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The Dominion Tower is a combat-based minigame where you can take part in a variety of challenges that involve testing your skills against boss monsters from previous quests you have completed. There are four different challenges you can participate in: Endurance, Climber, Special and Freestyle. In all but the Freestyle challenge you receive Dominion Factor from winning fights; the higher your dominion factor the better the rewards.

Note: You must have 160 combat before you can fight in the tower. You must also have completed at least 20 of the following quests:

Quest Requirements

Getting there
Dominion tower location

The Dominion tower is located in the Kharidian Desert, across the river to the east of the Shanty Pass. Initially the quickest way to get to the tower is to run south of Al Kharid, through the Shanty Pass and then head east across the river. If you have fairy ring access, you can also use the Fairy Ring DLQ and run west to the river, and then follow it north. Once you arrive at the tower you can ask the large face for a dominion medallion which provides three daily teleports to the tower. The super dominion medallion also provides three daily teleports. Another option is to use a Pollnivneach tablet to teleport to the Pollnivneach house portal and run north along the river until you come to the bridge across it.

Getting started
When you arrive at the tower for the first time you should speak to the large face in the centre of the tower, who will give you an introduction to the tower and offer you a tutorial. When you have completed or skipped the tutorial and you feel you are ready to begin one of the challenges there is a bank against the western wall of the tower where you can equip yourself. Opposite the bank is a smaller chest which will contain your rewards after you have either successfully killed your opponent or been killed by them (Note: You will receive no Dominion factor and therefore no rewards if you die on the first battle of Endurance or Climber modes or if you die doing a Special challenge). The amount of Dominion factor you receive depends of the type of challenge you are doing and your progress in it. Once you are ready to start, head to the staircase in the north of the tower and select your challenge.

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Climber Mode

Climber mode throws you into the arena with a boss selected from a randomized list, and rewards you with increasing Dominion Factor as you win fights and make your way higher up the tower. The boss is selected before you rise to the next floor, so you know what fight you're heading into, and you're even allowed to access your bank between fights to prepare yourself for what lies ahead. Sounds easy, right? Well, like all things that seem to good to be true, there's a catch. Before you enter the arena to face your foe, a wheel will spin. On this wheel reside what are referred to as handicaps, and for every floor you move up, you accumulate another handicap.

Wheel Interface Dom Tower

Just because your wheel lands on a handicap, however, doesn't mean you're stuck with it. You are given re-selection points, three to begin with, and then accumulating another point for each floor victory, up to a maximum of four points. These points can either be used to re-spin the wheel entirely, or give it a little nudge to the next handicap in line. If you already have the next handicap in line, it will simply skip to the next available handicap. If you wish to take away some of the guess work as to what the handicap is you'll be bumping to, here's a list, in order, of what the handicaps are, and their effects. Nudging will cause you to proceed down this list. Once you reach the bottom, the handicaps cycle back to the top.

Name Effect
Reduced Melee Attack Reduces the effectiveness of your melee attacks while in your tower battle.
No Shield Forbids you from using anything in the shield slot during your tower battle. At the start of the round, your shield will be sent to your bank.
No Food Causes you to no longer be able to consume food while in your tower battle.
Reduced Melee Defence Reduces your resistance to melee damage while in your tower battle.
Random Freeze Causes your character to randomly freeze in place, unable to move for a short period of time. You can, however, still attack if the enemy is close enough.
Halved Life Points Inflicts half of your life points in damage at the beginning of the battle.
No Body Armour Forbids you from wearing body armour during your tower battle. At the start of the round, your body armour will be sent to you bank.
Reduced Ranged Attack Reduces the effectiveness of your ranged attacks while in your tower battle.
No Familiar Forbids the use of familiars while in your tower battle.
Monster Stun Stuns your opponent at the beginning of the fight, allowing you to fight without retaliation for a period of time.
No Prayer Restricts the use of prayers while in your tower battle.
Slippery Fingers Causes your weapon to occasionally be unequipped and placed in your inventory during your tower battle. If you have a full inventory, your weapon will remain equipped, countering this handicap.
Reduced Magic Attack Reduces the effectiveness of your magic attacks while in your tower battle.
Disease Inflicts you with disease at the beginning of your fight, randomly lowering your skills
No Special Attack Forbids the use of special attacks while in your tower battle.
Reduced Magic Defence Reduces your resistance to magic attacks while in your tower battle.
Random Daze Randomly inflicts you with a daze, stunning you momentarily
Poison Inflicts you with poison at the beginning of your fight, dealing poison damage decreasing from 98. You can cure this poison with anti-poison potions each fight.
Reduced Ranged Defence Reduces your resistance to ranged attacks while in your tower battle.
No Power-ups Forbids you from using power-up items, such as the help horn and dominion weaponry
No Potions Forbids you from drinking potions during your tower battle.
Life Saver Provides a one time life point and prayer point refill when you drop low enough in health, saving you from death.
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Endurance Mode

In Endurance Mode, you are again pitted against boss monsters from a randomized list, as in Climber Mode, though with two differences. You don't have to deal with handicaps, as you don't receive any, but you also are not allowed to access your bank. Also as in Climber Mode, you gain Dominion Factor as you rise through floors, but it is significantly less than what you receive by doing Climber Floors. A few other things worth noting about Endurance mode are that after completing floor 30 on Endurance Mode, the rate at which you receive Dominion Factor from completing subsequent floors no longer increases as you progress further. Also, you can only encounter a Class A boss after you've reached floor 6, and if you're mighty enough to reach floor 250, the mode automatically ends and you'll need to restart from the bottom.

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Special Mode

In Special Mode, you select from a list of predefined boss fights, each with special conditions, like fighting fifteen evil chickens without prayer. Below are a list of the fights, the conditions, and the amount of Dominion Factor you receive for completing each of these battles.

Special Challenges
Challenge Name Opponents Imposed Handicaps Dominion Factor Reward
Revenge of the Evil Chickens Fifteen Evil Chicken (simultaneously)
  • No Prayer
Finish Him! Arrav, Koschei the Deathless, General Khazard, Black knight guardian, The Kendal, Black Golem, Grey Golem, and White Golem (simultaneously)
  • No Prayer
  • Reduced Melee Defence
  • Reduced Magic Defence
  • Reduced Ranged Defence
  • Diseased
  • Poisoned
  • No Special Attacks
  • Random Daze
  • No Power-ups
Just Die Already! Six Dagannoth Sentinel (simultaneously)
  • None
No More Nomad...No More! Nomad -Dom- x2 (one after the other)
  • None
I Eat Dagannoths for Breakfast Dagannoth Mother, Dagannoth Mother -BRD-, and two Dagannoth Sentinel (simultaneously)
  • None
Indigestion Karamel, Gelatinnoth Mother, Agrith-Na-Na, Flambeed, Dessourt and Culinaromancer (simultaneously)
  • No Shield
  • No Power-ups
  • Reduced Melee Defence
  • Reduced Magic Defence
  • Reduced Ranged Defence
  • No Familiar
  • No Body Armour
  • No Special Attacks
You'll Never Defeat Me The Inadequacy, The Everlasting, The Illusive, The Untouchable, and A Doubt (simultaneously)
Note: the objective for this challenge is to survive for five minutes. You do not have to defeat any of your opponents.
  • Reduced Melee Attack
  • Reduced Ranged Attack
  • Reduced Magic Attack
  • Reduced Melee Defence
  • Reduced Ranged Defence
  • Reduced Magic Defence
  • No Shield
  • No Body Armour
  • No Potions
  • Random Daze
  • Halved HP
  • No Prayers
  • No Food
  • No Familiar
Hey! Eat Power-Up Treus Dayth, Elvarg, Culinaromancer, Tumeken's shadow, The Kendal, Draugen, Tarn Razorlor -Dom-, Sigmund, Melzar the Mad, Count Draynor, Delrith, Solus Dellagar (simultaneously) You are not allowed to wear any equipment in this challenge, with the exception of weapons placed in the arena 695
The Fire! It Burns! Sunfreet (Level 530)
  • No Prayers
  • No Familiar
  • No Special Attacks
  • No Power-ups
The Fire! It Burns! (easy version) Sunfreet -2- (Level 80)
  • No Prayers
  • No Familiar
  • No Special Attacks
  • No Power-ups
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Special Mode Strategies

Revenge of the Evil Chickens

The key to this challenge is to minimise the number of Chickens attacking you at any one time or else it is unlikely one will last long. The easiest way to do this challenge is to wear high magic defence armour such as Pernix, Armadyl or Karil's and running to the edge of the arena once the fight has started. If done correctly this method should see you only come under attack from a maximum of three chickens at once.

An alternative to this is to use Ancient Blood spells to do damage and keep yourself healed, however this method is more dangerous than the previously mentioned as you can take a lot of damage in a short space of time. Healing familiars are a good option for this fight.

Dom Evil Chicken

Finish Him!

A combination of prayer bonus and melee offence work well here as all the opponents use melee attacks, so you should pray against melee. The Black Knight Guardian should be dealt with first because he has the ability to drain prayer points and heal himself off them. After that the order does not matter except that Koschei the Deathless should be killed last due to his final form also being able to drain prayer. It is possible to lure them so you are only in combat with one at a time by running to the edge of the arena.

Finish Him

Just Die Already!

This challenge is not actually that difficult; the six Sentinels are paired up so they only heal the Sentinel next to them. The easiest way to deal with them is to wear high melee/ranged defence and pray against melee. Then stand under one of the Sentinels and attack the one next to it as pictured below. Doing this prevents them from healing each other, thus allowing you to take down one at a time without having to run between the two.

Dom Sentinels

No More Nomad...No More!

This challenge is the most difficult of the challenges, and although updates since the release of Nomad have made him easier to deal with, the fact that you fight one after the other is what makes this fight a challenge. Although you can use prayer against Nomad, he hits through protection prayers so they do not serve much purpose. Ordinarily Nomad's maximum hit is 350, however he has the ability to hit up to 989 (your maximum health, minus one) with an unavoidable special attack. Void or Ganodermic armour is advised for this fight.

For more detailed information on dealing with Nomad, visit his Bestiary Profile. Good luck!

I Eat Dagganoths for Breakfast

The Dagannoth sentinels cannot attack you if you're stood next to the entrance gate here, so pick up the Balmung at the start of the fight and run that way. The two Mothers will follow you over where they can be dealt with. It does not matter which version of the Mother is killed first, although the second one is more dangerous. Protect from magic with high melee and ranged defence is advised to make the fight easier.


The Sentinels are considerably easier to deal with, in order to stop them from healing each other you can stand underneath one and attack the other.


Note: Ice gloves are advised for this challenge

Good magic defence and Extreme potions or Overloads are recommended for this challenge. At the start of the fight, pray against magic and take out the Culinaromancer, then switch to protect from melee prayer and take out Karamel. Once these two are taken care of the order the remaining bosses are killed is not so important. If you are in melee range of Flambeed he will disarm your weapon unless you are wearing Ice gloves.

You'll Never Defeat Me

The aim of this challenge is not to kill all the opponents, instead it is about surviving for five minutes. The easiest way to accomplish this is to run immediately to the edge of the arena when the fight starts and all the monsters (except The Illusive) will get stuck behind The Inadequacy. If The Illusive starts attacking you, fight back until it digs. You may also need to kill the Doubts summoned by The Inadequacy. Then just wait patiently for the five minutes to be up.

Dom Tower Survive

Hey! Eat Power-Up

Note: Super antifire potions are advised for this challenge

If you do not have access to Super antifire potions, this challenge will be almost impossible due to the presence of Elvarg and the ban on shields. There is not much of a strategy for this challenge but the easiest way to do it is to pray against melee and just pick up the bombs from the floor and detonate them near to the opponents. Special weapons are provided in the arena, but are not necessary for the completion of the challenge. Elvarg can be used to block some of the more dangerous opponents from getting near you.

Dom Power Up

The Fire! It Burns!

Sunfreet is one of the most difficult fights in the Tower due to him hitting high and prayer being banned for the fight. The easiest way to do it is to maximise your magic defence, ideally using Ganodermic armour and using Goliath gloves as your weapon as not only are they a crush weapon which Sunfreet is weak to, but their special has a chance to lower its combat stats. Overloads and Saradomin brews are strongly advised as you will still be taking a high amount of damage from Sunfreet.

At the start of the fight Sunfreet will fly into the sky and fire four waves of fireballs into the arena which will hit you for typeless damage that cannot be blocked, only dodged. In order to dodge the fireballs you will need to stand in the following locations:

  • Wave 1: Stand where you stand at the start of the fight.
  • Wave 2: Stand at the far edge of the arena.
  • Wave 3: Remain at the far edge of the arena.
  • Wave 4: Run to the centre of the arena.
Fireball Attack Safespots
Wave 1
Sunfreet Wave1
Waves 2 and 3
Sunfreet Wave23
Wave 4
Sunfreet Wave4

Once Sunfreet has landed it is advised you use the "kiting" method to fight him to avoid the need to worry about its melee attacks. It has two melee special attacks which both start with Sunfreet crouching, one of them stuns you and the other will hit for over 700 damage. During the fight, Sunfreet will occasionally fly into the sky again and use its fireball attack, however it always follows the same pattern.

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Freestyle Mode

Freestyle Mode allows you to select any boss that you've already battled and beaten in Climber or Endurance Mode and fight them under your own terms. You can select any of the handicaps from Climber Mode, giving your enemy a sporting chance, or you can face them without, simply for the thrill of killing your favorite boss again. These fights, however, do not reward you with Dominion Factor, and they do not count toward your total amount of boss kills.

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Spectator Mode

Spectator Mode is a non-combat mode in the Dominion Tower, giving you a chance to take a break from battle and instead watch other players fight against their own bosses. Once you select Spectator Mode, you will be shown a list of battles currently in progress. Selecting one of these from the list will take you to that floor in the Tower, to view the battle from a safe location. You can also spectate on a friend's match by using your Dominion medallion on them and then entering Spectator Mode.

Battle Listings in Spectator Mode

Laid out along the Spectator area are several Spectator eyes. Touching one of these eyes will allow you to view the Arena from several different angles. You can adjust your view of the Arena by using the Spectator controls. Alternatively, you can move along the Spectator area to try to get a better view of the fight.

Viewing Battles in Spectator Mode

When you are done viewing a battle, you may return to the lobby by going down the spiral stairs.

As Spectator Mode is a non-combat mode in the Dominion Tower, you will not receive any Dominion Factor from viewing the battles of other players.

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Boss List

In the Dominion tower you will face a large variety of boss monsters from quests you have completed, ranging from Delrith all the way up to Nomad. There are even some battles where several boss monsters from a quest have teamed up against you. The bosses have divided into 8 different classes with Class A holding the most difficult of opponents and Class H being the easiest.

Note: In fights where a special weapon is required such as Korasi's sword for the Pest Queen, it is provided on the floor of the arena. Similarly if the fight requires you to be on the Standard Spellbook you will be switched to it for the duration of the fight and then returned to the spellbook you were on.

Click on the letter of the boss class you want to view:
Class A
Pic Profile Quest Requirement Notes
Dom Tower Nomad Name: Nomad
Level: 200
Lifepoints: 90000
Nomad's Requiem See Nomad's bestiary profile and the quest guide for details about his attacks and suggested strategies.
Dom Tower Pest Queen Name: Pest Queen
Level: 140
Lifepoints: 100000
The Void Stares Back Korasi's sword (provided) is required for this fight as using a stun ability while wielding it interrupts the Queen's devastating special attack.
Dom Tower Decaying Avatar Name: Decaying Avatar
Level: 140
Lifepoints: 42000
Nomad's Requiem Roots spawn when the Avatar is it 3/4, 1/2 and 1/4 health, if you do not destroy these quickly then the Avatar will eat them and restore his health to full. The Decaying Avatar only attacks with melee.
Dom Tower Monkeys Name: Eruni, Ayuni and Leeuni
Level: 180, 170 and 165
Lifepoints: 16000, 15000 and 14000
Do No Evil Unlike during the quest you must fight all three monkeys at the same time. Eruni attacks with a simultaneous magic and ranged attack, and also summons Lesser demons which must be killed before you can damage Eruni. Ayuni attacks with melee and range and drains your prayer. Leeuni attacks with a magic attack and a ranged attack.
Dom Tower Dagannoth Mother2 Name: Dagannoth Mother
Level: 146
Lifepoints: 17500
Blood Runs Deep Balmung (provided) is required for this fight as you must first hit the Dagannoth Mother with Balmung before you can do any damage to her. Her colour indicates what to attack her with. Her weakness will alternate between Water and Earth spells if you don't attack her with either.
Dom Tower Zenevivia Name: Zenevivia
Level: 136
Lifepoints: 30000
Love Story Magic protection prayers are strongly advised.

Pic Profile Quest Requirement Notes
Sunfreet530 Name: Sunfreet
Level: 160
Lifepoints: 50000
None The Sunfreet can only be fought in the special challenge "The Fire! It Burns!".
Sunfreet80 Name: Sunfreet -2-
Level: 70
Lifepoints: 10000
None The Sunfreet can only be fought in the special challenge "The Fire! It Burns! (easy version)".
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Upon successfully defeating your opponent you will receive some Dominion Factor, the amount received depends on the type of challenge you are taking part in, your progress in the challenge, and the boss you fought. Climber mode offers the greatest Dominion factor rewards, however should you lose your total factor will be reduced dramatically. Endurance mode offers considerable less Dominion factor than Climber mode but you will maintain your total factor even on death. Special mode offers a small amount of Dominion factor based on the special challenge you took on and Freestyle mode offers no factor and therefore no rewards.

After each victory or death you have the option of opening the Rewards Box, which will contain some of the following items:

Note: Doing this will reset your progress

*Only after unlocking them.

It is possible to trade in your power-up items for XP books, just right click 'exchange' on the rewards chest when you have the items you want to trade in in your inventory.

Almost all of the rewards you get from the Dominion Tower cannot be used outside the tower and most are unlocked by your progress in it. The rewards and how to unlock them are as follows:

Click on the letter of the reward page you want to view:
Rewards Page 1


As you progress through the tower you will unlock numerous power-ups to help you in your battles including the very powerful Dominion weaponry. It is worth noting that none of the power-ups can be used outside of the Tower.

Pic Item Name How to unlock Notes
Help Horn (5) Help Horn (5) Reach floor 15 in Climber mode. When used during a fight in the Dominion tower you will receive some Scorpion meat. After 5 uses it is destroyed.
Dominion Crossbow Dominion Crossbow Reach floor 25 in Endurance mode. A very powerful crossbow that only lasts for 100 attacks so bear that in mind when using it. You must have one bolt equipped whilst using the Dominion Crossbow, as it draws its ranged bonuses from that ammunition, but the ammo is never actually consumed by the crossbow.
Dominion Sword Dominion Sword Suffer every different handicap in Climber mode, although you do not have to suffer them all at once. A very powerful but slow sword that only lasts for 100 attacks so bear that in mind when using it.
Dominion Staff Dominion Staff Use the Help horn and all bomb power-ups at least once. A very powerful staff that provides unlimited elemental runes when used in the Tower but bear it mind it only lasts for 100 attacks.
Diminutive Bomb Diminutive bomb Find at least 10 of the journal pages within the tower. Can be detonated when fighting in the tower to deal damage to one nearby opponent equal to 10% of its current lifepoints. You can only detonate 4 bombs per match.
Massive Bomb Massive bomb Find all 20 of the journal pages within the tower. Can be detonated when fighting in the tower to deal damage to three opponents at once, equal to 15% of their current lifepoints. You can only detonate 4 bombs per match.
Colossal Bomb Colossal bomb Find all 20 of the journal pages within the tower and reach a Dominion factor of 10,000. Can be detonated when fighting in the tower to deal damage to all your opponents in the arena, damaging them by 20% of their current lifepoints. You can only detonate 4 bombs per match.

Dominion Weapons
Dominion weapons are amongst the most powerful weapons in the game, however, they can only be used inside the Tower itself. If you leave the tower with one equipped it will automatically be unequipped upon leaving. Dominion weapons are very quick to degrade, lasting only 100 attacks before degrading completely.

Dominion weapons
Pic Name Requirements
Dominion Crossbow Dominion crossbow Requires 90 Ranged to wield.
Dominion Sword Dominion sword Requires 90 Attack to wield
Dominion Staff Dominion staff Requires 90 Attack and 90 Magic to wield.
Also provides unlimited elemental runes when used in the arena.

Dominion Gloves
Dominion gloves are currently the most powerful gloves in the game, however they only last for approximately 6 hours of combat before they fully degrade. Once the gloves degrade fully, you must kill another 5 bosses in the tower to gain a "credit," which is then used to either reclaim a pair of gloves or a bundle of Dreadnips. You can accumulate a maximum of 15 of these credits. In addition to their stats, these gloves also offer some extra bonuses:

  • Goliath gloves: When unarmed they deal much more damage than their strength bonus would suggest and they also have the chance to stun up to 5 opponents at once, reducing their stats.
  • Spellcaster gloves: When unarmed the gloves occasionally increase the amount of damage done by spells, and reduce the melee stats of your opponent by 10% of their current level.
  • Swift gloves: You have the chance of firing a double shot when you deal over two thirds of your maximum hit which can stun your opponent. This only works with certain ranged weapons.
Dominion gloves
Pic Name Level Armour Life bonus
Goliath gloves Goliath gloves 80 400 240
Spellcaster gloves Spellcaster gloves 80 400 240
Swift gloves Swift gloves 80 400 240

Other Rewards

These items can all be used outside of the Dominion tower to help when fighting monsters around Runescape, however there are restrictions on where they can be used which are listed (when possible) on the item's database entry.

Other Rewards
Pic Item Name How to unlock Notes
Dominion Marker 1 Dominion marker (stage 1) Kill 100 bosses* When planted in the ground it provides a +4 bonus to attack, strength, defence, magic and ranged at certain boss monsters.
Dominion Marker 2 Dominion marker (stage 2) Kill 200 bosses* When planted in the ground it provides a +6 bonus to attack, strength, defence, magic and ranged at certain boss monsters.
Dominion Marker 3 Dominion marker (stage 3) Kill 300 bosses* When planted in the ground it provides a +8 bonus to attack, strength, defence, magic and ranged at certain boss monsters.
Dominion Marker 4 Dominion marker (stage 4) Complete all other achievements When planted in the ground it provides a +10 bonus to attack, strength, defence, magic and ranged at certain boss monsters.
Dreadnip Dreadnip Kill 450 bosses* and spectate someone else's match Can be called upon to help you against certain monsters in Runescape, it will disappear once the monster has been killed. It can be used in conjunction with a familiar.
Dominion Mine Dominion Mine Kill 400 bosses* and complete all special matches 10 of these can be bought from the large face for 10,000 coins. They can be planted in the ground to damage a nearby enemy for 20% of their total lifepoints. These do not work on monsters with a combat level of 300 or higher or on certain boss monsters.
Ascendancy Mine Ascendancy Mine Kill 500 bosses* These can be used on quest boss monsters to deal high damage to them, the full list of monsters can be seen by clicking "analyse" on the mine. In order to get more Ascendancy mines you need to kill another 500 bosses.
*There are two ways to check the amount of boss kills you currently have. The first is to check your Dominion marker, which will tell you the amount of bosses you have killed, as well as other stats, while the second method is to use the Quick Chat option "I have ??? Boss kills."

Once you have completed all achievements in the Tower you are able to access the roof which is home to a host of boss monsters you will have already fought on their own in the tower. The difference this time is that you fight them all at once! Your stats will be boosted considerably to help you out, however the bosses respawn continuously until you die so this fight is for fun rather than anything else.

The Roof!
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Original Guide by: BloodAngel & Evaluate

Special thanks to: All_Bogs, Dragonkng198, Ezkaton, Jaffy1, Octarine, Quyneax, Saradomin_Mage, Xena Dragon

Thanks to: Drazhar44, LinkOlaran, Naive, Zeno

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