Duel Arena

This minigame can be played at Low Risk, however, should you choose to stake, you potentially risk losing items. See the minigames page for a definition of high and low risk.



The Duel Arena is a combat based minigame in which you may fight opponents for fun, glory and riches. This minigame is available in both free player and member worlds.

Members may also find that several treasure trails lead to this location. For more information on treasure trails, please visit the Treasure Trail Guide Menu.

On the balcony of the Arena, Captain Daerkin, a retired gnome glider pilot, can be found viewing the fights. You may be required to fill an order for him during the Gnome Restaurant minigame.

Getting there

There are several methods of reaching the Duel Arena, a structure located north-east of Al Kharid and south of the Fire Altar.

Free Players can get there by:

  • Teleporting to Lumbridge (level 31 Magic required), crossing the Al Kharid border guards, and travelling north along the dirt path. The home teleport spell can also get you to Al Kharid, provided you have visited the lodestone in the Palace (Recommended).
  • Teleporting to Varrock (level 25 Magic required) and walking south-east towards the Duel Arena.
  • Using a Fire altar teleport tablet and then walking east.

Members have several more options to get there.

  • Operating a Ring of Duelling and selecting Duel Arena teleport option. (Recommended)
  • Using the Gnome Glider system and walking east from the Al Kharid glider.
  • Operating an Amulet of Glory, selecting the Al Kharid teleport option, and then walking north-east.
  • Breaking a Lumbridge teleport tablet, crossing the Al Kharid border guards, and travelling north along the dirt path.
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The map indicates several prominent features of the Arena.

Duel Arena
  • The blue dot represents Estocada, who will give you a Duellist's cap for free.
  • The banks at Duel Arena include two bank chests both in the north and south, and Fadli; a passing trader at the Northern bank. Fadli will offer to sell you rotten tomatoes to throw at duellists in addition to providing access to your Grand Exchange offers.
  • There is a Summoning obelisk outside the entrance, which can be used to recharge your Summoning points.
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Challenging Others

Duelling is an honourable sport and inside the arena, you can control the environment in which you fight in, as well as enforce the rules and regulations of your fight. In any fight situation, no experience is earned from defeating an opponent.

To initiate a duel, right click on a player in the lobby of the arena and select 'Challenge', and then choose either a friendly or staked duel.

Duel Arena Guide Challenging Others

You can toggle whether or not you can view challenges made by others to you by flicking the 'Trade' option from 'All' to 'Friends' or 'Off'.

During the duel your opponent will be marked by a yellow arrow on the mini-map and the in game screen. Inside an arena you are only able to attack your opponent and will always have a left-click attack option on them. The same is true for your opponent.

Attack Option Duel Arena Guide

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In the challenge interface, you and your opponent have the choice to select the following options to affect your duel.

  • No Ranged - Prohibits Ranged attacks.
  • No Melee - Prohibits Melee attacks.
  • No Magic - Prohibits Magic attacks.
  • Fun Weapons - Only allows 'fun' weapons to be used in the duel.
  • No Forfeit - Prevents forfeiting when selected.
  • No Drinks - Prohibits the use of potions when selected.
  • No Food - Prohibits the use of food when selected.
  • No Prayer - Prohibits the use of Prayer when selected.
  • No Movement - Prevents movement when selected.
  • Obstacles - When selected, it causes you to fight in an arena with obstacles present.
  • Enable Summoning - When selected, this will enable the participants to summon combat familiars.
  • No Special Attacks - Prohibits the use of a weapon's special attack when selected.

You have the option to create a "favourite" setup, which upon choosing your ideal options and pressing save in the duel options menu can be called upon later by pressing the "Use favourite" button. You may also use the same options in your last match by clicking "Use previous".

Furthermore, it is possible to select which pieces equipment are allowed in your current duel. An equipment slot with a red line though the middle indicates an item which will be unequipped upon duelling.


  • You cannot choose 'Obstacles' and 'No Movement'.
  • You cannot choose 'No Movement' and 'No Forfeit' along with 'No Melee'.
  • You cannot choose 'No Forfeit' and 'Fun Weapons'.
  • You cannot choose 'Fun Weapons' and 'No Melee' since all fun weapons are melee.
  • Disallowing the shield slot will not allow you to wield two-handed weapons (such as bows).
  • Disallowing the arrow slot renders both you and your opponent unable to use ammunition such as arrows and bolts.
  • Boosted levels are restored at the beginning of a duel.
  • Both you and your opponent are constrained by the same rules in your duel.
  • Extreme potions, Overload, Recover Special, and Super Prayer are prohibited in staked duels.
  • You cannot accept or initiate duels whilst wielding an aura. You also cannot equip an aura while in an Arena.
  • Logging out while in the Duel Arena causes the player who logged out to lose the duel along with their staked items. The duel will then end automatically after a short delay. If this happens and the opponent also logs out without waiting for the time to elapse, both players will be treated as if they lost.
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Instanced Arenas

The Duel arena actually has four visible arenas for players to watch regular fighting; there are two obstacle arenas and two plain arenas. However the duel arena also provides 'instanced' fighting in certain situations, which teleports the players to an instanced arena. Situations in which an instance arena will be used include:

  • If the regular arenas are too crowded to warrant a proper fight, players may be sent to an instanced version of the arena.
  • An instanced arena is used for fights with the Summoning Familiar option switched on.
  • An instanced arena is used for 'boxing matches', which occur when players choose to ban weapons and offhand items for a fight.
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Friendly Duelling

In friendly duels you will never lose your items aside from spent runes and ranged ammunition. After initiating a friendly duel, you will see the screen below and once both you and your opponent have clicked 'Accept' you will be presented with a confirmation screen.

Duel Arena Guide Friendly Challenge
Duel Arena Guide Confirmation
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Staked Duelling

In staked duels, you will risk losing your stake. However your armour and inventory will not be lost. After initiating a staked duel, you will be presented with the screen below.

To stake an item, right click on it in your inventory, and select 'add'. There is no limit to how much you can stake.

It is strongly advised to double-check your duel conditions to avoid the common scam of changing the options at the last moment.

Duel Arena Guide Staked Challenge
Duel Arena Stake Confirmation

If you are victorious in your duel you will be rewarded by gaining the spoils.

Duel Arena Winning Interface
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Duellist's Cap

So you're one of the greatest duellists there is on Runescape and people are not willing to take your word for it? No problem! Talk to Estocada just at the gates of the Duel Arena to get a duellist cap for free. The duellist cap will keep count the amount of people you have killed or have killed you. When worn you can use the Brag or Transform emote (once you have killed at least 10 people in the Duel Arena). The Brag emote will make you take off your cap and do a little bow and the Transform emote will turn you into a statue and people can read your dueling achievements. Duel Arena Guide Statue Emote

The more people you kill the higher the tier of cap you unlock.

Duellist's Caps
Image Tier Wins
Duellist Cap 1 1 0-9
Duellist Cap 2 2 10-99
Duel Cap Tier 3 3 100-499
Duel Cap Tier 4 4 500-1999
Duel Cap Tier 5 5 2000-4999
Duel Cap Tier 6 6 5000+
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Watching Duels

To watch others duelling, you may go up the ramps about the arenas to the overhead balcony. From the balcony, you can walk around the perimeter of each of the six arenas and watch the on-going fights. You are also able throw rotten tomatoes from the balcony at unsuspecting duellists by selecting a tomato and then using it with a player of your choice. Alternatively, you can shout words of encouragement and egg on your favourite duellists from above.

By right-clicking and selecting 'lean' on a section of wall, your character will lean forwards, and you will have access to a wider view of the arena.

Duel Arena Viewing Platform
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