Evil Chicken's Lair

By Mindesto

To gain access to the Evil Chicken's Lair you must have at least started the Amik Varze portion of the Recipe for Disaster quest. You need to use a raw chicken on the Evil Chicken's Altar in Zanaris to enter the lair and a rope to reach the singular Baby Black Dragon. Chickens may be killed outside of the entrance to the Evil Chicken's Lair for the required raw chicken. The Evil Chicken has 4 Black Dragons guarding its lair, so this could be a good spot to kill them if you don't have the required 80 agility to use the shortcut in Taverly Dungeon. There is also a formidable mine in the eastern portion of the lair that just might be worth the walk to and from the Zanaris bank and risking the Black Dragons to use. Please note that you can only kill the Evil Chicken once, after that it no longer appears.

Rocks: 4 Iron, 4 Coal, 3 Silver, 4 Gold, 2 Mithril.

Nearest Bank: Zanaris.

Evil Chickens\' Lair Evil Chicken (Level 120) Baby Black Dragon (Level 100) Black Dragon (Level 144) Black Dragon (Level 144) Black Dragon (Level 144) Black Dragon (Level 144)

Dungeon Monsters
Evil Chicken: Level 110
Baby Black Dragon: Level 100
Black Dragon: Level 144

Thanks to: ForsakenMage, Ginger Warrior, Jaffy1

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