Court Cases

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Crime is on the rise throughout Gielinor, but the Judicial System is short on lawyers to try the many criminal cases that have been piling up! Anyone with a bit of past experience in handling such cases is encouraged to lend a helping hand at the Seers' Village Courthouse, where a number of criminals await fair trial. Pragmatic adventurers need not worry, however; the work here will not be done Pro Bono! Rewards and more than a few laughs are to be had by anyone willing to participate.

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The "Court Cases" Distraction and Diversion (D&D) can be accessed following completion of the King's Ransom Quest. Additionally, level 65 Attack is required to Prosecute a criminal case, while level 65 Defence is required in order to Defend.

A Ring of Charos, obtainable at the conclusion of the Creature of Fenkenstrain Quest, may be of assistance while trying cases.

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Getting Started

Every trial is held downstairs in the Seers' Village Courthouse, located to the south-east of the bank. However, players must first produce an appropriate Court Summons and speak to the Clerk just within the Courthouse entrance before being allowed to start each trial (with the exception of the first, which can be tried without a Summons).

Seers\\' Village Courthouse

Court Summons can be obtained through a variety of methods, as outlined below:

Methods of Obtaining a Court Summons
Monster Drops Pickpocketing Looting Caskets Treasure Trails
Giants, Lesser Demons, Paladins, Trolls, Dust Devils, Steel Dragons, Waterfiends Dwarf Traders, Gnomes, Heroes, Knights, Paladins, Warriors Fishing Caskets (Big-Net Fishing) Clue Scrolls (Level 1-3)

Note: You cannot start receiving Court Summons through any of these methods until you have successfully completed the first free trial at the Courthouse.

Pickpocketing low-level monsters (such as Al-Kharid Warriors) is one of the fastest method available, although there are many alternatives for players who are not willing or are unable to use the Thieving skill. (While expensive, buying caskets from the Grand Exchange and opening them is an extremely fast method of obtaining Court Summons.) Keep in mind that players can only have one Court Summons at a time, so it is advised to complete each Court Case as the Summons for them are obtained.

At any rate, once a player receives a Court Summons, it must be handed over to the Seers' Village Courthouse Clerk. After doing so, the player is given the option to proceed with the trial by either acting as the Prosecutor or the Defence Attorney for the case.

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Court Cases

There are a total of 16 Court Cases available, and players can accept only one case every two weeks; after winning a trial, if you receive a court summons within that two weeks, the summons will state how many days you must wait until you can proceed with the trial. Of course, each case can be tried as often as is necessary in order to win (i.e. there is no penalty for "losing" a case), so there's no pressure to proceed through the trial perfectly the first time.

NOTE: The two week cooldown does not apply to the first batch of court cases (Mugger, River Troll, Drunken dwarf, Molly, Rick Turpentine), though you still must wait the two weeks to accept a case from the second batch.

The following are the 16 Court Cases in question, along with a brief description of each:

Mugger (Level-6) - Defendant Mugger (Level-6) vs. Roger Murray

Perhaps the most infamous Mugger in all of Gielinor (who had previously terrorised the streets of Varrock) has been arrested for attacking and robbing a law-abiding citizen, Mr. Roger Murray! Will this dangerous criminal finally be put behind bars, or could there perhaps be more to the situation...? With rumours of Mr. Murray's gambling debts and the possibility of the Mugger having been framed for the crime spreading like wildfire, nothing appears to be certain!
River Troll - Defendant River Troll vs. The People

A River Troll has allegedly been disturbing the peace and littering on the shores of Catherby, and the residents have had quite enough of it! Is the troll a monster bent on causing mayhem, or has he simply been misunderstood while defending his home? It's up to you to decide.
Drunken Dwarf - Defendant Drunken Dwarf vs. The People

The Drunken Dwarf has been arrested on charges of public intoxication and assault. In this legal battle, he faces his accuser - a rather peculiar character by the name of Botros. Will you support the amicable (albeit slightly tipsy) dwarf, or has he simply gone too far this time?
Moira (Evil Twin) - Defendant Evil Twin vs. Good Twin

The struggle between these twin sisters, Molly and Moira, has left more than a few adventurers frustrated in the past. The Evil Twin, Moira, has finally been caught, but she'll still have her day in court. This may appear to be a straightforward and closed case, but be careful; all may not be as it seems...
Rick Turpentine - Defendant Rick Turpentine vs. The People

Rick Turpentine is said to be the second-coming of Robin Hood himself. However, a wealthy man recently targeted by Mr. Turpentine, Richard Maney, wishes to see him locked up for continuing on with his "wealth redistribution" activities. In this court case, the question of whether the Highwayman's actions are justified for the sake of the public good or are just another form of vigilanteism will finally come under scrutiny.
Party Pete - Defendant Party Pete vs. Neighbours

Party Pete has been partying a bit too hard, and it's started to bug the neighbours - especially Ikis Krum. He complains the parties have been getting louder, and he's finally to the breaking point. Investigate this crime scene with the Crime scene orb and get to the bottom of who is truly responsible for the music, who is guilty, and who isn't.
Miss Schism - Defendant Miss Schism vs. Draynor Village

The inhabitants of Draynor Village have had enough. Miss Schism has long been suspected of spreading rumours throughout the Village and otherwise causing strife amongst her neighbours, so they've come together to file a lawsuit against her. Can it be proven that she is the one responsible for the recent discord in the lives of the Village people, and if so, can her actions even be considered criminal in the first place?
Sawmill Man - Defendant Sawmill Man vs. The People

The Varrock Lumber Yard has been brought to court for allegedly monopolising the Construction industry. Bill, the owner and Sawmill Operator, is accused of stifling competition to his business. The Plaintiff is a man named Will, a former employee of the Varrock Lumber Yard, and he asserts that Bill is preventing him from buying property on which to build a new Lumber Yard. Gather and review the evidence for the case, and render your decision appropriately.
Evil Dave - Defendant Evil Dave vs. The People

It's happened at last - Evil Dave has been charged with conspiracy to commit all manner of nefarious deeds, and his trial is pending. He eagerly admits to everything, so it would appear to be an open-and-shut case, but not everything is so certain. While he surely looks and speaks the part of an evil mastermind, those who know him attest to his complete harmlessness. The question remains: Is he truly a villan worthy of being locked away, or could he perhaps be a misunderstood and hapless attention-seeker?
Frog Prince - Defendant The Frog Prince vs. The People

An interesting case is set to stand trial; the Frog Prince, who claims to be a noble afflicted by a transformation curse, is suspected of impersonating royalty in order to receive kisses from women under false pretences. While he objects and states that it is only by means of kissing a woman that his curse is temporarily lifted, it certainly raises an interesting question. Is the Frog Prince truly a cursed member of royalty, or could he actually be a fraud and a victimiser of women...?
Sandwich Lady - Defendant The Sandwich Lady vs. The People

The Sandwich Lady is well-known for traveling the world and handing out various snacks to passersby. However, Simon Sez, a resident of Ardougne, claims that she assaulted him with a decidedly deadly weapon - a baguette. The Sandwich Lady, on the other hand, states that she was merely defending herself from one of Ardougne's many thieves. With both stories equally plausible, the trial could end up going either way, so a skilled lawyer is needed to finally settle the case.
Gravedigger - Defendant Gravedigger vs. The People

For the unlawful disturbance of a number of gravesites, Leo the Gravedigger has been arrested and now awaits trial at the Courthouse. While he insists that he's only been doing his job, the families of the deceased disagree and wish to see him punished for tampering with the graves. The situation looks grim for the Gravedigger, and you must decide whether to come to his aid or send him away to jail for good.
Mime - Defendant The Mime vs. The People

The Random Event Mime is in a spot of trouble. He has been arrested for allegedly loitering and mocking bystanders with acts of mimicry after a confrontation with an enraged man, and refuses to speak in his defence! His miming certainly won't be of much help to him during the trial, and he apparently remembers little of the incident, as well. Will this be the end of the loveable Mime, or can he be helped out of his precarious situation?
Professor Oddenstein - Defendant Ernest vs. Professor Oddenstein

As those who've completed the Ernest the Chicken quest know, Professor Oddenstein has performed some rather questionable experiments in the past. He has since been brought up on charges of illegal human experimentation, and Ernest, the once-willing subject of one of the Professor's prior experiments, would have him pay for what he's done. Has the Professor overstepped his bounds in the pursuit of knowledge, or are his actions justifiable so long as his subjects consent?
H.A.M. vs. Dorgeshuun

Ever since the Dorgeshuun (Cave Goblin) tribe first emerged from the cave system beneath Lumbridge and established contact with the outside world, the "Humans Against Monsters" (H.A.M.) organisation has sought their destruction. The conflict between these two groups has now spilled into the courtroom, and a great deal of legal savvy will be required in order to end their bitter dispute...
Barbarians - Defendant Barbarians vs. Wizards

Long ago, the Fremennik tribe invaded the Gielinor mainland in an attempt to eliminate Magic practioners and increase their land holdings. The war that followed resulted in countless Wizard casualties, which in turn set back Magic and Runecrafting knowledge hundreds of years. Now, the modern-day Wizards have banded together, and seek damages from the Fremennik tribe. Should the Fremennik make reparations, or is it wrong to hold them responsible for their ancestors' crimes?

Court History

To check which cases you've completed you'll have to talk to the clerk and ask for your court history, this will show you a list of all the cases you've done. If you've finished them all the Clerk will tell you 'YOU'VE DONE EM ALL'.

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Prosecuting/Defending at Trial

In order to successfully complete a trial and win over the jury, you must complete a few main steps, which are as follows:

Choosing to Prosecute or Defend

Prosecutor Defence Attorney The first choice is pretty basic, and the trial can be completed either way. Depending on your preferences, you may choose to act as either the Prosecutor or Defence Attorney in each case. Note that you'll receive Attack XP as a reward for closing a case as a Prosecutor, while you'll receive Defence XP for doing so as a Defence Attorney.

Reviewing Case Reports and Talking with the Defendant

Just before entering the courtroom, it is important to read the case reports (obtained by searching the filing cabinet in the courthouse) and match the fingerprints in one of these case reports, if required. This information will be important in further proving your point in court. In addition, you may want to speak with the Defendant, who is jailed in a nearby cell, although sometimes they will simply claim "I'm innocent!"

Investigating the Crime Scene

Sometimes, the case will require you to view the crime scene (via a "Crime scene orb") and investigate for clues in the case using a Magnifying glass and other tools. Here, it is important to look for evidence (such as fingerprints, for example) to further support your Prosecution or Defence.

Presenting Evidence

In the next step, you must enter the courtroom, and after a brief cutscene, use the evidence that has been prepared or that you have collected in order to help win over the Jury. Choose each piece of evidence, through talking to the Judge, and select the evidence to discuss it. It is worth noting that some pieces of evidence will HELP prove your point in court, while others may be HARMFUL to your case, so choose wisely. If you are still unsure of which evidence to report, remember what you read in the case reports earlier and reasonably apply it to which evidence should be presented.

Calling Witnesses

After presenting evidence, you will be given the opportunity to call Witnesses. Similarly to presenting evidence, not all Witnesses will help you prove a point, and there are various topics you can discuss with each witness. Use your own discretion about what to talk about. For example, when trying to defend the Mugger, you can ask the Accuser what happened to the money that the Mugger stole from him. Because the Mugger does not have the money, this helps prove to the Jury that he never stole money in the first place, therefore proving his innocence. Hence, logical reasoning is vital in deciding how to present your case and will help in influencing the Jury. The Witnesses in each case will usually be present in the Courthouse, but note that you may occasionally be required to travel across Gielinor in search of them.

Appealing to a Juror

The Jury
Ingame Descriptions of the Jurors
  • Ranger - prefers the bow and arrow to all other combat
  • Wizard - researches the mysteries of life and performs magic
  • Miner - works hard all day mining rock, and likes to party in the evenings
  • Cook - spends his day making bread and stopping people stealing his cakes
  • Shady Gentleman - a shady-looking gentleman who's likely involved in the criminal underworld
  • Young Man - concerned with starting his own business and making money, and also enjoys a rowdy party
  • Barbarian - sensitive to any disrespect of his culture
  • Elderly Gentleman - worried about his safety and a rise in crime
  • Young Woman - concerned with the safety of her children
  • Shady Individual - a shady character who covers up his face to hide his identity
  • Desert Dweller - lives in the desert, and doesn’t have much love for mainlanders
  • Elderly Citizen - an elderly man who doesn’t like parties or noise

Lastly, it is important to appeal to a Juror that might be particularly helpful in a case. When the time comes for you to give your closing argument, you will be able to address a Juror who seems to relate most closely to the cause you are working to support (whether you are prosecuting or defending the Defendant). For example, when defending the Mugger, you will want to pick the person who seems most likely to understand him, so look carefully at facial appearances, names, and attire to help determine this. In this case, the best person to address and appeal to is the Shady Individual, as he would probably be able to relate with the Mugger (being a shady character himself).

Complete all of these steps successfully, and you've won your case! After the Jury reads the verdict, exit the courtroom through the gate, and proceed to the Courthouse Clerk to claim your reward.

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Court Cases Rewards
Court Cases Rewards on Completion
Mugger (Level-6) vs. Roger Murray 2,000 XP (Attack OR Defence)
River Troll vs. The People 3,500 XP (Attack OR Defence) and 20 Sharks (noted)
Drunken Dwarf vs. The People 5,000 XP (Attack OR Defence), 20 Gold Ore (noted), and a Kebab
Evil Twin vs. Good Twin 6,500 XP (Attack OR Defence) and 5 Uncut Sapphires (noted)
Rick Turpentine vs. The People 8,000 XP (Attack OR Defence) and 3 Uncut Rubies (noted)
Party Pete vs. Neighbours 9,000 XP (Attack OR Defence) and a Rainbow Afro
Miss Schism vs. Draynor Village 9,000 XP (Attack OR Defence) and a Humble Pie
Sawmill Man vs. The People 9,000 XP (Attack OR Defence) and 30 Teak Planks
Evil Dave vs. The People 9,000 XP (Attack OR Defence) and 5 Spicy Stews
The Frog Prince vs. The People 9,000 XP (Attack OR Defence) and a Mystery Box
The Sandwich Lady vs. The People 9,000 XP (Attack OR Defence) and a Mystery Box
Gravedigger vs. The People 9,000 XP (Attack OR Defence) and a Mystery Box
The Mime vs. The People 9,000 XP (Attack OR Defence), the "Faint" emote, and a Mystery Box
Ernest vs. Professor Oddenstein 10,000 XP (Attack OR Defence), 100 Feathers, 15 Red/Yellow/Blue Feathers, and 20 Raw Bird Meat
H.A.M. vs. Dorgeshuun 15,000 XP (Attack OR Defence), 100 Cave Goblin Wire, and 5 Uncut Rubies
Barbarians vs. Wizards 20,000 XP (Attack OR Defence), 50 Law Runes, and 10 Dagannoth Hides
Barrister Wig After completing five Court Cases, you will be given the Barrister wig (a costume item) for your basic legal savvy and accomplishments in the courtroom.
Barrister Top After completing ten Court Cases, you will be given the Barrister top (a costume item) for your growing legal savvy and accomplishments in the courtroom.
Gavel Finally, after completing all sixteen Court Cases, you will be given the Gavel (which can perform the "Order!" emote when equipped) for the utmost legal savvy and accomplishments in the courtroom.
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