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Dorgesh-Kaan is a large goblin city available to players who have completed the Death to the Dorgeshuun quest. It offers thieving and glassmaking amenities as well as a high level agility dungeon and a new slayer area.

Getting to Dorgesh-Kaan

The most common way to reach Dorgesh-Kaan is by walking from Lumbridge Castle cellar through to the Dorgeshuun Mine. Turn south near Mistag and continue south past Nardok's weapon shop to a gate. Follow the hallway until you reach a large open area.

Lowest Level Middle Level Upper Level
Like one long shopping mall, there are lots of staircases, little side rooms and corridors. At the south end there is a separate crafting area, which has stairs leading to the slayer dungeon and agility course. The quest Chosen Commander, The can be started by talking to Captain Undak east opposite the bank. A long racetrack shape, with little houses all around. The Another Slice of H.A.M. quest is started at by talking to Ur-tag in his house at the north end of the middle level. There's nothing else to do there but thieve chests, though there are other named NPCs that may be involved in later quests. Only a handful of isolated rooms with no connections between. Can only be reached by stairways in some houses on the middle "racetrack" level. These upper level rooms are currently just used for thieving chests and lamp repair.
  Dorgesh-Kaan Map
  • The market is also where you can find Gourmets, Reldak, Turgok, Tindar, Gundik, Zenkog, Markog and Miltog
  • Cave goblin children, Nipper, Young'un and Tyke can be found with Mernik.
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Points of Interest

Location Information
Teleport Globes: In the north-west corner room of the lowest level is Oldak. He makes Oldak's Marvellous Moving-over-distance Spheres, which are teleport globes that bring you to a random spot in Dorgesh-Kaan. (He can make globes for the Goblin Village for players who've started the Another Slice of H.A.M. quest.) He charges 2 law runes and 1 molten glass for each globe. He also has a thievable chest.
Bank: The bank is located just south of Oldak in the north-west corner of the lowest level. It's very nice to have in a remote city.
Market: The southern half of the mall is the marketplace, indicated as a "shop" by the usual flour pot on the map. The market is a confusing place, as the vendors just wander around and even interact with each other. Most of them sell unusual (and rather gross) goblin foods which only heal 20 LP!! At the north end of the market is a lamp oil still, where players can use a swamp tar to make oil and fill a lamp. See the shops section below for more information.
Barlak 'the Bone Collector': At the south end of the market place is a nice long pond. If you exit the marketplace to the south-west and then turn sharply north up the small corridor, you will find Barlak at the end. He buys certain special bones and shells, paying both cash and experience points!

The first items he wants are the new long and curved bones rarely dropped by big-boned monsters in the game. A long bone can be traded for 1k cash and 1.5k construction xp; a curved bone can be traded for 2k cash and 2.25k construction xp. Level 30 construction is required to receive xp.

Giant snail shells and perfect snail shells from the Temple Trekking Minigames can also be traded here. He pays only 250 gp for a regular giant snail shell, but he pays 500 gp and 500 crafting xp for a perfect shell.

He also accepts tortoise shells for 600 gp (same as high alch value).
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Quests in Area

Another Slice of H.A.M
Speak to Ur-tag in his house on the second level. The dwarves are building an underground railway between Keldagrim and Dorgesh-Kaan, but the work has come to a halt due to the discovery of ancient artifacts. Help the goblins and dwarves uncover the mystery behind these artifacts, but watch out for H.A.M.!
Chosen Commander, The
Speak to Captain Undak east opposite the bank. Captain Undak believes H.A.M. is once again plotting against the underground city. Goblin prophecy will be fulfilled, the destiny of the Chosen Commander will be revealed, and Dorgesh-Kaan will face its darkest hour. Do you have what it takes? Find out in one of the most thrilling quests of the storyline.
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Skills to Train


Dorgesh-Kaan has a lot to offer the developing thief. Pickpocketing, a thievable machine, and *twenty-two* chests can occupy any thief from level 36 to 78.

Pickpocketing: TheivingCaveGoblin Level 36 thieves can pickpocket Cave goblins scattered throughout the city. Out in the north half of the main floor are Cave goblin NPCs, as well as level 24 and 26 Cave goblin guards who will attack thieves. The loot includes weird goblin food that heals 2hp, so it's easy to keep going.
Lockpicking: Lockpick In general, the rooms with green bedspreads have Thieving level 52 chests ("a stone chest"), and the rooms with pink bedspreads have Thieving level 78 chests ("a metal bound stone chest") with better rewards and xp. A lockpick is required to thieve the chests. Loot is listed in Tip.It's Thieving skill guide.
Wire Machine: Thieving Machine The wiremaking machine in the crafting area (described below) can be thieved at level 44. The loot is always a goblin wire, which can be used by level 87 crafters to make light orbs.


A crafting area is located south of the grand mall - it is reached by going up the stairs, heading south and immediately going down the stairs again. This area offers water and a range on one side, and a furnace and sand pit on the other side (south of Bartak). Unfortunately, the furnace is only usable for making jewellery and glass (no metal smelting allowed, not even gold or silver). Ironically, the no-metal furnace has an anvil located right next to it.

The good news, however, is that Dorgesh-kaan provides an alternative for seaweed/soda ash used in glassmaking. Swamp weed is dropped by the goblin slayer cave creatures, and can be toasted on the range to make soda ash. The nearby sand pit and furnace quickly complete the glassmaking cycle. A wiremaking machine across the hallway regularly extrudes cave goblin wire, which can be thieved (level 44, 22 xp) and used to craft light orbs. Light orbs can only be made by level 87 crafters, but completed orbs (with cave goblin wire installed) can be traded. At level 52 firemaking, players can use completed light orbs to repair random broken lamps around the city for 1k firemaking xp each. However, searching these out can be frustrating, so picklocking chests along the way is recommended.


Agility and Slayer

The last significant section of Dorgesh-Kaan is reached by taking the stairs south of the crafting area.

The highest level agility course in RuneScape is suspended high above the slayer area. A light source and level 80 agility are required, and a mithril grapple and crossbow are needed for most of the course. The grapple routes also require 70 strength and 70 ranged. Although agility experience can be earned just from the obstacles, it's best to agree to bring parts to Turgall for the goblin generator in order to obtain bonus xp. See Tip.It's agility skill guide for more information and a map.

To reach the Dorgegh-Kaan South Dungeon (slayer area), descend the cliffside ladder to the depths below. A light source is required, and antipoison is recommended. The giant cave bug (level 96) is found here, as well as the unique molanisk (level 51), which must be lured using a slayer bell.

Fairy Ring code AJQ takes you to the middle of the south dungeon, asking you first if you want to go without a light. The shortcut to the Kalphite Hive is from the south-west edge of the slayer level.

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The following shops can be found in the Dorgesh-Kaan Marketplace:

Dorgesh-Kaan General Supplies
Lurgon General Store. This store buys and sells most items.
Miltog's Lamps
Miltog Sells: Mining helmet -Unlit- (900gp), Tinderbox (1gp), Unlit torch (1gp)
Reldak's Leather Armour
Reldak Sells: Frog-leather body (1000gp), Frog-leather boots (200gp), Frog-leather chaps (900gp)
Durgok Sells: Frogburger (10gp)
Gundik Sells: Bat shish kebab (10gp)
Markog Sells: Frogspawn gumbo (10gp)
Tindar Sells: Crispy frogs' legs (10gp)
Turgok Sells: Cave slime soup (10gp)
Zenkog Sells: Wall beast fingers (10gp)

Additionally, "Gourmets" wander the marketplace. They are constantly in search of any "surface food" that players can make using the Cooking skill. They want players to cook food and sell it to them, but the money (usually less than 300 gp) is just not worth the time. Additionally, a player must receive permission from a specific (and varying) council member to sell food. Talk to the general store owner, Lurgon (recognisable by his top hat) to find out who you must see, then use the map key to find the assigned person and get permission.

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Monsters of Dorgesh-Kaan
Monster Name Level Aggressiveness Combat Ratio
Cave Goblin Guard 24 Mild 1.08
Cave Goblin Guard 26 Mild 1
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