Edgeville Dungeon

By Lightning & Rien Adelric

This is the only dungeon that is half way into the wilderness, so beware! The wilderness part, however, is members only. Its main entrance is through Edgeville, although there is a shortcut north east of the Barbarian Village bridge (west of the Cooking Guild) if you have the brass key (which respawns as shown in the dungeon). It has many low to mid-level enemies to get your teeth into, and the hill giants at the far south are a hot spot for people looking for prayer xp. There's a small mine next to the level 22 and 25 skeletons (see Edgeville Mine Map). This dungeon is also home to Vannaka, one of the Slayer Masters.

The wilderness part (extending up to lvl 10) is members only. It's very useful for herblorists to collect herbs from the chaos druids or to gather Red Spider Eggs. The Skeletons and Earth Warriors are good training for the higher combat players. The Earth and Air obelisks used to enchant orbs (for crafting battlestaves) are located on the west side of the wilderness section. South of the Earth obelisk chamber, Chronozon is part of the Family Crest quest. Warning: Poison spiders!

Edgeville Dungeon Earth warriors (Level 112) Earth warriors (Level 112) Agility shortcut - Monkey bars (Level 15) Black demons (Level 98) Skeletons (Level 15) Skeletons (Level 15) Small Summoning Obelisk Deadly red spiders (Level 95) Poison spiders (Level 63) Chronozon (Level ?) Thugs (Level 28) Chaos druids (Level 32) Chaos druids (Level 32) Skeletons (Levels 15, 16 & 32) Skeletons (Levels 15, 16 & 32) Skeletons (Levels 15, 16 & 32) Skeletons (Levels 15, 16 & 32) Skeletons (Levels 15, 16 & 32) Skeletons (Levels 16 & 32) Edgeville Dungeon Mine Zombies (Level 22) Zombies (Level 22) Zombies (Level 22) Zombies (Level 22) Zombies (Level 22) Slayer master - Vannaka Agility shortcut - Pipe contortion to Varrock Sewers (Level 51) Giant rats (Levels 7 & 14) Giant rats (Levels 7 & 14) Giant rats (Levels 7 & 14) Giant spiders (Level 2) Hobgoblins (Levels 28 & 32) Zombies (Level 29) Hill giants (Level 44) Hill giants (Level 44)

Dungeon Monsters
Giant spiders: Level 2
Giant rats: Level 7, Level 14
Thugs: Level 28
Chaos druids: Level 32
Zombies: Level 22 / Level 29
Skeletons: Level 15 / Level 16 / Level 32
Hill giants: Level 44
Hobgoblins: Level 28, Level 32
Deadly red spiders: Level 95
Earth warriors: Level 112
Poison spiders: Level 63
Chronozon: Level ? / Family Crest Quest
Black demons: Level 98

Thanks to: Darkblade986, Ginger Warrior, Jaffy1

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