Dungeoneering Puzzles

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10 statue weapon

Dg Puzzles Yellow Click Walk-to means to move your character to the instructed place - it does not ever mean to turn run off.


Dg Puzzles 10 Statues

  • Skill Mining Logo Mine the brown wall 5+ times
  • Dg Puzzles Yellow Click Walk-to beside the statue missing its weapon. After clicking you may immediately start the next step
  • Skill Crafting Logo Craft the block Stone block in your inventory Dg Puzzles Backpack Inventory to make the required weapon for each statue
  • The required weapon is the combat triangle advantage to the statue facing opposite
    • For example, far left holds a sword, so you craft a staff against that one

  • Dg Puzzles Red Click Click each statue after crafting it - if you have different types of weapons in your inventory at once use the weapons on the statues
  • Once all the statues have the correct weapon, the puzzle is complete!

Dg Puzzles Statues Stone Block Options
Remember the combat triangle: Sword > Bow > Staff > Sword

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3 statue weapon

Dg Puzzles 3 Stats

  • Skill Mining Logo Mine the brown wall Dg Puzzles Red Click
  • Dg Puzzles Yellow Click Walk-to beside the statue missing its weapon. After clicking you may immediately start the next step
  • Skill Crafting Logo Craft the block Stone block in your inventory Dg Puzzles Backpack Inventory to make it its weapon
  • Dg Puzzles Red Click Click that statue - puzzle complete!

You can craft the block while running. If monsters are interrupting you hide behind a statue to craft.
Dg Puzzles Statues Stone Block Options There are three layouts. In two layouts the brown rocks are immediately to your right. The last layout has them in the far left corner. Examining the statues tells you their weapon (or lack of). Sometimes a door in this room will be openable without completion of the puzzle.

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8 Piece Puzzle

Dg Puzzles 8 Piece Tile Slide

Clicking a tile adjacent to the empty space moves that tile into that space, however, if you do a move that hinders your progress you instead fail and take damage.
Each tile takes time to move, so a good use of this time is running towards the door between each move.

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Agility maze (p2p)

Dg Puzzles Agility Maze 1

The door immediately to your left is only openable from the other side. As a team the Group Gatestone (GGS) should be carried over the first obstacle. The rest of the maze is always doable by anyone. Follow the clicks shown or face the wrath of the spinning blades. The pendulum almost always lets you through regardless of timing and can only hit very low damage. If you do somehow die from the pendulum, any gatestones that were in your inventory will reset to base instead of being dropped.

You should only open the shortcut doors if you plan on running through this room again later, or if teammates need to get through without the use of the GGS. Monsters only spawn past the Pendulum.

Dg Puzzles Agility Maze 2

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Barrel puzzle (p2p)

Dg Puzzles Barrels

  • Skill Strength Logo Push (Strength) barrels blocking your way
  • Broken barrel bits Pickup circled Barrel Piece
  • Skill Construction Logo Fix (Construction) circled Barrel
  • Skill Strength Logo Push that Barrel under the moving stream of water
  • When the bar at the top of the screen fills the puzzle is complete!

The Barrels are NPCs, so it is possible to trample monsters or players that block your way (step on then off their square) to allow the Barrel to be pushed through the target.

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Blood fountain (p2p)

Dg Puzzles Blood Pillars

  • Skill Mining Logo Mine the rocks
  • Skill Construction Logo [Re]Construct the pillars
  • dg puzzles exlamation img Don't miss keys

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Books (Occult floors only)

Dg Puzzles Books

Goal: Get the coloured books in their matching shelves
  • Every few seconds if a bookcase is facing another bookcase or shelf the two will exchange books
  • Rotate the bookcases to send matching books to their shelves and to the bookcase that can get them there
  • It's always quickest to get the outer shelves done first

Correctly shelved books cannot leave their shelf again.

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Broken plank bridge (p2p)

Dg Puzzles Broken Plank Bridge

  1. Skill Agility Logo Jump (agility) the bridge
  2. Wooden plank Obtain 5 planks
  3. Skill Construction Logo Construct the bridge (right click)

Steps 2-3 should only ever be done to let other players bypass the agility requirement without the GGS.

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Coloured blocks (p2p)

Dg Puzzles Coloured Blocks

  • Skill Strength Logo Push/Pull (Strength) each block into a coloured square/recess
  • Obtain coloured vials from the circled shelf on the wall
  • Use each respective vial on the block that has the matching coloured line coming from it
  • Eg. Use the Purple vial on the block that is on top of the purple recess

This puzzle does not require herblore levels, but is only doable in p2p.

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Coloured ferrets

Dg Puzzles Coloured Ferrets

Goal: Get ferrets into their coloured squares
  • Ferrets move away from you when you are within their range of sight
  • If you're diagonal from it, it will also move diagonally
  • Above is an example - the ferrets start in random places
  • When you walk-to 1, the ferret moves to its colour 1, and so on
  • Left click Scare a ferret if it's along a wall to make it move randomly
  • Stepping under a ferret works similarly

Ferrets move after 2 ticks in sight and remember where you were during both. For example, running right up to one will cause it to take 2 steps away from you. They can still walk diagonally around objects if you are diagonal, but not if you are in their line of sight for both ticks, since walking around an object takes 2 ticks. As NPCs, they move W/E before N/S if blocked by an obstacle. Don't worry if you don't understand this paragraph.

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Coloured lodestones

Dg Puzzles Coloured Lodes

  • Goal: Have all lights converge in the centre simultaneously - these lights move 1 square per tick
  • Skill Magic Logo Activate (Magic) each of the lodestones to your right as the centre crystal is lit up
  • If you screw up or some started activated, you must step on the corresponding pressure pad to pause that colour from moving

Running over a pad to pause it for a tick makes it much easier to fix mistakes, especially with lag. You must start 2 squares away from the pad since you run 2 squares per tick - if you stand adjacent and run over it nothing will happen. In the above example, red is 1 tick ahead of green and yellow which are sync'd. Either of the yellow clicks to the other will pause red for 1 tick, causing it to sync.

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Dg Puzzles Emotes

  • Each player stands on a pressure pad
  • When all players are on their respective pad, the statues will mime an emote from the options below
  • Copy the emote of the statue in front of you
  • After 3 emotes are correctly copied by the team the puzzle is complete!

Aggressive monsters must be killed to do this puzzle. Failing an emote causes mild skill damage. In 5:5s this is reduced to 1 lp damage.

Dg Puzzles Emotes Options

If you have trouble differentiating emotes, scroll forward to view it closer.

If you step off your pad diagonally onto another pad, the game continues the emotes process. You can even do someone else's emote, them do yours, and swap places like this and it'll be correct. This is not useful in the slightest, however.

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Enigmatic Hoardstalker / Riddles (p2p)

Dg Puzzles Enigmatic Hoardstalker

  • Skill Summoning Logo Get-riddle (Summoning) Enigmatic Hoardstalker
  • Skill Thieving Logo Unlock (Thieving) small doors to access items
  • Refer to table for which item to use on the Hoardstalker

Riddle Answer Location
A serpent am I, yet on land I would die. Dusk eel 3
Born through fire, I am lost in winds and muddied in water. Ashes 4
Completed I can make you dead, but currently I have no head. Headless arrow 1
From your veins I flow, from essence did I grow. Blood rune 2
I am cursed with but one eye. And from haystacks I will spy. Needle 2
I am water that brings fire to your heart. Firebreath whiskey 3
I can get you almost anything you want, but with no one to accept me, I am worthless. Coins 2
I demonstrate faith in a dark god. Unholy symbol 2
I pluck the denizens of the sea, to serve a salty sailor's tea. Fishing rod 1
Remove my yellow skin, and dine on me within. Banana 3
Sticks and stones may break me, exercise may ache me. Bones 4
The blunt force I provide is surprisingly constructive. Hammer 1
The slowest of assassins, I'm at home on your blade or in your drink. Poison 3
Though I am light, I can not illuminate the dark. Feather 1
Though my friends fly high, I was always destined to protect. Novite kiteshield 4
While many call me mould, some call me savoury. Gissell mushroom 3
Without me, a deathslinger is merely a gorajo with a stick. Bow string 1
Without me you would perish, but fill a room with me and you would surely die. Vial of water 3

Missing the thieving requirement? You can use items found outside of this room as the answer - for example, it's much faster to use your own salve eel than it is to get the eel from the barrel. Or if you need a banana, you could cast bones to bananas.

Each area is roughly a type of item.

Area 1: Tools

Chest / 2: Wealth + Leftover tools

Dg Puzzles Engimatic Hoardstalker Items 1

Barrel / 3: Food / Liquids

Dg Puzzles Enigmatic Hoardstalker Items 2

Dg Puzzles Enigmatic Hoardstalker Items 3

Area 4: Remains (The shield is all that is left of that forgotten warrior...)

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Fishing ferret

Dg Puzzles Fishing Ferret

  • Skill Fishing Logo Fish 2-3 raw vile fish Raw vile fish from the circled fishing spot (requires feathers Feather)
  • Skill Cooking Logo Cook the fish at the circled fire
  • Skill Ranged Logo Throw (Ranged) the vile fish Vile fish to lure the ferret to the pressure pad

The ferret moves diagonally before going straight, as shown in the above example.

You can cook the vile fish on any fire, which is useful when getting a teammate to do the requirement for you. If holding ggs you can can carry the ggs to the fire while teammates fish so they can teleport to the fire.

If two people throw a vile fish to the pressure plate at once the ferret will glitch (it'll go there but not complete the room). If you are trying to complete it faster, do the next move shortly after someone. If you do glitch it, simply make it step off the pressure plate.

The board is always the same, but the pressure pad and ferret can be in any 2 corners.

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Flip tiles

Dg Puzzles Rc Flip Tiles

  • Skill Runecrafting Logo Flip or Force (Runecrafting) tiles to make all tiles the same colour
  • Flipping a tile causes all adjacent tiles to swap colours, except diagonal tiles, as shown in the picture above
  • Forcing (Right click) causes 1 tile to swap colours and deals minor damage

A handy simulator (right click to force. Check the box below if you can't right click):


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Flowers (p2p)

Dg Puzzles Flowers 1

Dg Puzzles Flowers 2

Dg Puzzles Flowers 3

  • The Flowers cycle through these colours endlessly: Pink > Yellow > Blue > Purple
  • The big flower that you are trying to uproot changes twice as fast as the small flowers
  • You can only cut a small flower when it matches the colour of the big flower
  • The fastest method to the big flower is circled - which only works if you immediately start upon entering

  • Skill Woodcutting Logo Chop (Woodcutting) each flower as it matches the main one
  • dg puzzles exlamation img Don't miss keys
  • Skill Farming Logo Uproot (Farming) the big flower - puzzle complete!

Remember the order of colours it cycles through to predict which flower will be cutable next, or memorize the 7 layouts. Cutting a flower at the wrong time causes mild damage. Failing to uproot the big flower does too. You can examine a flower to find out what colour it is.

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Fremennik camp (p2p)

Dg Puzzles Fremennik Room

  1. Skill Fletching Logo Fletch
  2. Skill Cooking Logo Cook
  3. Skill Smithing LogoSmith - puzzle complete!

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Dg Puzzles Ghosts Room

  • Watch for the spirit to enter a ghost
  • Kill that ghost
  • The Spirit now enters the nearest ghost
  • Once all are dead the puzzle is complete!

It can be useful to attack ghosts while the spirit is transferring. This way, the ghosts don't wander and you know for sure which ghost is next. Aggroing ghosts can also be useful if you are attempting to suicide back to base. Thresholds are overkill, but Berserker or Metamorphosis is useful.

Attacking ghosts that don't have the spirit is extremely ineffective. The ghost heals when the spirit transfers into it. Ghosts can melee diagonally.

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Grapple tightrope (p2p)

Dg Puzzles Grapple Tightrope

  1. Broken climbing hook head Obtain Broken Climbing Hook Head
  2. Skill Smithing Logo Repair it (Smithing) to get Climbing Hook Head Climbing hook head
  3. MeatcornObtain Meatcorn
  4. Skill Crafting Logo Spin it (Crafting) to get Meatcorn Rope Meatcorn rope
  5. Dg Puzzles Backpack Inventory Use Meatcorn Rope Meatcorn rope on Climbing Hook Head Climbing hook head to get Climbing Hook Climbing hook
  6. Skill Ranged Logo Throw (Ranged) Climbing Hook chasm
  7. Skill Agility Logo Cross tightrope (Agility)

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Hunter ferret (p2p)

Dg Puzzles Hunter Ferret 1

  • Hunt ferret will always spawn in the southwest of the 4 blue center squares when you open the room
  • But because the entire room can be rotated, it'll look like it spawns in one of the 4 blue squares
  • Skill Woodcutting Logo Woodcut the green circled tree for as many traps as you want
  • Skill Fletching Logo Fletch the Dry logs Dry Logs in your inventory Dg Puzzles Backpack Inventory to make Simple Traps Simple trap
  • Skill Hunter Logo Set your trap Simple trap (Hunter) where it 'spawned' (Occasionally you can't set a trap here - don't worry)
  • Imagine a line north, east, south, and west from that point
  • If this line passes through any wall, place a trap directly behind said wall. These are the only places the ferret can stop.
  • Hide somewhere (eg. outside of the room or behind a wall) until it stops in a trap
  • Dg Puzzles Red Click Click that trap - puzzle complete!

Simple Traps Simple trap are tradable but not dropable. Once a trap has been laid, the Hunter Skill Hunter Logo requirement for that trap disappears. So Player A can lay a trap, and Player B pick it up and regardless of Player B's hunt level, they can now place that trap. This can be useful to avoid having to mgt. It only works for 1 trap at a time though. So if you want to lay multiple traps you would need only take 1 trap they placed at a time before setting it.

The ferret is much more likely to stop in certain places. It is not usually worth making a trap for every stopping point. Look for how many holes are close to each stopping point and decide.

Have each player stand in a corner of the room and take turns attempting to catch it (Hunter Skill Hunter Logo ) with their hands. The ferret runs as fast as a player, but will always avoid the closest player, allowing you to surround it.

It's possible to catch it with your hands alone, but only in certain instances. Because you run 2 squares per tick, if you can get 2 squares away from it without it spotting you, you can get an attempt at catching it.

Dg Puzzles Hunter Ferret 2

  • Dg Puzzles Yellow Click Walk-to the red square without being spotted
  • Skill Hunter Logo Click the ferret (Hunter)
  • You may be fail, take minor damage, and be stunned - Freedom ends your stun, Anticipation doesn't prevent it
  • Puzzle (hopefully) complete!

Catching the ferret with your hands usually has a different level requirement than placing the trap. There are 4 layouts to this puzzle.

Dg Puzzles Hunter Ferret Stuck

In warped floors there are wall bits sticking out in some hunt ferrets that you can use to hand catch. The ferret is stuck but can still bite/stun you.

Dg Puzzles Hunter Ferret 3

  • Drop your gatestone where it 'spawned'
  • Hide / do something else until it stops
  • Teleport to your gatestone while spam clicking your character
  • Skill Hunter Logo If the ferret stopped where it spawned, you attempt to hand catch it (Hunter)
  • Puzzle (hopefully) complete!

Method 1 video

(Has audio)

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Icy pressure pad (Frozen floors only)

Dg Puzzles Icy Pressure Pad 1

This puzzle has at least 12 layouts [1]. There is no hope memorizing them, but there are tricks to doing them!

Goal: Step on the 4 pressure pads
  • Go diagonal from either your 2 starting squares, or the 2 nearby corners
  • This should lead you onto a pressure pad, or 1 move to checkmate pressure pad
  • This pressure pad should always get you to the other 4

When attempting to go diagonal, click 1 sq diagonally from your character. Never try to solve it by starting from the area in front of a different door than you entered - these doors are spawned randomly based on the map, so you will never be required to use the squares in front of them to complete the puzzle. Though on occasion it can help you solve 1-2 pads faster. You are almost always best off backtracking to a pad you've been on and finding how it connects to another pad.

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Jumping Lodestone

Dg Puzzles Jump Lodestone 1

  • Power crystal Pick up the circled power crystal
  • Dg Puzzles Red Click Follow the Red Clicks Dg Puzzles Red Click
  • dg puzzles blue x If the orb appears in the Blue Circle, follow the Blue Xs dg puzzles blue x
  • dg puzzles green x If the orb appears in the Green Circle, follow the Green Xs dg puzzles green x
  • Dg Puzzles Red Click Click the blue Lodestone - puzzle complete!
  • dg puzzles gatestone teleport Teleport or jump back

You may stumble each time you attempt a jump. The orb approaches you each time you stumble, and if you get caught by it, you take heavy damage and restart the puzzle. Once completing the puzzle you can't do actions until you jump for joy.

Dg Puzzles Jump Lodestone 2

  • Power crystal Pick up the circled power crystal
  • Dg Puzzles Red Click Jump over Red Click 1
  • Gatestone Drop your gatestone (3)
  • Dg Puzzles Red Click Jump over 1, then 2
  • dg puzzles gatestone teleport Teleport to your gatestone (3)
  • Gatestone Drop your gatestone (3)
  • Dg Puzzles Red Click Jump over 4, then 5
  • Dg Puzzles Red Click Click the blue Lodestone - puzzle complete!
  • dg puzzles gatestone teleport Teleport to your gatestone (3)
  • Dg Puzzles Red Click Jump over 1

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Keystone Bridge (p2p)

Dg Puzzles Keystone Bridge

  • Skill Mining Logo Mine the rock Dg Puzzles Red Click
  • Dg Puzzles Yellow Click Walk-to beside the gap. After clicking you may immediately start the next step
  • Skill Crafting Logo Craft the rock Rock -dungeoneering- in your inventory Dg Puzzles Backpack Inventory to make a carved keystone Carved keystone
  • Skill Construction Logo Construct the bridge Dg Puzzles Red Click

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Dg Puzzles Levers

As a solo'er you simply sequentially pull each lever. You have a generous time-frame to do so. Failing this room causes moderate damage if you're near the edge of the room. If you're in the centre you don't take damage.

In a team each player takes a lever and one person counts to 3. When they say "3", pull your lever.

With experts, one player will take the two circled levers. If one of the circled ones are taken, go to a different lever unless they're all taken. Failure to do so is likely to cause displeasure among teammates.

One player doing 2 levers allows someone to path & save time for the floor. It's especially useful when someone is on an ungated path. Otherwise it just saves time for people who are slow to gt.

You type 3, click 1st lever, hit enter, & then quickly click the 2nd lever.

Doorlag can screw this up, but is very unlikely to.

When choosing your lever, don't forget the map. It makes sense for the gt holder to pick the lever by the biggest path.

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Magical construct

Dg Puzzles Magical Construct

  1. Lump of stone Take Lump of Stone from the magical chest
  2. Skill Crafting Logo Craft the Lump Lump of stone in your inventory Dg Puzzles Backpack Inventory into the missing part Spare construct arm u Spare construct leg u Spare construct head u
  3. Skill Runecrafting Logo Imbue (Runecrafting) the part Spare construct arm Spare construct leg Spare construct head in your inventory Dg Puzzles Backpack Inventory
  4. Dg Puzzles Red Click Repair construct
  5. Skill Magic Logo Charge (Magic) construct - puzzle complete!

You can examine the robot to see what part it's missing. The robot takes its time to actually open the room.

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  • There are 4 layouts for this, which I describe based on the first 2 rows
  • Some memorization required
  • Described using NSEW, but the room can be rotated. North is away from the entrance, East is Right, West is Left, and South is towards the entrance.

Dg Puzzles Maze 1 First Rows

Blockage immediately to your right in the 2nd row
  • N door & E door:
    • W, mid N, E

  • Centre:
    • W, mid N, E, S, W, NE

  • W door:
    • W

Full layout:

Dg Puzzles Maze 1

Dg Puzzles Maze 2 First Rows

Blockage immediately to your left:
  • N door & E door:
    • E, far N

  • Centre:
    • E, far N, mid W, SW, Mid S, NE

  • W door:
    • E, far N, mid W, SW

Full layout:

Dg Puzzles Maze 2

Dg Puzzles Maze 3 First Rows

Blockage further to your right, so you can go either direction:
  • N door & E door:
    • E, far N

  • Centre:
    • E, N sticking in column 3, 2 sqs w, S

  • W door:
    • W

Full layout:

Dg Puzzles Maze 3

Dg Puzzles Maze 4 First Rows

Blockage both ways in the 2nd row:
  • N door & W door:
    • W, far N

  • Centre:
    • W, mid N, far E, N

  • E door:
    • W, mid N, far E, N

Full layout:

Dg Puzzles Maze 4

Memorization is the only efficient method to these. These basic instructions and experience will make it easier over time. Zoom out (scroll wheel) to see more of the maze ingame.
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Mercenary leader

Dg Puzzles Mercenary Leader

The Mercenary Leader is a high-tiered forgotten mage that summons endless forgotten warriors, mages, and rangers. It heals to full health if you leave the room for a few seconds - if you die, teleport back asap to prevent it from healing. Like other forgotten mages it can bind and reduce stats. If soloing the room in a large you will likely need food if you do not wish to die.

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Mining cross

Dg Puzzles Mining Cross Room

  • Skill Mining Logo Mine the rocks Dg Puzzles Red Click
  • Skill Construction Logo [Re]Construct the walls if you are going to go through this room again

Different rocks have different level requirements. 2/8 of the repairable (Skill Construction Logo Construction) walls are circled. The rocks are excellent mining xp.

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Dg Puzzles Monolith

  • Dg Puzzles Red ClickActivate Monolith
  • Kill the shades that spawn
  • When the bar at the top of the screen fills the puzzle is complete!

Shades don't spawn in the NE of the room. You don't necessarily need to complete the puzzle to open all doors. Sometimes a door will be a regular door or skill door.

You can pgt trick to avoid damage when there are tons of shades, like in the video below. Your 2nd gatestone uses no runes. Draw aggro with ranged weapon (ricochet/chain abilities are extremely useful for this).

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dg puzzles poltergeist

Read the sarcophagus to find out which herb to pick.

dg puzzles poltergeist chatbox 1

  1. Skill Herblore Logo Pick (Herblore) four herbs
  2. Skill Prayer Logo Consecrate (Prayer) the herbs Papreaper in your inventory Dg Puzzles Backpack Inventory
  3. Skill Firemaking Logo Use each herb Consecrated herb on a torch and light them (Firemaking)
  4. Skill Thieving Logo Unlock (Thieving) the Sarcophagus - Puzzle complete!

The options when picking a herb are listed below. Memorizing these can be useful to quickly get 2nd page herbs while under attack.

dg puzzles poltergeist chatbox 2

dg puzzles poltergeist chatbox 3

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One pondskater unlocks the room when you fish Skill Fishing Logo it. No feathers required.
  • Correct skater spawns in the SouthWest of the 4 middle squares and returns there each cycle
  • If you are quick you can spot which one as you enter the room
  • Spam click it!
  • If not, spam click a random one until you fish, taking mild damage but having a chance for success (waiting takes an extra ~17 seconds)
  • You can often fish 2 before they return to the centre

It can be extremely difficult to spot which square is SouthWest quickly if you don't know what direction you're travelling. You should always spam click the skater, as your character is unlikely to catch it otherwise.

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Portal maze (Warped floors only)

Dg Puzzles Portals

Goal: Have all players stand on the pressure pads in the centre.
  • Pick one the 3 starting portals & note it in your head.
  • Go through it, and keep taking the opposite portal of where you end up
    - For example, if you end up at an S portal in one of the rooms, go north.
  • Continue doing this until you reach center
  • If you are led back to the 3 starting portals, take the remaining portal and do the opposites method
    - It is guaranteed to get you to the center this time

This isn't always the fastest method to get to the center, but it is the most consistent. It avoids backtracking and thus has the highest chance of getting you to the center fastest. The portals are linked differently each time.

Once you've reached the center, tell your teammates which way to go. Often people will direct with "E opps" type thing, telling you to start at the east portal and then do the opposites method described here.

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Push/pull statues

Dg Puzzles Pull Statues

  • Dg Puzzles Red ClickPush/Pull the statues to make the South side mimic the North
  • My example uses Pulling, as monsters can block you from Pushing
  • dg puzzles exlamation img Don't miss keys

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Ramokee Familiars

Dg Puzzles Ramokee

  • Kill the unaggressive Ramokee Skinweaver that heals the other Ramokees
  • Kill the Bloodrager (Melee), Deathslinger (Ranged), and Stormbringer (Mage) Ramokees

You can hide behind the other Ramokees or the Obelisk where the Bloodrager can't attack you.

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Seeker sentinel (Abandoned floors only)

Dg Puzzles Seeker Sentinel Room

  • Hit the eyeballs when they can't see you
  • Avoid the line of sight of centre seeker (or don't and win anyway..)

The centre seeker rotates every 5 ticks. Getting spotted by it deals minor damage and teleports you to a random doorway, which can be useful for traversing this room quickly. If you're spotted by the little eyeballs they will shriek, causing the big one to look at you. If the little seeker is in the way of its line of sight, it will be unable to teleport you. The picture below illustrates this.

Dg Puzzles Seeker Sentinel Glitch

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Sleeping guards (Furnished floors only)

Dg Puzzles Sleeping Guards

  • Turn run off or they'll wake up
  • Pickpocket each guard for their guard key Guard room key
  • One of the keys will open each door
  • If you fail to pickpocket or run in the room the guards will wake up - if this happens you must kill them for their keys

Pickpocketing the guards has no thieving requirement and is doable in f2p. With 1 door it is often worth trying the keys you have before pickpocketing or killing more guards.

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Statue bridge (p2p)

Dg Puzzles Statue Bridge

  1. Skill Mining Logo Mine the rock Dg Puzzles Red Click
  2. Dg Puzzles Yellow Click Walk-to beside the statue
  3. Skill Construction Logo [Re]Construct the statue Dg Puzzles Red Click
  4. Skill Strength Logo Push (Strength) the statue Dg Puzzles Red Click- Puzzle complete!

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Suspicious grooves

Dg Puzzles Suspicious Grooves

Step onto the grooves sequentially until you find the one in each row that does not damage you. On teams, people will say the solution as such: 3 1 4, which means for the first row there are no spikes 3rd from the left, the next row is leftmost no spikes, and final row rightmost for no spikes. Stepping on these spikes takes mild damage, but the alternative is extremely slow - you investigate each groove with your thieving Skill Thieving Logo skill until you know for sure which groove on each row is safe. You may wish to use gatherer's ring for this puzzle to reduce damage.

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Unhappy ghost (p2p)

Dg Puzzles Unhappy Ghost 1

  1. Skill Construction Logo [Re]Construct pillar
  2. Skill Thieving Logo Unlock (Thieving) Sarcophagus
  3. Skill Prayer Logo Bless (Prayer) Sarcophagus
  4. Antique ring Pickup Antique Ring
  5. Dg Puzzles Red ClickClick the chest
  6. Skill Construction Logo [Re]Construct pot - Puzzle complete!

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Winch bridge

Dg Puzzles Winch Bridge

  1. Broken climbing hook head Obtain Broken Climbing Hook Head
  2. Skill Smithing Logo Repair it (Smithing) to get Climbing Hook Head Climbing hook head
  3. MeatcornObtain Meatcorn
  4. Skill Crafting Logo Spin it (Crafting) to get Meatcorn Rope Meatcorn rope
  5. Dg Puzzles Backpack Inventory Use Meatcorn Rope Meatcorn rope on Climbing Hook Head Climbing hook head to get Climbing Hook Climbing hook
  6. Skill Ranged Logo Throw (Ranged) Climbing Hook chasm
  7. Skill Strength Logo Turn Winch (Strength) - Puzzle complete!

If 2 or more people throw the climbing hook in step 6 at once, the bridge magically appears, as in the video below. This can save a few seconds.

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Original Guide by: Tui

Special thanks to: Chu Dsl, Corrupt Idea, El Bomb, Warfare52

Thanks to: Bladekill133, Don Draper, Guac a moley, Jettrider, Namyaila, Obtaurian, Rare Pain, Salazar, Teren, Thai Tong, Toad, Usa Hell Yes, Warriormonkx

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