Dwarven Mine

By Mindesto & Geogriffith

Located totally underground, this is the largest mine in the RuneScape free world and caters to the needs of all miners. The main mine houses a variety of rocks from Clay to Adamantite. Beware of Scorpions and King Scorpions in the southern tip of the main mine. Dwarves roam the north and eastern wing of the mine. There are four entrances/exits, a ladder in the centre North leading to Ice Mountain, a ladder towards the south-east leading to eastern Falador, ladders towards the south-west in the Mining Guild leading to Falador behind the east bank, and the fourth, a rail cart, which leads to the massive dwarven city of Keldagrim.

Min Cavernent Members who possess high mining can access the Living Rock Caverns, found just south of the Ice Mountain entrance. There are several deposits of coal and gold as well as plentiful fishing spots in these caverns. Be wary though, as all of these resources are protected by aggressive living rock creatures (level 120+).

The Dwarven Mine is part of several quests. The north-east room holds a map piece for the Dragon Slayer quest. NPC Boot towards the west is a contact for the Family Crest quest. Hammerspike Stoutbeard and his Gang in the far west room play roles in the One Small Favour quest. There is also NPC Hura selling crossbows and parts of them.

Mining Guild
The mining guild is the southern tip of this mine and requires level 60 mining to enter. Alternatively you can drink a Dwarven Stout at level 59. It houses the largest selection of coal and five Mithril. It also has an entrance/exit close to the east bank in Falador which is advantageous over using another ladder.

The skills necklace teleport is an easy way for members to arrive in Falador, above ground, right next to the guild ladders. Simply rub it and choose this guild as the destination.

Agility Shortcut: Level 42, narrow crevice.

Rocks: 5 Clay, 10 Tin, 11 Copper, 9 Iron, 11 Coal, 2 Gold, 2 Mithril, 3 Adamant.

Guild Rocks: 37 Coal, 5 Mithril.

Nearest Bank: East Falador
Nearest Furnace: Falador
Nearest Anvil: Within the mines

Dwarven Mine 2 Dwarf (Level 10) Dwarf (Level 10) Dwarf (Level 10) Dwarf (Level 10) Dwarf gang member (Level 44,48,49) Scorpion (Level 14) Scorpion (Level 14) Scorpion (Level 14) King Scorpion (Level 32)
Key Clay Key Tin Key Copper Key Iron Key Coal Key Gold Key Mithril Key Adamant

Thanks To: Celebi, Kecooler, Eestinoku13, Jaffy1, and Lady_Shahdie

RuneScape 2007
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