Crafting Guild

The Crafting Guild is located in central Asgarnia, just south-west of Falador. To enter, you'll need level 40 crafting. Upon entering the Guild, you'll be greeted by the Master Crafter.

The skills necklace teleport is an easy way for members to arrive just outside the guild door. Simply rub it and choose this guild as the destination. Read the skills necklace items database entry to learn more about making and recharging it.

Crafting Guild Map
Key Clay Key Silver Key Gold

Ground level

The ground floor is full of top-notch workshops, as well as a conservatory with rocking chairs where you can sit back, relax and watch the cows in the pen outside. There's a sink, 4 pottery wheels and a pottery oven, so you can make as many clay items as you want (see the pottery section of Tip.It's Crafting Skill guide for details). Outside, in the exclusive crafters' mine, you'll find 6 clay, 6 silver and 7 gold rocks. Spawns shown on the map in purple: Amulet & bracelet mould, hammer, chisel, jug.

Crafting Guild Gold


Up the stairs you'll find the Tanner, who is quite willing to tan your hides and turn them into leather. The cows in the fenced area outside are handy sources for hide. He tans normal piece of leather for free, and charges 3gp to make each hard piece of leather. He also tans members-only snakeskins (for 15 or 20gp) and dragonhides (for 20gp). You can make the leather into various items yourself (see the leather work and dragonhide work (members only) sections of Tip.It's Crafting Skill guide for details). A spinning wheel is located in the corner. You can grab the shears spawn and head just north of the Crafting guild to shear a small flock of sheep, then return and spin the wool here (see the spinning section of Tip.It's Crafting Skill guide for details). Spawns shown in purple: Necklace Mould, Holy Mould, Shears, Tiara Mould, Ring Mould.

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