Dungeon of Tolna

By Headnazgul

This dungeon is located north west of the Digsite (south east of Varrock). You can only enter this dungeon if you have completed A Soul's Bane quest. After you have beaten the quest you can access this dungeon by climbing a rope down into the Rift near the Digsite. This dungeon is good training for lower levels as there is an abundance of mid-level monsters. Fear Reapers, Hopeless Creatures and Confusion Beasts are good training experience, as they have huge lp and low defence. However, none of the monsters have loot so it is not many people's first choice.

Dungeon of Tolna Angry Goblin (Level 40) Angry Bear (Level 35) Angry Giant Rat (Level 40) Angry Unicorn (Level 35) Fear Reaper (Level 40) Hopeless Creature (Level 47) Confusion Beast (Level 43)

Dungeon Monsters
Angry Bear: Level 35
Angry Unicorn: Level 35
Angry Giant Rat: Level 40
Angry Goblin: Level 40
> Fear Reaper: Level 40
Confusion Beast: Level 43
Hopeless Creature: Level 47

Thanks To: Ginger Warrior, Jaffy1

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