Family Crest and Slug Menace Dungeon

By Mindesto and Headnazgul

This dungeon is located east of the Ardougne docks. It plays a role in the Family Crest quest, where you can mine pure gold, as well as a large part of the Slug Menace quest, where you battle the Slug Prince and encounter Mother Mallum. The upper level of this dungeon is a popular place to kill hellhounds due to its easy access rather than the number of hellhounds. The lower level has no current use after completing Slug Menace, but can still be accessed through the wall near the ladder in the entrance chamber on the upper floor.

Family Crest Dungeon Ogre (Level 53) Ogre (Level 53) Ogre (Level 53) Hellhound (Level 122) Hobgoblin (Level 28) Slug Menace Dungeon Giant Lobster (Level 45) Giant Lobster (Level 45) Giant Lobster (Level 45) Giant Lobster (Level 45) Giant Lobster (Level 45) Giant Lobster (Level 45) Slug Prince (Level 62)

Dungeon Monsters
Hobgoblin: Level 28
Ogre: Level 53
Hellhound: Level 122
Giant Lobster: Level 45
Slug Prince: Level 62

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