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The Festival of the Dead is a holiday event, introduced to Gielinor on October 2nd, 2012 by shunned Saradominist priest, Father Joakim.

Father Joakim recently moved from Ardougne after members from his order all but expelled him from the church of Saradomin. He has some ideas that have turned them away from him and possibly turned a few others over in their graves. Whilst in Ardougne, he found that some people celebrate the lives of their dead, rather than mourn their passing. At first he rejected the idea and tried to convince those people otherwise. But soon the idea grew on him and he began to research these customs. What he discovered and later shared with his fellow priests was not well received.

Help Father Joakim show the other priests that celebrating the life of the dead is part of Saradomin's way! Speak to him and choose which of the dead you'd like to help celebrate. Father Joakim can be found in the southern portion of the Lumbridge graveyard or north of the church in Burthorpe.

WARNING: This holiday event contains spoilers for some quests: The Blood Pact, The Elder Kiln, and While Guthix Sleeps.

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The Deceased

There are five deceased to choose from to help Father Joakim celebrate the lives of the Zamorakian Cultists, the Void Knights, the Drunken Dwarf, the Fight Pit Warriors, and Duradel. Each celebration is started individually by first speaking to Father Joakim regarding the deceased. When you've obtained the item that belonged to the deceased, you will need to use three soft clay to make into clay skulls, and take some flowers of the dead from the crate besides Joakim. Click on the coffin besides Father Joakim to decorate it (he will paint the clay skulls for you), then watch the celebration begin!

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Zamorakian Cultists

Requirements: Completed The Blood Pact quest

Statuette location
Make your way into the Lumbridge Catacombs. After climbing down into them, head west to the set of double stairs leading down. Once you've made it downstairs, go south into the small chamber and pick up the demon statuette from the ground. Return to Father Joakim for the celebration.
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Void Knights

Requirements: 20 Prayer, 40 Combat

Void seal location
Make your way to the Void Knight Outpost and move south to the peninsula between the novice and intermediate docks for Pest Control. Pick up the void knight seal from the ground. Head back to Father Joakim for the celebration.
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Drunken Dwarf

Requirements: 40 Prayer, completed My Arm's Big Adventure quest

Returning his beer at last ... it\'s what he would have wanted
Make your way to the Troll Stronghold, either by teleporting to Trollheim or navigating through the dangerous paths of Death Plateau to get there. Go up the slope leading to the cave entrance of the Troll Stronghold and pick up the beer and kebab in front of the cave entrance. Return to Father Joakim for the celebration.
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Fight Pit Warriors

Requirements: 60 Prayer, completed The Elder Kiln quest

Warrior\'s fire cape location
Make your way to the Fight Pits, located in the southwest corner of the Tzhaar City. Pick up Firecapezorz's cape near the entrance to the Fight Pits. Head back to Father Joakim for the celebration.
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Requirements: 80 Prayer, completed While Guthix Sleeps quest

Duradel #1
Make your way to Shilo Village to the hut where the Master Slayer Duradel resided (now replaced by Lapalok after While Guthix Sleeps). Pick up Duradel's claws from the floor besides Lapalok. Return to Father Joakim for the celebration.
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When you've completed a ceremony for the first time, you will be handsomely rewarded with a skull mask.

Name Stats Other bonuses
Skull Mask
Skull Mask
Style Stab Slash Crush Magic Range Strength: +0
Prayer: +0
Summoning: +0
Attack +0 +0 +0 +0 +0
Defence +0 +0 +0 +0 +0

In addition to this festive mask, you'll also receive a prayer XP bonus, which will give you double the experience until you've used up your reward. You may gain a maximum of 251,000 bonus prayer XP when you've completed all five celebrations.

Celebration Bonus XP Reward
Zamorakian Cultists 1000
Void Knights 5000
Drunken Dwarf 20,000
Fight Pit Warriors 50,000
Duradel 175,000
Total XP 251,000

You will gain double prayer XP with this bonus when:

  • Bonecrusher is used
  • Burying bones
  • Cremating a shade
  • Cremating a vyrewatch
  • Ectofunctus worshiping
  • Ghast slaying
  • Player-owned-house altars
  • Scattering ashes
  • Teleporting an ash-filled urn away
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Original Guide by: ForsakenMage

Special thanks to: Saradomin_Mage

Thanks to: Sy Accursed

Last updated by: Baffler

Last updated on: 1-Nov-2012

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