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Surely the Evil Tree is one of the most horrifying of all RuneScape's flora. These trees, with their vicious and haunting faces, sprout occasionally in RuneScape's many forests, tainting the area with their very presence. Leprechauns are RuneScape's foremost agriculturists and arborists, and therefore, they are heavily interested in preventing the sprout of these trees when they grow. At first, the Evil Tree is like any other tree, and leprechauns will encourage any passerby to help them bring it to maturity. However, once the tree reaches its' final growth cycle, it will sprout malicious roots, and begin to endanger the area. This is where you come in. You can only interact with two Evil Trees per day, and they appear only periodically, but can serve as a good distraction from other mundane tasks!

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Evil Trees, like other trees, come in varying types and levels of difficulty. The woodcutting and firemaking levels correspond to the levels required for ordinary trees and logs. The farming requirements are lower, to allow nurturing of the saplings. The lowest, normal tree does not require any levels over 1, but to broaden your access to more trees and better rewards, higher farming, woodcutting, and/or firemaking levels are advantageous. The leprechaun on site can supply you with a bronze hatchet and a tinderbox, but bringing your highest level hatchet is best. As well, completing the Tree Gnome Village Quest is a HUGE help in finding and teleporting to the trees.

Suggested: Your best hatchet, tinderbox (can be gotten at site) and a machete (optional),
access to Spirit Trees (VITAL!)
Type Farming Level
(to nurture)
Woodcutting Level
(attack by cutting)
Firemaking Level
(attack by burning)
Regular 1 1 1
Oak 7 15 15
Willow 15 30 30
Maple 22 45 45
Yew 30 60 60
Magic 37 75 75
Elder 42 90 90
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Dealing With The Tree

While a Tree is still in its' early stages, it has not yet revealed its' noxious nature, and thus a leprechaun will still be caring for it. They will ask nearby passers-by to help tend it. You can do this without any tools, so long as you have the necessary farming level (shown above). This will net you some farming experience, of course.

Once the tree has reached the final growth stage, roots will surround it, preventing you from reaching it. Players can then chop the roots with a hatchet or a machete to get access to the tree. Each piece of root chopped will yield kindling, which can be used to light the tree on fire, dealing damage and giving experience. You can only light eight fires on any one tree, at each compass point and also in between them. Once you have access to the tree, chopping the bark will deal damage and give experience as well. Beware, as roots will spontaneously grow back, knocking back or dazing nearby players.

Note that roots will go down faster when all four are active, and respawn more slowly when three are active.

You can examine the tree to check how much health it has left, and what percentage of the total possible reward will be yours for your part in dealing with the tree.

Type Farming Experience
(nurturing sapling)
Woodcutting Experience
(chopping roots)
Woodcutting Experience
(chopping tree)
Firemaking Experience
(burning kindling)
Regular 20 3 15.1 200
Oak 45 6.5 32.4 300
Willow 66 9.1 45.7 450
Maple 121 11.1 55.6 675
Yew 172.5 17.5 87.5 1012
Magic 311 25 125 1517.5
Elder 687.5 32.5 162.8 2,000.5

Post-event, the tree turns into a bonfire, on which kindling can be burned, which grants Firemaking XP depending on your level. Any left over kindling can be sold to nearby leprechauns for 25 gp apiece, or you can keep them and burn them at the new Evil tree you visit. There is also of limit of 200 kindling that can be held at one time.

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Trees can be located in 26 different locations all over Runescape. Most Evil Trees are found in forested areas near paths and civilisation.

The quickest way to get information about an Evil Tree on your world is to talk to a Spirit Tree (assuming you have completed the Tree Gnome Village quest). If there is an active Evil Tree on your world, the Spirit Trees can teleport you directly to it! When Evil Trees are immature, the Spirit Trees will give you a hint to the location of the evil tree; these can be very specific or very vague. If there is no active evil tree on your world, the Spirit Trees will tell you how long it will be until the next one.

If you cannot talk to the Spirit Trees, there is one other way to find an Evil Tree or sapling. When one turns up, large roots will occasionally spring out of the dirt in areas nearby as you walk past. Explore the vicinity and you should find it!

The below table will list the possible locations for all hints given by the spirit tree. Hints may refer to several locations. Each location may be referenced by more than one hint.

Hints Possible locations
By a collection of yew trees
Close to a dungeon entrance and within a tropical jungle
Close to a large collection of willow trees
Close to a place called "Draynor"
Close to a runecrafting altar
Close to the Village you call "Seer's"
Close to the home of "Legends"
Close to the town you call "Yanille"
Due west of a town you call "Lumbridge"
In a location with rare trees and ogres nearby
In a mine on the outskirts of a city
In the lands inhabited by elves
North as the crow flies from the market of Ardougne
North as the crow flies from Seers' Village
On the island known as Karamja
On the southern coast of a tropical island
Outside of city you call Varrock
To the South of a Gnome Settlement
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Rewards include noted logs of the same type as the tree, tree seeds, bird's nests, coins, items such as key parts and gems, as well as Treasure Trail Clues. Elder Trees will supply you with yew, magic, teak or mahogany noted logs, as well as the above rewards. Elder Trees also have the chance to give you one of three Triskelion fragments. These rewards scale based on Firemaking and Woodcutting levels.

Chat Box Evil Tree

In addition to these rewards, the leprechaun will also reward you with a unique temporary ability. This reward, lasting from a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 30 minutes, forces any logs you chop automatically be sent to your bank, regardless of whether your bank is full or not (only on regular, oak, willow, maple, yew, magic, and elder trees).

The below table indicates how long this effect will last for you - these times only apply if you have received a 100% reward total; expect slightly lower values if you received less than 100%.

Type Magic Banking Time (minutes)
Regular 6*
Oak 10*
Willow 14*
Maple 18*
Yew 22*
Magic 26*
Elder 30*

* If you choose to claim your reward from a regular farming leprechaun, your magical banking time is halved.

In addition to these rewards, when chopping a tree within this time frame, each time you receive a log, there is a lower chance than normal of the tree being completely chopped down (only applies to non-farmed trees).

If you do not have time or pack space to collect your reward, you can get it from the next evil tree you encounter.

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