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Brother Celerity of the Edgeville Monastery has had visions of destruction and bloodshed as demons make their way through infernal portals into the realm of Gielinor. He needs your help to stop these demons, taking advantage of their wearying journey to strike them before they recover and rampage through the land.

You can speak to Brother Celerity in the Monastery to get more information about Demon Flash Mobs, though this is not a requirement to get started with these events.

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Portal Locations

The demons will need to establish a foothold in Gielinor, and travel from their infernal dimension through evil portals. These portals can be located in the Wilderness, which can make these mobs even more dangerous to take on.

15 minutes before a mob arrives, a portal will materialise. If your combat level is above 120, you will receive a notification of its location in a server-wide announcement. Note that to receive this broadcast, you must have your game chat filter set to On and have toggled the Demon Flash Mobs option at the Doomsayer to be active.

Demob Energy

Possible locations where the portal appears are shown in the table below. Note that some of these locations are in the Wilderness, and while the risk of facing a demon mob there is greater, the rewards given upon their defeat are more generous.

Portal Locations
Location hint Location map Nearest Teleport
Edgeville Monastery Demob Monastery Edgeville Lodestone
Feldip Hills Demob Feldip Fairy Ring with code AKS
Lumbridge Swamp Demob Lumbridge Wicked hood teleport to the Water Altar
North of Menaphos Demob Menaphos Bandit Camp Lodestone
North of the Poison Waste Demob Isafdar Teleport crystal to Lletya
South of the Haunted Woods Demob Darkmeyer Ectophial teleport
South of Seers' Village Demob Seers Seers' Village Lodestone
West of Uzer Demob Westuzer Dominion Tower teleport
Wilderness Portal Locations
Location hint Location map Nearest Teleport
East of the Chaos Temple Demob Chaostemple Carrallangar Teleport
East of the Graveyard of Shadows Demob Graveyard Carrallangar Teleport
South of the Forgotten Cemetery Demob Forgottencemetery Dareeyak Teleport
South of the Green Dragons Demob Greendragons Dareeyak Teleport
Ruins in the Wilderness Demob Ruins Carrallangar Teleport
West of Daemonheim Demob Daemonheim Carrallangar Teleport

Once you know where the portal is located, you can gather friends and head down to the portal so that you'll be ready for the demons when they arrive. Once the portal opens, the demons will arrive and another server-wide announcement will be made.

Demob Spawn
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Defeating a Mob

Demob Portal

A demon boss and his minions will arrive 15 minutes after a portal gathers, giving you ample time to prepare for the incursion. Upon arrival, the boss and his stronger minions will be in an unattackable state, as the boss uses dark powers to drain the energy of his minions, strengthening himself. To force him into an attackable state, you must start killing his minions in the following order:

  1. 6 Imp heralds (level 140)
  2. 4 Lesser demons (level 156)
  3. 2 Black demons (level 166)

All demon minions are weak to bolts, so bringing a good crossbow and bolts would be an effective method of taking them down.

As you kill each set of minions, the set after it become attackable and the demon boss starts to drain the energy of the set after that one. For instance, on arrival, the lesser demons and black demons will be unattackable and the demon boss will drain the energy of the lesser demons; killing all the imp heralds will then make the lesser demons attackable and the boss will drain the energy of the black demons instead.

The longer the demon boss has to drain the energy of his minions, the more lifepoints he will gain, so it would be best to dispatch his minions as quickly as possible.

Demob Boss

Once all his minions are slain, the demon boss will be ready to attack. At level 200, it can deal hefty melee and magic damage to those unprepared. Each demon boss also comes with specific traits linked to its name (as the power of a demon is in its name), which will make it worthwhile to familiarise yourself with these different powers a demon boss may possess.

Each demon boss also carries a standard set of abilities, which will make more difficult to take down:

  • Demon bosses use a mix of melee and magic attacks, which vary in strength and effect based on their names.
  • Using any prayers will make a demon boss more likely to attack you, and its attacks will become more accurate and damaging.
  • 25% of damage dealt by a demon boss will be used to recover its lifepoints.
  • When a demon boss kills a player, it restores some of its lifepoints.
  • Inflicting more damage on a demon boss will increase its maximum hit.
  • The attacks of a demon boss will disable your Resonance effect.

In order to reap any rewards from killing the demon boss, you must deal at least 500 damage to it, and remain in combat with it until its death. Once you've hit it for enough damage, a notification will be displayed, and you will simply need to avoid dying against it in combat.

Demob Damage
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Additional Information

This section lists the traits that a demon carries based on its name. Prefixes and suffixes affect what abilities the demon will bring into combat, which makes knowing these worthwhile.

Prefixes influence the general stats of a demon boss, with certain builds gaining increased damage whilst others benefit from increased defence.

Prefix Effect
Castellan Increased Melee and Ranged defence
Deacon Increased Magic damage and accuracy
Executioner Increased maximum hit
General Increased accuracy

Suffixes influence the additional effects of a demon boss's attack, modifying them to spread between multiple targets or inflict harsh penalties. Note that only certain demon bosses have access to certain suffixes.

Suffix Effect Demon Type
the Glorious Single target stun effect Castellan, Executioner, General only
the Blazing Single target fire magic damage over time All demon bosses
the Rending Single target melee damage over time Castellan, Executioner, General only
the Pestilent Single target poison effect Castellan, General only
the Shattering Multiple target melee and magic attacks Castellan, Executioner only
the Infernal Multiple target fire magic damage Deacon only
the Frostborn Multiple target freezing effect Deacon only
the Corrupting Multiple target poison effect Deacon only
the Obscured Knockback effect All demon bosses
the Terrifying Halved adrenaline gain effect Deacon, Executioner, General only
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If you manage to last in combat against a demon boss and bring it down, you will be rewarded with a decent drop, ranging from noted raw materials to rune armour. Particularly lucky demon hunters may receive an additional drop on top of its standard drop - these will be pieces of the holy demon slayer gear.

It is also worth noting that demon bosses killed in the Wilderness have improved drop rates for demon slayer gear, as well as better standard drops.

Demon Slayer Gear
Pic Item Requirements Class Armour Life Bonus Accuracy
Demon Slayer Circlet Demon slayer circlet 60 Ranged and 60 Defence Ranged 120 720 -
Demon Slayer Torso Demon slayer torso 138 1440 -
Demon Slayer Skirt Demon slayer skirt 132 1080 -
Demon Slayer Gloves Demon slayer gloves 30 180 -
Demon Slayer Boots Demon slayer boots 30 180 -
Demon Slayer Crossbow Demon slayer crossbow 60 Ranged - - 991
Off-hand Demon Slayer Crossbow Off-hand demon slayer crossbow - - 991

Each piece of demon slayer armour worn increases your damage dealt against demons by 4% and gives you an additional 1.4% bonus XP for every demon killed. Additionally, using demon slayer crossbows (main hand or off-hand) with a set of demon slayer armour will increase your damage dealt even more.

Malleus Daemoniorum

Finally, if you speak to Brother Celerity after killing at least one demon boss, he will grant you the Malleus daemoniorum, a tome you can carry in your left hand. It details the strategies and strengths of the demon bosses you may face.

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