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The Cooking Guild is located in northern Misthalin, north-west of Varrock just south of the Grand Exchange. It is open to all players, both F2P and members. To enter, you must have at least level 32 cooking and be wearing a chef's hat. Alternatively members with level 99 cooking may wear their Cooking Skillcape. Wearing Varrock armour 3 from the Varrock Tasks will also grant you access. Upon entering, you'll be greeted by the Head Chef.

The Skills necklace, Varrock teleports, and Rings of Wealth (4) are easy ways of getting to the guild. You'll still need your chef's hat, cooking cape, or Varrock armour 3 to enter.

Ground Floor

Ground Floor of Cooking Guild

This floor contains a sink on the west side, useful for making different doughs or wine. A chocolate bar spawns on the north table. The chute from which flour comes out is also located on this floor. The closed off area to the east, with a bank and cooking range, is available only to members wearing Varrock armour 3. Members can speak with Romily Weaklax to access his Pie Shop (shop items are listed in a table below). The Head Chef also wanders this floor and will sell the Cooking Cape to members with 99 Cooking for 99,000 coins.

First Floor

First Floor of Cooking Guild

On this floor there are two ranges ready for use. Members can use the churn to make dairy products (butter, cream, and cheese). This floor spawns a pie dish, a cake tin, a bowl, and two cooking apples.

Second floor

Second Floor of Cooking Guild

On this floor you can put wheat in the hopper and operate the mill controls to grind flour, highlighted in red above. A cooking apple, a jug, an empty pot, and grapes all spawn on this floor.


The Mill

Players can use the cooking guild's mill to grind wheat into flour, an important cooking ingredient. To use the mill, first collect wheat from a wheat field. The nearest one is directly behind the building. Once you have your wheat, go to the top floor of the guild and use it on the hopper. Every time you put wheat in the hopper, operate the controls. Once you decide you have added enough wheat, go to the ground floor and collect your flour with pots.


Pie Shop (members only)

Back down on the ground floor, Romily Weaklax's Pie Shop sells a recipe book for making pies. He also buys pies, but his normal pie stock is zero, so he can only sell what he's bought from other players. The Pies section of the Cooking Skill Guide discusses pies and exactly how to make them.

Romily Weaklax also has a challenge for you. He will ask you to make him a certain number of a specific type of pie, and pay you for your efforts. The reward is only slightly more than the cost of ingredients, and since most ingredients are valued quite low, this is not an effective money making strategy. However, if you prefer to break up the monotony of training, you can try these challenges.

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