Draynor Sewers

By Eeeeediot

Located in the small village of Draynor in South Misthalin, this is home to a few lowly rats, skeletons and zombies. It can be used to smith your bars but then there are better alternatives. Members will find an NPC called Raunton here who is part of the Desert Treasure Quest.

Draynor Sewers Zombies (Levels 18 & 29) Zombies (Levels 18 & 29) Skeletons (Levels 15 & 32) Skeletons (Levels 15 & 32) Ruanton (From Desert Treasure quest)

Dungeon Monsters
Zombies: Level 18 / Level 29
Skeletons: Level 15 / Level 32

Thanks to: Darkblade986, Ginger Warrior, Jaffy1

RuneScape 2007
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