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This area has been rated as EXTREMELY HIGH-RISK. You should never attempt to fight the Corporeal Beast with items you are not willing to risk losing, and while there, you should expect your death as a possibility at all times. Remember, you do not get a gravestone at death!

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To date, the Corporeal Beast is the second strongest being ever to wander into RuneScape. The level 785 monster is the real-world form of the Spirit Beast encountered during the Summer's End quest, and is fought in a multi-combat dungeon unlocked afterwards.

Corporeal Beast Basic Facts (Bestiary Profile)
Combat Level: 785 Corporeal Beast Lifepoints: 20000 Maximum Hit: 650 Attack Style(s): Melee and Magic
Experience Summary
The Corporeal Beast is not fought primarily for skill training, however if you choose to melee the beast with professional gear, your experience gains will be decent for boss hunting.
Drops Summary
This monster is the only beast to drop the four sigils. The sigils are used on a Spirit shield along with Holy elixir to make the Arcane, Divine, Elysian, and Spectral spirit shields, some of the best shields in the entire game. The beast also features some of the best non-rare drops in Runescape, including 2000 Cannonballs, Regen bracelets, and high quantities of charms.
Special Notes
The beast's attacks are very powerful and some of them penetrate through protection prayers. Experience with monster hunting is recommended before you attempt to fight this monster.
Recommended Levels
85+ Attack and Strength (if using melee), 85+ Ranged (if using ranged), and 85+ Defence
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About the Corporeal Beast

After its defeat in the spirit world, the beast has been reincarnated in a much more powerful form that poses a threat to even the most experienced players. The beast roams the last chamber of its cave awaiting any challengers. Before you face the Corporeal Beast, you should familiarize yourself with its various unique attack styles. Some styles hit through protection prayers, while others drain stats or simply hit massive amounts of damage.

Corporeal Beast Attack Styles
High Damage Magic Stat Draining Magic
Corp Bigmage Corp Statdrain
Splashing Magic Melee
Corp Splash Corp Melee
  • High Damage Magic: this lethal projectile targets a single player and can deal up to 650 damage. If a magic protection prayer is used, the maximum damage is only slightly reduced to the 500s.
  • Stat Draining Magic: while this attack deals less damage, it will reduce either magic, summoning, prayer, or more life points.
  • Splashing Magic: this unique attack will hit a single square and splash into nearby tiles, potentially damaging several players.
  • Melee: the beast's melee strike, while hitting high (500+), can be fully negated with protection prayers or curses.

In addition to the standard attacks, the beast will frequently release its Dark Energy Core (level 75) that flies around the chamber from player to player, rapidly draining life points from anyone in a 3 by 3 radius around it. These leeched life points are added to the beast's health. More information on handling the core can be found in the strategy section. Finally, the beast will unleash a powerful stomp on anybody who walks underneath for too long. The stomp occurs at an interval, so there is a slight grace period before it takes effect; however, it is not recommended to step into the beast at any time.

Due to its power over those of the spirit plane, the beast has the ability to consume any familiars that enter its lair. It will use a round of combat to eat your familiar at random, so it is possible to survive with a Beast of Burden for a small amount of time if you are lucky.

The beast has a damage reduction effect that will reduce damage by all weapons, except spears, in half. This is convenient as the beast's primary weakness is stab attacks.


Getting There


There are three practical routes of getting to the beast's lair. As shown in the map above, the easiest method is using the games necklace option to be teleported right into the cave. This necklace also has a quick teleport to the Gamer's Grotto, where there is a bank chest. The alternative ways are walking from either the Grand Exchange or Edgeville, or from the teleport lever in the wilderness deserted keep, accessible from Edgeville or Ardougne.

Be aware of player killers as you travel throughout the wilderness. Using the games necklace will eliminate this threat, however, as it will teleport you into a safe area. The Corporeal Beast is located in the third chamber in this dungeon. There is a barrier with appropriate warnings before entering, so it is safe to wait outside the room while waiting for other teammates.

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Melee Set-up

Melee Set-up (Zamorakian Spear)
Monster Hunting Prayers Curses Text Protect Item On Protect From Melee On Piety On
Protect Item Curse On Deflect Melee On Soul Split On Turmoil On
If using curses, you will be alternating between Deflect Melee and Soul Split.
Helmet: Ganodermic visor > Virtus mask > Fighter hat > Helm of neitiznot
Necklace: Amulet of fury > Amulet of glory > Amulet of power
Cape: Completionist's cape > Ardougne cloak (3 or 4) > Fire cape
Chest: Ganodermic poncho > Virtus robe top > Karil's leathertop > Black d'hide body
Legs: Ganodermic leggings > Virtus robe legs > Karil's leatherskirt > Black d'hide chaps
Weapon: Zamorakian spear > Chaotic rapier (with spirit shield) > Dragon spear
Shield (with rapier only): Divine spirit shield > Elysian spirit shield > Spectral spirit shield
Gloves: Culinaromancer's gloves 10 > Culinaromancer's gloves 9 > Culinaromancer's gloves 8
Boots: Dragon boots > Climbing boots
Ring: Onyx ring(i) > Dragonstone ring(i) > Ring of life (beginners only)

Why Virtus & Ganodermic? - While Pernix armour offers higher magical defence, it also gives significant negative stab bonus, making your attacks less accurate. Ganodermic offers massive magic absorption and defence stats. Virtus offers decent magical defence with no negative bonuses. However, if you are participating in a free-for-all team, you will need the highest offensive bonuses possible, and may want to consider strength or accuracy boosting gear such as Torva, Void, or Bandos.
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Ranged Set-up

Ranging the beast is highly ineffective in small teams and should only be done as an assistance to large teams.

Ranged Set-up (Ruby Bolts)
Monster Hunting Prayers Curses Text Protect Item On Protect From Magic On Eagle Eye On
Protect Item Curse On Berserker On Leech Defence On Deflect Magic On Soul Split On
If using curses, you will be alternating between Deflect Magic and Soul Split.
Helmet: Pernix cowl > Armadyl helmet > Helm of Neitiznot
Necklace: Amulet of ranging > Amulet of Fury > Amulet of glory
Cape: Completionist's cape > Ava's alerter
Chest: Pernix top > Armadyl chestplate > Karil's leathertop > Black d'hide body
Legs: Pernix chaps > Armadyl chainskirt > Karil's leatherskirt > Black d'hide chaps
Weapon: Chaotic crossbow > Rune crossbow
Shield: Divine spirit shield > Elysian spirit shield > Spectral spirit shield
Gloves: Culinaromancer's gloves 10 > Culinaromancer's gloves 9 > Culinaromancer's gloves 8
Boots: Ranger boots > Snakeskin boots
Ring: Onyx ring(i) > Dragonstone ring(i) > Ring of life (beginners only)

This method is only helpful in large teams. Completion of the Seers' Elite Tasks set is recommended for the increased bolt effect chances. You will be using the ruby bolts(e) special effect, which up to a point will hit the beast for 1000 life points each time. Depending on the team, you may also be tasked with the stunner role (discussed later).

Inventory shown: Extreme ranging potions, prayer potions, rocktails, emerald bolts(e), games necklace.

Team Strategy

Corpspawn Melee - General Tactics
In a team, you will be more vulnerable to the beast's splash attacks and therefore everyone should be as spread out as possible. Before the first kill, you have the option to lure the beast near the doorway so that the team can adequately spread out, or you can simply rush in and attack. Drink your potions, activate your quick prayers, and make sure your stats are satisfactory before starting. Once the beast is dead, head east and spread out around the spawn location shown on the left. In the picture, each teammate is far apart from the other so that the splash attack will only damage its initial target. The more team members, the more this attack becomes penalizing. These positions should be taken before every kill so that the beast will never move and cause any unnecessary damage. If the Dark Core lands on your square, allow it to stay on your square and take a few hits so that the stunner (explained below) can more easily stun the core. When you are not under attack from the beast, you should have your soul split curse active if possible, to save on brews. If the beast targets you, switch to a melee protection prayer or curse and make sure your life points are always above 650. Some professional hunters who own a spirit shield will equip it and a poisoned rune hasta to use even less food when tanking (Divine, Elysian, and Spectral only, as these give the most beneficial defensive bonuses).Stunnedcore

Range - General Tactics
As a ranger, you are hoping that your ruby bolt effect will inflict high damage on the beast. There is a damage cap of 1000 on the effect, but en masse this can be very beneficial. You will be using magic protection prayers, as you will be out of melee range. Switch to soul split if you need to heal, although because of the low hit rate you will not heal very quickly.

Stunning the Dark Core
The Dark Core is vulnerable to the enchanted emerald bolt effect, in that it will freeze for the rest of the kill if hit. For this to work as much as easily as possible, one member of the team should be designated a "stunner" and should bring a mithril crossbow, as shown in the set-ups. When the core is released, the stunner should equip the bow and wait for the core to fly onto another player. The stunner should try to activate the effect as quickly as possible on the core. If the enchanted effect does not occur or the core is killed, the process will have to be repeated the next time the core appears. Once the core is stunned, a player needs to stand within its 3 by 3 radius, or it will continue to fly around after awhile. At this point, it will drain life points from players very rarely.

If you die, you will have three and a half minutes to collect your items before everyone can see them. After that, they will stay for another minute before disappearing forever. This gives you plenty of time to recover belongings when using the games necklace, as getting back to the lair will take less than a minute. When choosing items to keep on death, make sure your repairable armour (such as barrows) are kept, as having them drop to the ground will force them to degrade. Keep your games necklace as well to make sure you get back to the cave as quickly as possible. When entering, protect from magic and have teammates distract the beast away from you.

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Solo Strategy

Corp Swhsolo
Soloing the beast is a difficult, yet fun and rewarding challenge that experienced monster hunters may attempt. This strategy assumes you are using the melee set-up. It is not recommended to try soloing unless you have the following levels:

- 95+ Attack, Strength, and Defence: it is critically important that you hit as much and as high as possible, especially with special attacks.
- 94+ Magic: for Vengeance and magical defence.
- 95+ Prayer: using turmoil and other important curses are a must.
- Access to Overloads: having these powerful potions is critical.

The solo strategy makes use of Statius' warhammer, a weapon that features a defence draining special attack. Unlike the Bandos godsword, the warhammer special drains defence by a set amount unrelated to the damage you inflict. However, you must hit some damage in order for any defence to drain. Keep in mind that each use of the warhammer will subtract a minute from its sixty minute timer, and so you have a maximum of sixty opportunities to use as many special attacks as possible. See below for information on using up to four special attacks in one minute.

An alternative set-up that improves survivability but decreases overall damage involves using a Divine spirit shield combined with a Chaotic rapier. The rapier's damage versus the beast is halved, but the spirit shield greatly decreases damage taken and is very useful for soloing. If you choose to do this, bring an extra super restore potion to account for the loss of prayer points throughout the fight.

Your inventory will differ slightly when soloing, as you will be conducting trips of 1 or 2 kills rather than several. Take the following items with you:

  • Games Necklace: use this for transportation.
  • Statius' Warhammer and Dragon Defender: for highest accuracy when using special attacks.
  • Mithril Crossbow and Emerald bolts(e): For core stunning.
  • Vengeance Runes: It is up to you whether you would like to bring supplies for vengeance. Some prefer the extra three brews.
  • 1 Overload: You will use about one dose per kill.
  • 1 Recover Special: This will allow you to drain the beast's defence more often.
  • 3-5 Super Restores: these will both restore prayer and stats if needed when brewing.
  • Saradomin Brews: fill your remaining slots with brews.

Depending on your ability to survive, you may want to consider bringing a beast of burden with a few extra brews. Do not fill up a pack yak with thirty brews, because when the familiar is eaten, the items will drop to the ground and disappear quickly. Store a small amount that you can exchange quickly during the kill.

The Kill
Drink your overload, heal yourself slightly, activate your curses, and enter the lair. Equip your warhammer and allow one normal hit on the monster so that the turmoil boost can take effect. Use one special attack, then quickly drink recover special, and then use the special two more times. Switch to your spear and begin attacking. After thirty seconds you can recover more special attack energy allowing for a potential fourth defence drain. If none of your specials worked, it is up to you whether you want to continue or not, as the kill will be significantly harder.

Continue attacking with the Deflect Melee curse activated. As you become more experienced with the timing, you can quickly "flash" the soul split curse with the deflect melee curse in between the beast's attacks, so you heal as you attack, yet protect yourself when under attack.

When the core is released, equip your crossbow and attempt to stun the core. It is imperative that you are able to do this quickly, as the beast will heal, extending the kill, and your resources will rapidly drain.

After the beast is dead, collect your drop and use the necklace teleport to the Gamer's Grotto. Resupply your inventory and repeat the process.

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The Corporeal beast features many high value common drops ranging in value from approximately 20,000 to 1,500,000gp+, such as 175 Onyx bolts(e) and the Holy elixir. However, the main prizes it has to offer are the rare ethereal sigils. These highly coveted items, some valued at hundreds of millions of gold pieces, can be attached to Blessed spirit shields to create the most powerful shields in RuneScape. These shields can significantly change gameplay for their owners, providing large advantages in both monster hunting and general combat. Visit our Prayer Guide for more information about these spirit shields.



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