Dorgeshuun Mines

By Albosky

Located underneath Lumbridge Castle, this is a good place to mine Silver as banking is very quick. Ores can be sold to Mistag, so this mine also provides a decent way to mine iron and empty your inventory quickly. To the south-east is the entrance to the vast city of Dorgesh-Kaan.

This mine is members only and you must have at least started The Lost Tribe quest. Bring the best lantern you can light and a tinderbox (mining helmet recommended to free inventory space for ores).

Rocks: 9 Iron, 12 Silver.

Nearest Bank: Lumbridge Castle or Dorgesh-Kaan
Nearest Furnace: Lumbridge or Dorgesh-Kaan
Nearest Anvil: Lumbridge or Dorgesh-Kaan

Dorgeshuun Mines
Key Iron Key Silver

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