Digsite Mine

By Celebi

This dungeon is mainly used during the Digsite quest. To get full access to this dungeon you have to use chemical compound on the bricks blocking the way (the red line on the map) and then use a tinderbox on the bricks (only required to do this once which is during the quest).

This mine is located at the bottom of the winch in the north west corner of the dig site. You can also find some Skeletons in this mine. The south end of the dungeon is significant area during the Digsite quest: pick up the stone tablet and go back to the archaeologist expert.

Note: Upon completing the Temple at Senntisten quest, this dungeon changes radically and loses its mining rocks. For the updated map, please refer to the Temple of Zaros page.

Rocks: 5 Silver

Nearest Bank: Varrock East

Nearest Furnace: Al-Kharid
Nearest Anvil: Varrock

digsiteminefg2 Skeleton (Level 22)
Key Silver

Dungeon Monsters
Skeleton: Level 22

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