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This interview was posted on the Tip.It Forums, and it has caused so much strain on the forum server, getting at one time almost 500 requests within 5 minutes, that we have posted in on here to (hopefully) make the load on our forum server much less. Please do note that this interview is not done by Tip.It, and has no relation to the site as it is. We support Jagex in whatever action will be taken against Durial321, this interview is solely published here since it is a very popular topic in runescape right now, and we wish to share this with you as fast and easy as possible (which right now is not what our forum server is doing...).

Before the interview we have a quote of our forum user hobgoblin11 who quickly takes us through the happenings which is now around 5 hours ago in RuneScape, Falador, world 111... Quick link here

After the interview itself I have also included a quote of the official Jagex response posted by Paul on the official forum. Quick find code is: 27-28-727-24538899, or you could just load up the Rants Forum and have a look at the sticky there.

Sorry for the ugly layout btw, hopefully it wont ruin the fun for you. Signing off for now, Ks Jeppe.

After we first published this interview, TheRat contacted me and wanted first off all to prove that the interview has truly with Durial, and secondarily, to say some closing words about this case towards Tip.It and it's community. You can view what he said here.

Tip.It Would like to thank: hobgoblin11, TheRat & oldstyle

Hobgoblin11, Tip.It Forum User

The 6th Day of the 6th Month of the 6th year of the new millennium. 06/06/06. The day of the devil. Apocolypse Now. The day that Heaven rains fire, and Lucifer reigns supreme. And rain fire, it most certainly did.

They say Good and Bad always come together - Yin and Yang. Well, this was definitely the case on Tuesday. After the long awaited update of Player-Owned Houses, the race was on to be the first to reach Level 99. It was a close run competition, with several names in the running - Xn00bxfrei, Monkey Moejo, and our very own Cursed You. Well, after surely spending millions, Cursed You won the race, and threw the customary party! The party was grand, the place was packed, and spirits were high. Until...

At some point, Cursed You ejected everybody from his house. Due to a previously undiscovered bug, a small group of people found themselves with the ability to attack any player, without retaliation, outside of the wilderness. This has not been seen since RSC, and for most was certainly an unwelcome flashback. The devil living amongst us surfaced, and released the modern apocalypse.

Durial321 unleashed hell on earth, when he, along with a handful of others, attacked and killed scores of people. In the beginning, these brutal killings lost people items worth millions - Party hats, Santa hats, expensive armour and other objects. Fortunately, as people began to realise what was going on, they began to bank their items, and get themselves killed for fun, however, the damage was already done. Millions were lost to Durial321 and his co-murderers, millions, which those people cannot get back.

Rampaging through Falador for almost an hour, chaos reigned, with people being massacred left, right and centre. The scene was one of utter madness, people were crying out to be killed, others were unaware of what was going on, P-Mods were doing their best to restore order and to warn people to leave and place items into their banks. Peace was finally brought about when Mod Murdoch entered the ring, and proceeded to kick Durial321 and certain others from the game, locking their accounts.

Some are praising Durial321 as a legend, saying that this day will go down in Runescape history. While there is no doubt that this Doomsday Massacre will be remembered, in the same league as the Great Party Hat Dupe, to label a player a "Legend" for discovering and abusing a bug, is in my opinion, worshipping false idols. They are nowhere near as worthy of "Legend Status" as players such as Lilyuffie88, The Old Nite (R.I.P.), N0valyfe, or the unforgettable, Zezima. Such players have cemented their place in Runescape history by working their way to the top, not by discovering a bug by chance, and then slaughtering masses of innocent people.

The only true heroes in this story are the P-Mods, who tried their hardest to do the decent thing, and to stop the mayhem. Unfortunately for many, it was too late. Was this tragedy the result of a rushed release? Probably not. Considering how long POH's have been anticipated for, Jagex will certainly have done everything they can to make them as bug-free as possible. However, with the number of graphics glitches that exist in the houses and in the Construction skill, it is a possibility that the houses were not thoroughly tested before release.

What I for sure though, is that the day of the devil will most definitely be a defining moment in Runescape History, and a flashback to the past from the Runescape's roots, The Doomsday Massacre.

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Post posted by forum user TheRat.

The Falador Massacre

Howdy, many of you now would of heard the events that took place today on the 6-6-06 in Falador centre world 111, Runescape. For those of you that didn't, Jagex the owner of Runescape the MMORPG recently released a new skill into their online game. The skill is called Construction where you can make and furnish your own home and include games, dueling, monsters and dungeons. You can also invite many people into your house of up to 20 rooms and hold meetings + parties. There are many things you can do with the new skill but I won't mention all of them. Construction was released on the 31-May-2006 and due to the newness of the update obviously glitches were to be expected, I'm sure none expected any as severe as this. A glitch was left in the programming that meant after a certain sequence of events happened that I cannot say due to copy cats, that you would find yourself outside the owners house with the ability to attack others.

This is where the star of this interview, Durial, Found himself.
Durial, Is a 16 year old Male from the United States of America, He has been playing Runescape since May of 2005. He enjoys the Pking aspect of the game as many do. He has a sense of humor, Has proven to be very approachable, Well mannered, And quite nice.
Durials Runescape account by Runescape standards is an overall Pking account, With decent mid range skills. His Runescape name which is currently still showing up on Runescape Highscores but locked is Durial321.

After I learnt of the events that happened today during Curse You's 99 Construction party (first in the game), I Decided to try find out all I could about what happened. I tracked down Durial and got his permission for an Interview.

The names in the Interview have been changed to "The Rat" and Durial.
I am "The Rat".
The time tags in the interview were provided by AIM and are of Australian EST.

After the Interview I will attach a link to the only video I am aware of "The Falador Massacre" and my closing opinion.

The interview itself, made by TheRat.

The Rat: Durial, A timeless classic this will become, This will be spoken about for years to come in the history of RS and possibly gaming.
Durial: Yeah
The Rat: The falador massacre, Congrats man Smile
Durial: Cool huh Very Happy
Durial: Thanks for the support
Durial: Ill be needing it lol
Durial: My account is locked on RS
Durial: Not banned yet o.O
The Rat: I know, I looked on your clan site..Sad
Durial: I'm thinking they might do rollback
Durial: I wasn't the only one
Durial: but I did the most damage I think:s
The Rat: Yea, I'm pretty sure you're the one that went the longest and had the recording done.
Durial: Id give back the items
The Rat: But honestly man...You really have made gaming history, You know that right?
Durial: I was the only one to master it
Durial: Yeah
Durial: I know
Durial: feels good ;o
The Rat: I bet it does Smile And for what its worth...I hope RS see's sense and doesn't bann you..
Durial: I hope they do too
Durial: I lost my green
The Rat: God knows anyone with a taste for Pking put in your position would've done the exact same thing.
The Rat: Also, did you get to pick up the things you Pked before others got to grab them? Or did they appear to everyone at the same time?
Durial: I got kill messages
The Rat: I don't blame you there, I just hope you get your acc back.
Durial: You have defeated such and such
Durial: I got first grabs for it all lol
The Rat: Awesome...You get a bank pic of after "The Fally Massacre"?
Durial: Nah I was having too much fun
Durial: Didn't bother with screenies
The Rat: Not surprised.
The Rat: It would have been a full on gigglefest adrenaline rush..
Durial: My friend stole my green though
Durial: That I got non-wild lol
The Rat: Bugger Sad
Durial: I gave it to him to hold before they disconnected me and locked my account
Durial: apparently "I have no problem scamming scammers" I'm like * dude you even asked me how to do that ****
The Rat: Absolutely horrible that he stole it Sad, Especially after you did what you did, He stole from a new online gaming legend.
Durial: lol yeah
The Rat: I don't suppose, For my amusement and because many others want to know, You could tell me the story start to finish? ...What you were thinking/feeling etc?
Durial: Sure
The Rat: I know its a huge ask...But I'd love to know...Friends would love too as well...And hell...Most of Runescape would love too Smile
Durial: basically my friend Alien----(Removed for privacy)
Durial: told me about Cursed You's 99 Construction party
Durial: So I went
Durial: And he stumbled apon this attack option out of wild thing
Durial: so while I'm fighting in the dungeon
Durial: I die run up to that magic ball thing next to the throne
Durial: and I get booted out of the house
Durial: and I had the ability to attack people
Durial: I said omg about a million times Wink
Durial: I was pretty excited
Durial: so I went around having fun killing whomever I pleased
The Rat: I'm not surprised, I'd be shocked about then too
Durial: killed many alchers, Phats, random noobs, even Pkers
Durial: I killed a yellow Phat guy
Durial: but the looters got the loot
The Rat: Tell me how you were feeling and what you were thinking etc…Estimates on how much you got and how didn't you get the stuff you Pked?
Durial: lol I was excited and I thought "I am god omg, greatest day of my RS life!!!"
Durial: I got a green party hat, many Obby sets, ranger sets, random cash piles, just everyday stuff a person wears
Durial: Although I feel bad for those people
Durial: I would be happy to return their stuff if I could
Durial: I'm sure many were very upset
The Rat: Of course, although you did what any person in your shoes would have.
Durial: A friend of primo (guy I killed for Phat) told me he quit RS
Durial: I got several PMs on RSC
The Rat: Yea, They defiantly wouldn't of been happy about it, but you probably didn't think about all of that till later?
Durial: One of which was a guy asking for Santa back
Durial: Nah it was all in the moment
Durial: Like any Pker
Durial: I didn't care what they thought
Durial: I just wanted to kill
Durial: And the fact that I was invincible and was allowed to pray upon the fellow players of Runescape made it even worse
Durial: I do feel bad
Durial: For those I killed
Durial: It was hella fun though Smile
The Rat: I was looking at your stats with a good friend of mine discussing them, Your stats seem to represent a half RS skill player with Pking stats, Which the majority of the honest RS world are.
The Rat: It would of been fun and amazing beyond words man Smile
Durial: yeah
The Rat: Where did the massacre end?, As the video ends on the road to barb village
The Rat: Also approx run time of the massacre?, Items you recall Pking etc?
Durial: At Edgeville, I was disconnected somehow
Durial: I talked to mod murdock
Durial: After that I was disconnected
Durial: Then unable to kill people
Durial: So I gave my Phat to a friend
Durial: And then got disconnected again before I could hand out my other items but I couldn't get back on
Durial: I'd say it lasted 1+ hours
Durial: It started when cursed you's house party did
Durial: so whenever that was
The Rat: Thanks Smile
Durial: I hope that helps, I never paid attention to the time
The Rat: And finally, Do I have your permission to copy and paste this into word, Slightly edit grammar, Edit out our aim names, And post it around as the first Interview with you with link to video attached?
Durial: Yes you do
The Rat: Best of luck with the RS account, I'm going to get to work with the Interview.
Durial: Have a nice day Smile
Durial: Alright
The Rat: Thanks man, You too Smile

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Closing words

So that's the first interview with Durial. Maybe your opinion about him and the happenings of today have now changed.
In my eyes, Durial is you're average 16 year old male. Actually, No he isn't, As shown in this interview, He's well mannered, And easily approachable, I had never met Durial before and as shown in this interview he is a nice approachable person. Durial obviously enjoyed a part of his actions today, As anyone would have, But he also now see's the bad side of what he did. Durial wasn't the only person to take part in this bug, He has just seemingly been the most effective.
As you can probably tell Durial wishes to apologies to those he's actions have hurt and would undo the damage if possible.

I don't believe he's done anything anyone else in his shoes would have done, As is obvious via the other people that did similar things to him. The feeling of power, Adrenaline and "Pure Ownage" such an event would give you would be impossible to turn down.
Let's be honest, Which Pker hasn't walked into the wild one day and been teamed or found no one, Then walked through a city and thought "If only this was the wild, What fun it would be!" Well Durial and some others were given this dream briefly.
I understand as Durial does that he's actions have caused a negative affect on others, But I don't believe he should be banned, As he didn't plan this, And was caught up in the moment. He has also shown that if he could return the items and right the wrong he would. Lets face it, This all comes down to inadequate testing of a new Runescape release, And a young man being in the right place at the right time falling into the wrong thing.

The link to the only recorded material I am aware of occurring today is here:

Thank-you for reading,
The Rat.

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The following was posted up Paul on the Official RuneScape Forum:

Mod Paul On The Official Forum

thought I'd respond to rants about a bug we had last night where some people managed to go playerkilling outside of the wilderness.
Development staff got out of bed in the middle of the night to sort things as quickly as possible, but I apologise for this inconvenience that will have been caused to a number of our users.
We do have a testing team who did spend a lot of time testing this update, but the update had so much content I guess it wasn't that unlikely we'd not think of every way to break every feature and that something would sneak through.

That is not an excuse to be lax on things on my part, we are obviosuly unhappy that sort of bug occured and certainly wouldn't want a repeat of it.
We are learning from this and are making improvements to our testing and coding procedures so that this sort of bug will be less likely to occur.

I would like to take this oppurtunity to point out that bug abuse is against the rules of our game, especially something as serious as this and people involved with this one have their accounts disabled now.

I wish it was possible to refund items people have lost, but it's just too hard to tell who really has lost stuff, there would be too many false claims to handle - as it is I can see people claiming they have lost stuff that weren't even online at the time.
The people making up stories make it seem like more people have been adversly affected by bugs than actually is the case

In terms of rollbacks, they're pretty tricky things for us to do technically and it's certainly too long ago to consider now as it would majorly set people back an awful lot of game play time. Thousands and thousands more people than were affected by the bug.

I would also like to point out that we cannot unfortunatly allow people to link to other sites, those are standard forum rules and always have been and not related to this incident - this is NOT us covering things up - but more that we cannot be sure that certain of the security of other sites and that things won't contain keyloggers.

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TheRat wished to share some closing words on the subject, here they are:


Howdy once again to everyone,
My interview as you all should know by now has been proven authentic.
I'd like to thank the Tip.it board in general for their reaction to my post and the discussions around it.
I tracked down Durial because I had questions about what happened that day in fally world 111, questions that no one seemed to have answers for, so I decided to get them.
Obviously Idid and decided to do it in a way I could answer the questions for other RuneScape players as well.

I'd like to thank Durial for his co-operation, and Ks Jeppe for hers too, she was extremely helpful.

I was minorly disappointed in the way some people took the interview as a que to insult me in various ways, Durial, or each other, but that's really to be expected. Im just happy you all and I got the answers we wanted and that some good discussion did come of it.

Also, as was spoken in one of the threads originating from mine, I am indeed the RuneScape player Ratsacker. But please don't message me or try to track me down for any reasons for no one really has any appropriate reason to do so.

RuneScape 2007
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