Falador Castle Map

By Jimmyw3000

The map below guides you around Falador castle. It shows you where several NPCs are, and where other features of the castle are located.

Please note: White knights are dotted throughout the castle and there is a chicken on the ground floor.

Falador Castle


NPC Floor Uses
Squire Ground Floor The Knight's Sword
Silif Ground Floor While Guthix Sleeps
Akrisae Ground Floor While Guthix Sleeps
Ambassador Spanfipple First Floor None. However you may be asked to deliver to him in the Gnome Delivery minigame
Sir Renitee First Floor Also known as The Herald, he is used in construction.
Sir Amik Varze Second Floor Black Knight's Fortress, Recruitment Drive, Wanted!, Recipe For Disaster
Sir Vyvin Second Floor The Knight's Sword. He also sells white armour to those who have completed Wanted!


Feature Floor Uses
Sir Vyvin's Cupboard Second Floor Used in The Knight's Sword, it contains Sir Vyvin's portrait.
Herb Patch Top Floor While Guthix Sleeps

Castle Monsters
Chicken: Level 1
White Knight: Level 36, Level 38, Level 39, Level 42

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