheat field and pick some wheat grain. There are wheat fields all over Runescape, but try to find one that also has a windmill nearby. Lumbridge mill (on the road to Draynor) features Millie Miller, the milling tutor. The Cooking Guild (west of Varrock) has a small wheat field but you must meet the requirements to get in. The Ardougne mill may be convenient for members.
    2. Go to the windmill, and go all the way to the top floor. Use your grain on the hopper, and operate the hopper controls.
    3. Go back down the stairs all the way to the ground floor, and use your pot on the flour. You can put more than one grain in the hopper at a time, but you'll need more than one pot to pick up the flour. If you put one grain in the hopper, you need one pot. If you put two grains in the hopper, you'll need two pots to pick up the flour from the two grains. NOTE: You can only grind 30 grains before you must empty the hopper.

Getting water

  1. Find a jug or a bucket. These can be bought in any general store.
  2. Go to a sink, fountain or pump and use your jug/bucket on it. If you have a bucket, you can also use a well as your water source. Water sources are marked on your minimap by a water drop.

Getting milk

  1. A milking tutor, Gillie Groats, is located in the cow field between Lumbridge and Varrock.
  2. Get a bucket. These can be bought in any general store.
  3. Find a Dairy cow. They are all over Runescape, usually with any cow herd, at farms and next to the Crafting Guild. They don't have an "Attack" option. They are tethered so they won't wander off while you're milking them.
  4. Left click on the cow to milk it.
  5. If members don't feel like milking a cow, they can buy a bucket of milk at some of the stores listed below.
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A few RuneScape shops specialize in cooking supplies. While most general stores sell a few pots of flour and tinderboxes, these stores provide a greater variety of cooking ingredients. The only F2P food stores are Wydin's in Port Sarim and Fat Tony's pizza supplies in the Wilderness Bandit Camp. F2P stores are marked with a solid circle.

  • Gnome Stronghold: Funch's Fine Groceries (south-east corner of Grand Tree, upstairs) - Heckel Funch sells chocolate, chocolate dust, cream, and milk; as well as knives. {Also sells Gnome Cuisine ingredients: dwellberries, equa leaves, lemons, limes, oranges, and pineapples; bartending ingredients brandy, gin, vodka, and whisky; as well as cocktail shakers and cocktail recipe books.} He stands near a range.
  • Gnome Stronghold: Grand Tree Groceries (north-west corner of Grand Tree, upstairs) - Hudo sells cabbage, cheese, chocolate, chocolate dust, cream, flour, gnome spice, milk, onions, potatoes, and tomatoes; as well as knives. {Also sells Gnome Cuisine ingredients: dwellberries, equa leaves, Gianne dough, lemons, limes, oranges, and pineapples; as well as cocktail shakers and recipe books.} Range is nearby.
  • Lumbridge: Culinaromancer's Chest (castle basement) - members can access after completing the first part of the Recipe For Disaster quest. As you complete more parts of the quest, the amount of stock available from the chest increases. Members may buy butter, cheese, chocolate, cooking apples, cream, eggs, flour, grapes, milk, pizza bases, spice, and tomatoes; as well as bowls, buckets, cake tins, empty teacups, jugs, pie dishes, and pots. Please note that the chest is downstairs from the Lumbridge range, and you can also use the chest as a bank!
  • Miscellania: Miscellanian Food Shop (dungeon) - Fremenniks can buy bread, cabbages, cheese, chocolate, flour, milk, onions and potatoes.
  • Port Sarim: Wydin's Grocery - (F2P) - sells cabbages, cheese, chicken (raw), chocolate, flour, meat (raw), potatoes, and tomatoes. Range is two buildings away.
  • Yanille: Frenita's Cookery Shop - Frenita sells chocolate, flour, and potatoes; as well as bowls, cake tins, empty teacups, jugs, pie dishes, pots, and tinderboxes. Has range, churn and sink.
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  • Etceteria and Miscellania: Miscellanian Greengrocer and Island Greengrocer vegetable stalls) - Fremenniks can purchase (or thieve) cabbages, garlic, onions, potatoes, and tomatoes.
  • Nardah: Rok's Chocs Box - notable only for its larger stock of chocolate bars.
  • Pollnivneach: Pollnivneach General Store - stocks cheese and tomatoes; bowls, buckets and jugs of water; and empty pots and jugs (among other desert items.)
  • Rellekka: Sigmund the Merchant - Fremenniks can purchase cabbages, cooked meat, eggs, and potatoes here; also sells buckets, buckets of water, pots and tinderboxes (among other items). Fire in nearby Longhall.
  • Wilderness Bandit Camp: Fat Tony's Pizza Bases (F2P) - sells pizza bases; cheese and tomato both spawn on table. Has range, as well as small net fishing and giant rats nearby.
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Recipes may call for fruit or vegetables. There are multiple ways to obtain these ingredients.

  1. Shops - see above section.
  2. Farming - members can plant their own vegetables, fruit trees and bushes. This is the *only* way to obtain mushrooms, strawberries, sweetcorn, and watermelon. See our Farming skill guide for more information.
  3. Farms - there are many locations in Runescape where you can harvest produce for free. Some of these farms also include helpful spawns. F2P farms are marked with a solid circle.
    • Ardougne farm (north of town) - cooking apple spawn, potatoes, wheat; range in house; also dairy cow, mill, churn and well nearby
    • Cooking Guild (west of Varrock) - wheat; cooking apples, chocolate, grapes, and many more features (must meet entrance requirements)
    • Falador farm (south of town) - cabbages, eggs; also dairy cow, churn, sink and water barrel
    • Feldip Hills (chompy hunting grounds) - onions and potatoes in ground; also tomato and equa leaves spawns
    • Fisher King's Realm (requires Holy Grail quest) - potatoes, wheat and cabbage
    • Lumbridge farm (Farmer Fred - road to Draynor) - onions, potatoes, wheat; fireplace in house; cabbages, mill and churn across the road
    • Lumbridge farm (Seth Groats - road to Varrock) - eggs, potatoes; fireplace in house; also dairy cow and other cows nearby
    • Monastery garden - cabbages
    • Miscellania farm - cabbages, potatoes and wheat
    • Rellekka garden - cabbages, onions and potatoes; fire in nearby Longhall; also milk spawn, dairy cow, churn and well nearby
    • Rimmington farm (north-west of town) - cabbages and onions
    • Sinclair Mansion garden - cabbages, potatoes and wheat; also cow, dairy cow, churn and sink nearby. The Mansion also has a barrel you can obtain flour from
    • Varrock farm (south of town) - wheat
    • Varrock garden (behind house near south gate) - cabbage
    • Zanaris (requires Lost City quest) - chocolate, wheat; also cows, dairy cow, churn, fountains, mill and range nearby

Additional spawns and sources for these items are listed in this table.

Produce spawns
Pic Name Heals Sources
Apple Apple (cooking) - Spawns in Cooking Guild (3x) and (members) Ardougne farmhouse.
Cabbage Cabbage 210 Spawns in Lumbridge Castle basement and Al Kharid palace.
Cheese Cheese 200 Spawns at Aggie the Witch's in Draynor Village and Fat Tony's in Wilderness Bandit Camp.
Garlic Garlic - Spawns in cupboard upstairs in Morgan's house in Draynor Village, (members) in house across from anvils in Seers' Village, and in kitchen next to Ardougne market square.
pineapple Pineapple 800 (4 slices, heals 200 each) (Members) Brimhaven south-west gold mine has 5 plants nearby, each bearing 5 fruit; Ape Atoll also has plants; speak to Arhein in Catherby to purchase up to 40 per day for 2 gp each
Redberries Redberries - East of "Stonehenge" which is south of Varrock
tomato Tomato 200 Spawns at Aggie the Witch's in Draynor Village, Fat Tony's in Wilderness Bandit Camp, and (members) Feldip Hills chompy hunting grounds south-east of glider landing strip; members can rapidly obtain many by talking to the Recruiter in West Ardougne square (requires Plague City quest)
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Cooking Guild

The Cooking Guild is located just west of Varrock. You need a cooking level of 32 and must be wearing a chef's hat to enter. Chef's hats are dropped by imps and goblins. (You may also wear a cooking skill cape, or the Varrock Tasks Armour 3 to enter.)

In addition to the wheat field north of the building, the guild features ranges, a sink, a churn, and a mill. It has spawns of chocolate, a pie dish, a cake tin, cooking apples, grapes, a pot and a jug. Members wearing Varrock Armour 3 can use the exclusive guild bank. Members also have access to the Pie Seller on the ground floor. He sells a book of recipes for all the fancy stat-raising pies available to members. He also buys and sells pies (though his normal stock of pies is zero). If you speak to him, you can offer to help him. He will ask you to make a certain number of pies, and when you deliver them, he will pay you (much like basic Gnome Cuisine at the Grand Tree.)

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  1. To make bread, mix flour and water and make 'bread dough'.
  2. Bake it on a range.
Pic Name Cooking lvl Cooking exp Healing
Bread Bread 1 40 200


Cooked Meat/Chicken

To make cooked meat or chicken, you'll need to kill cows, bears, giant rats, rabbits, or chickens, and then use the raw meat/chicken with a fire or range.

Members now have an additional option when cooking cow or bear meat. When you use the meat on a range, a menu pops up asking if you wish to dry the meat or cook it. Selecting cook works the same as always. Selecting dry turns the meat into sinew, which can then be used on a spinning wheel to make a crossbow string (see Crafting Guide.)

Raw bird and beast meat (from the Hunter skill) can only be cooked over a fire using a spit. Spits can be smithed from iron with level 17 smithing.

Cooked meat/chicken
Pic Name Method Cooking lvl Cooking exp Healing
Meat Cooked meat Fire or Range 1 30 200
Chicken Cooked chicken Fire or Range 1 30 200
Rabbit Cooked rabbit Range * 1 30 200
Sinew Sinew Range 3 3 -
Roast bird meat Roast bird meat Fire spit only 11 62.5 200
Rabbit Roast rabbit Fire spit * 16 72.5 400
Roast beast meat Roast beast meat Fire spit only 21 82.5 525

* Raw rabbit can be cooked on either a range or a spit, but the spit roasting xp and healing is higher.

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To cook fish, simply use on a fire or range. A range will burn fewer, and using cooking gauntlets from the Family Crest quest will reduce the chances of burning lobsters, swordfish, monkfish and sharks. The Fishing skill guide contains information about equipment and locations.

Pic Name Fishing lvl Fishing exp Cooking lvl Cooking exp Healing Level Tool / Bait Where
Raw Crayfish Crayfish 1 10 1 30 200 10 Crayfish cage Behind Lumbridge church or the pond between Lumbridge and Draynor
Raw Shrimps Shrimps 1 10 1 30 200 10 Net Any Sea
Raw Karambwanji Karambwanji** 5 5 1 30 200 10 Net Karamja Jungle
Raw Sardine Sardine 5 20 1 40 200 10 Fishing rod + Bait Any Sea
Raw Herring Herring 10 30 5 50 200 10 Fishing rod + Bait Any Sea
Raw Anchovies Anchovies 15 40 1 30 200 10 Net Any Sea
Raw Mackerel Mackerel 16 20 10 60 200 10 Big Net Catherby, Rellekka and Fishing Guild
Oyster Oyster 16 10 - - - - Big Net Catherby, Rellekka and Fishing Guild
Casket Casket 16 10 - - - - Big Net Catherby, Rellekka and Fishing Guild
Seaweed Seaweed 16 1 - - - - Big Net Catherby, Rellekka and Fishing Guild
Raw Trout Trout 20 50 15 70 375 15 Fly fishing rod + Feather Any River
Raw Cod Cod 23 45 18 75 450 18 Big Net Catherby, Rellekka and Fishing Guild
Raw Pike Pike 25 60 20 80 500 20 Fishing rod + Bait Any River
Slimy Eel Slimy Eel 28 65 28 95 100 5 Fishing rod + Bait Mort Myre Swamp & Lumbridge Swamp Caves
Raw Salmon Salmon 30 70 25 90 625 25 Fly fishing rod + Feather Any River
Frog Spawn Frog Spawn 33 75 n/a n/a 200 10 Net Lumbridge Swamp Caves
Raw Tuna Tuna 35 80 30 100 750 30 Harpoon Karamja, Fishing guild, Catherby, Rellekka, Level 38 Wilderness
Raw Cave Eel Cave Eel 38 80 28 115 950 38 Fishing rod + Bait Lumbridge Swamp Caves
Raw Rainbow Fish Rainbow Fish 38 80 35 110 875 35 Fly fishing rod + Stripy Feather Any River
Raw Lobster Lobster 40 90 40 120 1200 40 Lobster cage Karamja, Fishing guild, Catherby, Rellekka, Level 38 Wilderness
Raw Bass Bass 46 100 43 130 1300 43 Big Net Catherby, Rellekka and Fishing Guild
Raw Swordfish Swordfish 50 100 45 140 1400 45 Harpoon Karamja, Fishing guild, Catherby, Rellekka, Level 38 Wilderness
Raw Lava Eel Lava Eel* 53 60 53 30 1325 53 Oily Fishing rod + Bait Members dungeon or Lava Maze lava spot.
Raw Monkfish Monkfish*** 62 120 62 150 1600 62 Net The Piscatoris Fishing Colony
Raw Karambwan Karambwan** 65 105 1 80 700 30 Vessel Karamja Jungle
Raw Shark Shark 76 110 80 210 2000 80 Harpoon Catherby, Rellekka and Fishing Guild
Raw Sea Turtle Sea Turtle 79 38 82 211.3 2050 82 Fishing Trawler North of Yanille
Raw Manta Ray Manta Ray 81 46 91 216.3 2275 91 Fishing Trawler North of Yanille
Raw Cavefish Cavefish 85 300 88 214 2200† 80 Fishing rod + Bait Living Rock Caverns
Raw Rocktail Rocktail 90 380 93 225 2300‡ 93 Fishing rod + Living Minerals Living Rock Caverns
Raw Tiger Shark Tiger Shark 95 80 93 230 2375‡ 80 Fishing Trawler North of Yanille

* See our Hero's quest guide for more information.
** See our Tai Bwo Wannai Trio quest guide for more information.
*** See our Swan Song quest guide for more information.
† As well as a +2 boost to either Attack, Strength, Defence, Ranged or Magic.
‡ As well as up to a +100 extra life points boost.

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  1. Mix flour and water and make pastry dough.
  2. Use the pastry dough with a pie dish to make a pie shell.
  3. Add the filling per the below table. Ingredients must be added to the pie shell in the order listed. You can't mess up - it just won't let you add ingredients in the wrong order. Note that fish should be cooked before adding, but vegetables and most meat should not.
  4. Bake it on a range.

Note: it takes two bites to eat a pie.

Pic Name Cooking
Filling Healing
Redberry Pie Redberry Pie 10 78 Redberries 250 (2*125) None
Meat Pie Meat Pie 20 110 Cooked meat 500 (2*250) None
Mud Pie Mud Pie 29 128 Compost
Bucket of water
0 Throw it at enemies to halve their run energy.
Apple Pie Apple Pie 30 130 Cooking apple 750 (2*375) None
Garden Pie Garden Pie 34 138 Tomato
850 (2*425) +3 Farming
Fish Pie Fish Pie 47 164 Cooked trout
Cooked cod
Raw potato
1174 (2*587) +3 Fishing
Admiral Pie Admiral Pie 70 210 Cooked salmon
Cooked tuna
Raw potato
1650 (2*875) +5 Fishing
Wild Pie Wild Pie 85 240 Raw bear meat
Raw chompy
Raw rabbit
1700 (2*850) +4 Range
+5 Slayer
Summer Pie Summer Pie* 95 260 Strawberry
Cooking apple
2374 (2*1187) +5 Agility
+10% run energy

* When baking a summer pie, make sure to add the ingredients in the right order. If you accidentally add the cooking apple first, you will end up with an apple pie.

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  1. To make wine, go buy a jug from the general store, and fill it with water from a sink, fountain or pump.
  2. Use any kind of grape on it: grapes, grapes of saradomin, grapes of guthix or grapes of zamorak.
  3. Wait until the wine ferments (a few minutes max), or (optionally) store unfermented wine in your bank, where it will finish fermenting.
  4. Sometimes normal wine can fail to ferment and make bad wine.
  5. Drinking normal wine decreases your attack level. The god wines can be used as a secondary ingredient for Herblore. See the specific item entries for more information.
Pic Name Grape required Cooking lvl Cooking exp Healing
Wine Wine Grapes 35 200 875
Wine Wine of Saradomin Grapes of Saradomin 92 200 -
Wine Wine of Guthix Grapes of Guthix 92 200 -
Wine Wine of Zamorak Grapes of Zamorak 92 200 -
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After the completion of Bringing Home the Bacon, you will be able to craft all sorts of bacon goodies, that are able to heal you 10% more than food items at the same level. All the bacon items are made with raw bacon first.

Pic Name Cooking lvl Cooking exp Healing
Bacon Bacon 14 68 300
Bacon Stack Bacon stack 24 88 500
Bacon Pile Bacon pile 34 108 700
Bacon Heap Bacon heap 44 135 900
Bacon Mound Bacon mound 54 158 1100
Pigswill Pigswill* 64 380 1100

*Pigswill also has a mature version.

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  1. Mix flour and water and make a pizza base.
  2. Use (be careful not to eat it) a tomato and a slice of cheese on the pizza base.
  3. Bake it.

If you want a topping on your pizza, add it after the pizza has been cooked:

  • Meat: kill a bear, chicken, cow or rat and cook the meat they drop, then use it on the pizza.
  • Anchovies: fish with a small net (see fishing guide), cook the fish and use it on the pizza.
  • Pineapple (members): go to the jungle area south of Brimhaven and find a pineapple plant. Pick a pineapple, then use a knife on it to slice it. Use one pineapple slice for each pizza - since each pineapple gives you 4 slices, you'll have enough for 4 pizzas. If you don't feel like travelling to the jungle to pick your own pineapples, you can buy some at "Hudo's Grand Tree Groceries" and "Funch's Fine Groceries" in the Grand Tree. You can also grow your own using the Farming skill.

If you're brave enough to venture into the Wilderness, Fat Tony the cook in the Bandit Camp (level 20 Wilderness) sells pizza bases, and there's a respawn of both cheese and a tomato next to him. There is also a net fishing spot, a range and rat respawn in the Bandit Camp, so this is the perfect place for making plain cheese, meat or anchovy just have to be careful to avoid player-killers to preserve your freshly made pizza pies!

Note: Pizzas are eaten in 2 pieces.

Pic Name Cooking lvl Cooking exp Healing (Bites)
Pizza Plain Pizza 35 143 874 (2*437)
Meat Pizza Meat Pizza 45 169 1124 (2*562)
Anchovy Pizza Anchovy Pizza 55 182 1374 (2*687)
Pineapple Pizza Pineapple Pizza 65 188 1624 (2*812)
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Culinaromancer's Chest

This chest contains a load of helpful items for you and your cooking adventures. You can access the Culinaromancer's quest after you complete the first part of the Recipe For Disaster quest. During the quest more items become available from the chest. Please note that the chest is downstairs from a range, and you can also use the chest as a bank, making it a very convenient location.

Culinaromancer's Chest cooking items
Name Use Price Amount
Chocolate bar Edible, used in chocolate cakes, chocolatey milk, and to make chocolate dust (for herblore and gnome cuisine). 20 300
Cheese Edible, used in pizza and as a potato topping. 8 10
Tomato Edible, used in pizza, potato topping, ugthanki kebab and pie. 14 10
Cooking apple Used to make pies and brew cider. 36 50
Grapes Used to make wine. 1 5
Pot of flour Used to make bread, pastry (pie), pizza, and pitta doughs. 14 100
Pizza base Used to make pizza. 4 1
Egg Used to make cakes and potato toppings. 4 10
Bucket of milk Used to feed pet cats, or make cream or butter. 12 10
Pot of cream Edible, used to make potato toppings. 19 10
Pat of butter Used to make potato toppings. 4 10
Spice Used to make curry. 230 10
Pie dish Used to bake pies. 3 10
Cake tin Used to bake cakes. 10 10
Bowl Used to make stews, heat water (for nettle tea) or to cook and combine ingredients (for potato toppings or ugthanki kebabs). 4 10
Jug Used to make wine, or to store water. 1 10
Pot Used to fill with flour or ale yeast. 1 10
Empty cup Used to make tea. 2 10
Bucket Used to keep water or milk. Many other uses in other skills. 2 10
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  1. Get an egg from a chicken farm (Lumbridge and South of Falador; members can also find on Entrana). Members can also buy eggs at the Gnome Tree Grocery shops.
  2. Get some milk. (See Basics section of this guide.)
  3. Get some flour.
  4. Get a cake tin. You can get a cake tin at any F2P general store. See the shops section of this guide for others.
  5. Click any of the three ingredients and then click the tin. All three ingredients will automatically be added.
  6. Bake it.

For chocolate cake you need to add chocolate to a finished cake. Adding chocolate to any cake (bought, thieved or made) gives 30 xp. You can buy chocolate bars at several of the stores listed in this guide (CTRL-F to search). If your cooking level is at least 32, you can get some for free at the respawn in the Cooking Guild. There is also a spawn at the range in Zanaris.

Note: Cakes are eaten in 3 pieces.

Pic Name Cooking lvl Cooking exp Healing (Bites)
Cake Cake 40 180 999 (3*333)
Chocolate Cake Chocolate Cake 50 30+(180)=210 1248 (3*416)
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  1. Get a bowl. Fill the bowl with water from a sink or fountain.
  2. Get some cooked meat. You can cook your own meat (dropped by cows, chickens, bears, rats, etc.), or you can buy some at the Ardougne General Store, which always has some in stock. Most other general stores will usually also have some.
  3. Add the cooked meat and potato to the bowl of water.
  4. Curry (members): Add spice bought or stolen from the spice stall in Ardougne market, or from the Culinaromancer's chest in Lumbridge Castle basement (requires Recipe For Disaster quest). Three curry leaves (grown using the Farming skill) can be used instead of spice.
  5. Bake it.
Pic Name Cooking lvl Cooking exp Healing
Stew Stew 25 117 625
Spicy Stew Spicy Stew * 25 117 500 (and stat boost)*
Curry Curry 60 280 1500

* For special (members) Spicy Stew you need to complete the "Evil Dave : Evil stew" part of the Recipe For Disaster quest. You first need a normal stew, then you can add spices to it. Various combinations will boost some of your stats. The boosts are random, but Jagex has announced that there is a correlation between colours and affected skills (listed below, with a roughly descriptive label devised for each group). You can only use up to 3 doses of any one colour, but you can use as many colours as you like. The stat effect will be plus or minus two times the number of spice doses used. If you add 2 red and 3 brown (a total of 5 doses), the stat effect may be anywhere from -4 to +4 in a red skill, and/or -6 to +6 in a brown skill.

  • red (combat): Attack, Defence, Ranged, Strength, and Magic
  • orange (skillcraft): Construction, Cooking, Crafting, Firemaking, Fletching, Runecrafting, and Smithing
  • yellow (survival): Agility, Prayer, Slayer, Thieving, and Hunter
  • brown (gathering): Farming, Fishing, Herblore, Mining, and Woodcutting
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Vegetables (members only)

  1. To cook corn, simply grill it over an open fire, or use a range.
  2. To make baked potatoes with toppings, first bake the potato on a range (potatoes burn on fires.) Then use butter on it. Follow up by adding the desired toppings (see Potato Toppings). Refer to the Dairy section for information about butter.

In the table below, the experience is shown two ways. The first column, "exp final step", is for players who simply purchase the next-to-last step ingredients: a buttered potato and a completed topping. In that column, only the experience for adding the final topping (to an already buttered potato) is shown. The second column, "cooking experience from scratch", is for players who make (and churn) all of their own ingredients and cook their own topping items. Ingredients that have experience associated with their preparation include churned butter, churned cheese, and any other cooked topping items. Later tables in this guide show the ingredients and experience for making the individual topping items and churning dairy products.

Pic Name Level Cooking exp
final step
Cooking exp
from scratch
Baked Potato Baked potato 7 15 15 200
Sweetcorn Cooked sweetcorn 28 104 104 100-990+*

* according to Jagex, sweetcorn heals 10% of your LP. This number is rounded up. For example, if your LP is 6018, 10% of 6018 is 601.8, and rounding up makes it 602, so eating sweetcorn will heal you 602 LP.

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Potato Recipes (members only)

  1. To make these, use your raw ingredients on a bowl while having knife in inventory, then cook.
  2. For toppings with some pre-cooked ingredients (such as meat), just add those ingredients after cooking the others in bowl.
  3. If ingredients are cooked in separate bowls (as with mushrooms and onions), just prepare them separately and then *carefully* right click to use one of the bowls on the other (avoid accidentally eating it!)
Potato Recipes
Pic Name Level Exp final step Exp from scratch Healing Recipe
gnome spice w/garlic Spicy sauce 9 25 25


Gnome spice and garlic in bowl
Meat, gnome spice, and garlic Chilli Con Carne 11 0 55 275 Cooked meat and
Spicy sauce (above)
scrambled egg Scrambled egg 13 50 50 325 Cook egg in bowl
Egg and tomato Egg and tomato 23 0 50 575 Scrambled egg (above)
and Tomato
buttered potato Potato with butter 39 40 95.5 975 Butter and a baked potato
chilli potato Chilli Potato 41 15 165.5 1250 Chilli con carne and a baked potato with butter.
Fried onion Fried onions 42 60 60 1050 Cook onion in bowl
Fried mushroom Fried mushrooms 46 60 60 1150 Cook mushroom in bowl
Potato w/cheese Potato with cheese 47 40 199.5 1175 Cheese and a baked potato with butter
Egg potato Egg Potato 51 50 195.5 1375 Scrambled egg and a baked potato with butter
Fried mushroom and onion Mushroom and onion 57 0 120 1425 Fried mushroom (above) and
Fried onion (above)
mushroom potato Mushroom potato 64 55 270.5 2000 Fried mushroom and a baked potato with butter
Tuna and cooked sweetcorn Tuna and corn 67 0 204 1675 Put cooked tuna in bowl. Add cooked sweetcorn.
tuna potato Juju gumbo 68 10 309.5 2250++ Add Juju cooking potion to a baked potato.
Add the resulting strange potato to Tuna and corn (above).
tuna potato Tuna potato 68 50 254 2125 Tuna and corn and a baked potato with butter

Note: Yellow items above cannot be used directly on potatoes; they can be eaten alone or used with other items to make potato toppings. Juju gumbo heals 2250 life points instantly and an addition 500 spaced out as 50 per second over the next ten seconds post-consumption.

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Dairy (members only)

While milk and cheese are F2P items, making dairy products using a churn is a members only activity. Members can also add butter and cheese to potatoes, making them more "tasty" (increasing healing). To make dairy products you only need a bucket of milk and access to a churn. To get milk, see the Basics section of this guide.

Making dairy products is easy:

  1. Get milk and go to a dairy churn. These are located in farms and farming shops (see Garden Produce), windmills, the Cooking Guild, the Makeover Mage south-west of Falador, and Frenita's Cookery Shop in Yanille.
  2. Use the milk on the churn.
  3. If you are holding more than one type of dairy product (for example, milk and cream) and you only click on the churn (as opposed to using your starting ingredient on it), you will first be asked which ingredient you want to put in the churn. If you have only one type, or use your starting ingredient on the churn, it will skip this step.
  4. Choose what you want to make.

Don't worry that making different products might give better experience. The experience for making one ingredient directly (for example, milk to cheese) is equal to the total experience earned for making the individual products along the way (milk to cream to butter to cheese).

Dairy products
Start product End product Process Cooking lvl Cooking exp Healing
Milk Cream Milk to cream 21 18 200
Milk Butter Milk to butter 38 40.5 -
Milk Cheese Wheel Milk to cheese 48 64 200
Cream Butter Cream to butter 38 22.5 -
Cream Cheese Wheel Cream to cheese 48 46 200
Butter Cheese Wheel Butter to cheese 48 23.5 200

Note: Churning any product into cheese will produce an un-tradable cheese wheel. The cheese wheel can then be cut up into at least 5 slices providing 4 Cooking XP per slice. The final number of cheese slices obtained from a cheese wheel is random, however it is influenced by your Cooking level.

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Brewing (members only)

Tired of paying for a glass of ale when you're parched? Feel like making your own ale or cider? There are breweries upstairs in the East pub in Keldagrim near the cart tracks, and in the cellar of the Port Phasmatys bar. Each has a brewing vat, a cider-press, and an attendant. There you can make and ferment a wide variety of ales. Some, such as Chef's Delight, can't be bought from any pub or inn. Each type of ale will affect you in a different way when you drink it. Some will increase a specific skill, while at the same time decreasing other skills. Others have only healing properties, and do not affect your skills. Refer to our Beer and Wines Guide for more information on the effects of each ale.

General brewing information:

Ale yeast is required for all brewing. You can only buy it from brewery attendants, and you must be carrying an empty pot. In Keldagrim, Blandebir will charge 25gp for ale yeast, and in Port Phasmatys, Metarialus will charge 5 ecto-tokens (you must wear your Ghostspeak amulet to buy it from him). To get ecto-tokens, you'll need to worship the Ectofunctus -- instructions are available in our Ghosts Ahoy Quest Guide. When you buy ale yeast, it automatically goes into your empty pot. When buying the ale yeast, the attendants will offer to fill all your pots in your inventory at once to save you time. To brew ale or cider, follow the instructions below for each type.

*Important: if you try to drain the vat before brewing is complete, you'll get an "are you sure" message. Carefully choose the "no" option, or you'll end up draining your unfinished ale, and you won't be able to drink it or earn cooking experience. Before you drain the vat, be sure brewing is complete. Just "examine" the vat to find out. If it isn't ready, the examine will say that your ale is fermenting in the vat. If it is ready, it will say that the vat is full of your ale.

When you examine the vat of ale, you might see that the vat contains "Bad Ale". This means that brewing has failed, and you won't be able to drink it. If this happens, you'll need to start over. Turn the valve and choose the "Drain" option to drain the bad ale from your vat (it disappears).

Sometimes, when you examine the vat of ale, you might see that the vat contains "Mature" ale (of whatever type you were making). Mature ale is more powerful than the regular type, and will increase stats higher than the normal ale. Jagex has confirmed that with normal brewing, the occurrence of this is totally random - there is no way to influence it. However, pieces of eight earned from the Trouble Brewing minigame can be used to purchase "The stuff" from Honest Jimmy. "The stuff" is added to a brewing vat after the barley malt and before the main ingredient, and Jagex states it will increase the chance of making mature ale. Mature ale will not stack with the regular type in your bank.

You earn your brewing cooking experience when you drain the completed ale into the barrel. If your barrel is already full of ale you brewed before, you can't drain the vat until you've emptied the barrel.

You can fill up to 8 beer glasses from the finished barrel of brewed ale or cider. Simply use a beer glass on the barrel and your character will fill automatically all beer glasses in your inventory. If you want, you can also create your own homemade keg by using a knife to scoop out the inside of a Calquat fruit. You can draw 4 beer-glasses worth of ale or cider from the barrel into your Calquat keg. Refer to our Farming Guide for information on growing Calquat trees. Ale can be transferred from kegs to glasses, but not vice-versa.

How to brew ales:

To brew your own ales, you will need an empty vat, 2 barley malt, a pot of ale yeast, and 2 buckets of water. You will also need one other ingredient, which will vary based on the kind of ale you want to make. The main ingredient for each kind of ale is provided in the table below, and you can refer to our Farming Guide for more information on growing the ingredients you need.

To make barley malt, get some barley and roast it on a range. Refer to our Farming Guide for information on growing barley in a hops patch.

  1. Pour two buckets of water into the empty vat.
  2. Add two barley malt.
  3. Optional: add "the stuff" (discussed above).
  4. Add the main ingredient as indicated in the table below.
  5. Add a pot of ale yeast.
  6. Wait for the ale to ferment. This can take up to several (real) days, depending on the type of ale being brewed.
  7. When examining the vat shows it is full of ale, turn the valve and the ale will go into the barrel.
  8. Fill up to 8 beer-glasses or 2 Calquat kegs from the barrel.
  9. Enjoy!

How to brew cider:

To make your own apple cider, you will need an empty vat, 16 cooking apples, 4 empty buckets, and a pot of ale yeast. The Basics section of this guide describes where to get apples.

  1. Put your apples into the brewery's cider-press to mash them up.
  2. Fill all four buckets with apple mush, then pour them into the empty vat.
  3. Add a pot of ale yeast.
  4. Wait for the cider to ferment. This can take up to 24 hours (real time, not game time).
  5. When examining the vat shows it is full of cider, turn the valve and the cider will go into the barrel.
  6. Fill up to 8 beer-glasses or 2 Calquat kegs from the barrel.
  7. Enjoy!
Pic Name Ingredients Cooking lvl Cooking exp
Cider Cider 4 Buckets of Apple Mush 14 182
Stout Dwarven Stout 4 x Hammerstone Hops 19 215
Asgarnian Ale Asgarnian Ale 4 x Asgarnian Hops 24 248
Greenman\'s Ale Greenman's Ale 4 x Harralander 29 281
Wizard Mind Bomb Wizard Mind Bomb 4 x Yanillian Hops 34 314
Dragon Bitter Dragon Bitter 4 x Krandorian Hops 39 347
Moonlight Mead Moonlight Mead 4 x Bittercap Mushrooms 44 380
Axeman\'s Folly Axeman's Folly 1 x Oak Root 49 413
Chef\'s Delight Chef's Delight 4 x Chocolate Dust 54 446
Slayer\'s Respite Slayer's Respite 4 x Wildblood hops 59 479
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Miscellaneous (members only)

Chocolatey Milk
Chompy and Jubbly Bird Meat
Crab and Fishcake
Food ration
Nettle Tea
Oomlie Wrap
Rocktail Soup
Sq'irk Juice
Ugthanki Kebab
Yak Meat


Chocolatey Milk (members only)

  1. To make chocolatey milk, get a bucket of milk (see the Basics section of this guide.)
  2. Get a chocolate bar and make chocolate dust by using either a knife or a pestle and mortar on it. You can buy a mortar and pestle at the Herblore Shop in Taverley or Entrana. The Basics section of this guide lists where to buy chocolate and chocolate dust. If your cooking level is at least 32, you can get chocolate for free at the respawn in the Cooking Guild. There is also a spawn at the range in Zanaris.
  3. Use the chocolate dust with the bucket of milk.
Chocolatey Milk
Pic Name Cooking lvl Cooking exp Healing
Cooking Chocolatey Milk Chocolatey Milk 1 0 200
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Rocktail Soup (members only)

Unlocked by finding scrolls in Player-Owned Ports, rocktail soup is made with a rocktail and spices (found whilst sending off your ships) in the workshop of your port. For more information on Player-Owned Ports, see our guide.

Rocktail Soup
Pic Name Cooking lvl Cooking exp Heals
Rocktail Soup Rocktail soup 93 500 2500
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Snails (members only)

  1. Go to Mort Myre swamp (Priest in Peril and Nature Spirit quests required for access to this area), and kill the snails there. There's a large number of snails to the East. You can also kill snails in the Haunted Forest, just to the south-east of Slayer Master Mazchna (only Priest in Peril quest required for access to this area.)
  2. Pick up the snail meat.
  3. Cook it.

Note: Thin, lean, and fat snail meat heals randomly between 50-70, 60-80, and 70-90, respectively.

Cooked snail meat
Pic Name Get from Cooking lvl Cooking exp
Thin Snail Thin snail Ochre and Myre blamish snails 12 70
Lean Snail Lean Snail Bark blamish snails 17 80
Fat Snail Fat snail Bruise and Blood blamish snails 22 95
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Nettle Tea (members only)

  1. To make nettle tea, get a bowl and fill it with water.
  2. Wearing gloves, pick nettles and put them in the bowl of water. Nettles can be found just East of Draynor Manor, East of Draynor jail, near the entrance to the Edgeville dungeon, and just to the south-east of the Slayer Master in Canifis. Nettles will prick you when you try to pick them, so if you don't wear gloves, you'll get poisoned.
  3. Boil the nettle-water by using it with a range or fire.
  4. Use the bowl of nettle tea with an empty cup. You can get a cup from a number of places, including the tea stall in Varrock (buy or steal) or by speaking to Brother Galahad (his house is East of the coal trucks, West of McGrubor's Wood). There are also a number of tea respawns in Taverley. Drink the tea and you'll have an empty cup. The Basics section of this guide lists places to buy cups.
  5. If you like milk in your nettle tea, use a bucket of milk with the cup of nettle tea.
Nettle Tea
Pic Name Cooking lvl Cooking exp Healing
Nettle Tea Nettle Tea 20 52 400

Note: making "Construction" tea in a player's home kitchen earns the same amount of Cooking experience (52 xp). It temporarily raises Construction by 1 to 3 levels. For directions, see our Construction guide.

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Crab and Fishcake (members only)

For Crabmeat, you need to kill giant crabs. You can only do so after completing the Pirate Pete : fishcake portion of the Recipe For Disaster quest.

To make a fish cake you need to complete the Pirate Pete subquest of the Recipe For Disaster quest. One of the rewards is the ability of making this special cake! You will need several ingredients: Ground cod, Ground kelp, Ground giant crab, and breadcrumbs. To get all these, please refer to our Recipe For Disaster quest guide (the Pirate Pete : A fishcake subquest)!

Crab and Fishcake
Pic Name Cooking lvl Cooking exp Healing
Crab Meat Crabmeat 21 100 420 (5 bites)
Fishcake Fish cake 31 100 700
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Cooked Chompy and Jubbly Bird Meat (members only)

Be aware that these large birds weigh a lot, so you don't want to do much running while carrying them.

  1. To get Chompy Bird meat, you'll first have to complete the Big Chompy Bird Hunting quest. Once you've completed the quest, you can catch, kill and cook as many Chompy Birds as you like. Refer to our Chompy Bird Hunting Guide for more information on catching and killing Chompy Birds.
  2. Once you have the Chompy meat, use the raw meat with an iron spit (the spit can be smithed from iron with level 17 smithing.) Then use the spitted bird on a fire to cook it.
Chompy and Jubbly Bird Meat
Pic Name Cooking lvl Cooking exp Healing
Chompy Bird Chompy Bird Meat 30 140 750
Jubbly Bird Jubbly Bird Meat 41 160 1025
  1. To get Jubbly Bird meat, you'll have to do the Skrach 'Bone Crusher' Uglogwee: A cooked Jubbly bird part of the Recipe for Disaster quest. During and after the quest, you'll be able to catch and kill Jubbly Birds.
  2. Jubbly Bird meat is so large it can only be cooked on a fixed ogre spit: there is one at Rantz's cave and another at the entrance to Jiggig (south of Castle Wars).
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Cooked Oomlie Wrap (members only)

  1. Go to the jungle South of Shilo (you'll need to have started the Legends Quest).
  2. Kill some Oomlie Birds and get their meat.
  3. Find a Leafy Palm Tree and shake it. A palm leaf will appear on the ground. Take it and use it with the meat.
  4. Bake it.
Cooked Oomlie Wrap
Pic Name Cooking lvl Cooking exp Healing
Oomlie Wrap Cooked Oomlie Wrap 50 30 1125
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Ugthanki Kebab (members only)

  1. Get a bowl, flour and water.
  2. Get a tomato and an onion.
  3. You'll need a knife. Most General Stores have knives in stock.
  4. Go into the Al-Kharid desert through Shantay Pass. Kill some Ugthankis (they look like camels) and get their raw meat. Cook the meat.
  5. Use your onion, tomato and cooked Ugthanki meat with the bowl (need knife in your inventory). You'll now have some kebab mix.
  6. Mix flour and water and make 'pitta dough'.
  7. Bake the pitta dough.
  8. Use your kebab mix with the pitta bread.
Ugthanki Kebab
Pic Name Cooking lvl Cooking exp Healing
Ugthanki Kebab Ugthanki Kebab 58 80 1400
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Yak meat (members only)

Yak meat is obtained from killing yaks on Neitiznot, one of the Fremennik Isles. You cannot get to this island without completing The Fremennik Trials quest, but yak meat is tradeable. Cooking it earns slightly more xp than regular meat (40 versus 30), but when cooked it becomes ordinary cooked meat. It currently cannot be made into sinew.

Yak meat
Pic Name Method Cooking lvl Cooking exp Healing
Meat Cooked meat Fire or Range 1 40 200
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Sq'irk Juice (members only)

Sq'irk juice is made from sq'irk fruit, obtained from playing the Sorceress' Garden minigame. The four different types of sq'irk fruit (winter, spring, autumn and summer) can be used with a pestle and mortar to make juice, which must be caught in an empty beer glass. Only 5 cooking xp is earned regardless of the amount of fruit needed to make the juice. The juice can be traded to Osman for thieving xp, or used to boost run energy and temporarily raise thieving. See the Sorceress' Garden minigame guide for details.

Sq'irk Juices
Picture Juice # of Fruit Fruit Cooking XP Effects
Winter Sq\'irk Juice Winter 5 Winter Sq\'irk Fruit 5 +0 Thieving Levels
+10% Run Energy
*or* 350 Thief xp from Osman
Spring Sq\'irk Juice Spring 4 Spring Sq\'irk Fruit 5 +1 Thieving Levels
+20% Run Energy
*or* 1350 Thief xp from Osman
Autumn Sq\'irk Juice Autumn 3 Autumn Sq\'irk Fruit 5 +2 Thieving Levels
+30% Run Energy
*or* 2350 Thief xp from Osman
Summer Sq\'irk Juice Summer 2 Summer Sq\'irk Fruit 5 +3 Thieving Levels
+40% Run Energy
*or* 3000 Thief xp from Osman
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Food rations (members only)

Food rations are obtained at the Void Knight Outpost. To get there you have to take the boat from Port Sarim (it's free). You can buy them here in the general store, for a "fair price". Food rations can be used in the Pest Control minigame, read more about it in our guide.

Food rations
Pic Name Price Healing
Food ration Food Ration "Fair Price" (varies, mostly +- 400gp) 500
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Burning and gauntlets

If you're a member, you can complete the Family Crest quest to obtain the family gauntlets. You'll be asked to choose the kind of gauntlets you'd like. If you choose cooking gauntlets, you can wear them while cooking to help you burn lobsters, swordfish, and sharks less often.

The following chart provides the approximate cooking level at which you stop burning tuna, lobsters, swordfish, and sharks, with and without cooking gauntlets. This is not an absolute number - this information is provided as a guideline only.

Cooking Levels to Stop Burning
Pic Name No Gauntlets (all players) With Gauntlets (members only)
Raw Tuna Tuna 65 n/a
Raw Lobster Lobster 74 68
Raw Swordfish Swordfish 86 81
Raw monkfish Monkfish 90 90*
Raw Shark Shark n/a 94
Raw Cavefish Cavefish n/a 94
Raw Rocktail Rocktail n/a 95

* An intensive study has shown that cooking gauntlets affect monkfish cooking success, but only slightly. At cooking levels over 80, the improvement rate averaged a mere 2.5%.

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Cooking Urns

Urns collect food scraps while you are cooking which can eventually be teleported away for free experience once it is filled. There are five different cooking urns. Each urn requires a different crafting level to make and will give a different amount of experience when you fill it up and teleport it away. Higher level food will fill the urn faster than lower level food, but the experience for teleporting the urn away is the same regardless of what fills it up. Please view our Urns Section in the Crafting Guide for more detailed information on Urns.

Before you can start filling an urn, you need to activate it with a fire rune. Adding the rune requires the same crafting level as making the urn. You can have up to ten non-empty urns in your bank at once. This includes partially filled urns, completely filled urns and anything in between. You can check the level of your urn by right-clicking the urn in your inventory and choosing the Check-level option. It will also give you a message once it is 1/4 full, 1/2 full, 3/4 full and completely full, assuming you have your game chat set to filtered or on.

Cooking Urns
Pic Name Crafting level to make Cooking xp Charged from...
Cracked Cooking Urn Cracked cooking urn 2 400 All food level 10 and below
Fragile Cooking Urn Fragile cooking urn 12 550 All food level 25 and below
Cooking Urn Cooking urn 36 950 All food level 40 and below
Strong Cooking Urn Strong cooking urn 51 1050 All food level 55 and below
Decorated Cooking Urn Decorated cooking urn 81 1547.5 All food level 95 and below
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Skill Level Boosts

The cooking skill actually provides players with a few ways to boost cooking by visible amounts. Players who have completed the Recipe for Disaster Evil Dave's stew subquest could potentially boost cooking by as many as 6 levels (or risk lowering the skill by that much) temporarily by using Orange spice while making Spicy stews. Players can also try buying a 'delight'ful beverage on the Grand Exchange or brewing some.

Cooking Level Boosters
Pic Name Level Increase Information
Chef\'s delight Chef's delight 4 or 5 Made by Brewing
Chef\'s delight(m) Chef's delight(m) 5 or 6 Made by Brewing
Spicy stew Spicy Stew -6 to +6 (Random) Made by using Orange spice on a Stew. For more information on making Stews, please visit the Cooking Guide. This item is not tradeable.

Summoning offers a few familiars to aid you while training cooking.

Cooking-related Familiars
Summon Level Pic Familiar Abilities Scroll
23 Albino Rat Albino Rat Fights (level 37) Attack Cheese Feast: Puts 4 cheese in rat's inventory
56 Ibis Ibis Does not fight
Forages fish when you are fishing, gives small amounts of fishing xp
Fish Rain: Produces raw fish up to bass
89 Geyser Titan Geyser Titan Fights (level 200) Ranged
Boosts Ranged (1 + 3%)
Fills empty bowl with hot water (use on it)
Recharge Amulet of glory (use on it)
Attack that does more damage based on enemy player's armour
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Request Assistance

If you find yourself a few levels short of making an item, or want to safely offer your skills to another player, the request assistance option will allow you to do so. Simply right click the player who has the skills that you need and request their assistance. If they accept your request, in your chat box you will receive the message "You are being assisted by player [their name here]." and you can cook whatever they can. You keep the items, but they get the experience.

There are a few exceptions when being assisted in the Cooking skill. The following cannot be made because they are minigame or quest items.

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Skill mastery and Beyond

Cape of Achievement

Once you have mastered the skill and reached level 99 you may want to buy a Cooking cape from the Head chef in the Cooking Guild in northwest Varrock. If you already have another 99 skill, or obtain another one while wearing the cape (unless you have it keepsaked), it will become a Cooking cape (t).

Please refer to the Achievement Capes guide for more details.

Cooking Cape

After obtaining 99 Cooking it becomes possible to obtain a roasted shard randomly, which can be combined with other shards from the other artisan skills (Crafting, Construction, Firemaking, Fletching, Smithing, Herblore, Runecrafting) to create an artisan's cape and artisan's helm. The cape has the same stats as a trimmed skill cape and the helm is purely cosmetic.

True Cooking Mastery

Achieving 99 is the ultimate goal for many players, however the skill does not stop there. For players wanting to show off their dedication to a skill it is possible to obtain "True Mastery" by obtaining "120 Cooking" which is 104,273,167 XP. The Cooking master cape can then be purchased from the Head chef for 120,000 gp.

Cooking master cape

It is worth noting that beyond level 99 there is no additional content for Cooking as the level increases are invisible so training the skill gets no faster. To work out your theoretical Cooking level check out our XP table.

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