The TzHaar Caves

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The Fight Caves is a difficult player versus monster challenge for RuneScape’s most confident players. It consists of 63 waves of monsters, ranging from the lowly level 22 Tz-Kih to the mighty level 702 TzTok-Jad! High tier combat skills are strongly recommended to increase your chances of success in the caves; however, it can be done with lower levels. Suggested set-ups are provided below that can be adapted to suit your character's levels.

starting dialogue

As this minigame can take multiple hours to complete, Jagex added an option to allow users to log out during a wave without losing your progress. To do this, click the logout button once during the wave. You will get a message stating that your logout request has been saved and will be automatically logged out after the wave is completed. Next time you log in you will still be in the Fight Caves and the next wave of monsters will start. As you have a few seconds between logging in and the monsters spawning it is safe to logout during the waves of the 360s and before Jad. If you disconnect in the caves your progress will be saved and you will start from the beginning of the wave you disconnected on. Note that if you click logout twice you will lose your place in the waves and have to start from the beginning.

As shown in the map below, the Fight Caves are located directly next to the western TzHaar banker within the city.


Equipment and Inventory

Fight Caves Set-ups
Fight Caves Standard magic
Magic                Melee                Ranged
Switch to high-end set-ups
Helmet: Full slayer helmet* > Virtus mask > Ahrim's hood > Farseer helm
Amulet: Arcane stream necklace > Amulet of fury > Amulet of glory
Body: Virtus robe top > Ganodermic poncho > Ahrims robetop
Legs: Virtus robe legs > Ganodermic leggings > Ahrims robeskirt
Boots: Ragefire boots > Infinity boots
Gloves: Spellcaster gloves > Culinaromancer's gloves 10 (or best RFD gloves)
Cape: Completionist cape (Max cape) > Ardougne cloak 3/4 > God cape
Ring: Seer's ring (i) > Seer's ring
Shield: Arcane spirit shield > Farseer kiteshield > Mages' book > Illuminated unholy book
Weapon: Polypore staff
Aura: Vampyrism = Greater Reverence > Reverence
Special Weapon: Enhanced Excalibur

*Only when on Kuradal's slayer challenge.

80+ Magic (higher recommended)
43+ Prayer (higher recommended)

This method used the Polypore staff to deal good cheap magic damage. Magic is not recommended for players under 80 magic as it will be too inaccurate. The fight caves should be completed using the same strategies as the ranged method, while using the Polypore staff and the above set-up instead. Mystic Might, Augury or the Leech Magic prayer should be used when fighting TzTok-Jad to increase accuracy. See the strategies section for more information on how to kill the 360's and how to deal with Jad.
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The Monsters

Tzhaar Fight Cave monsters.
Pic Monster name Level Description
Tz-kih Tz-Kih 22 This monster does not hit hard but drains ten prayer points every time they hit! Kill them before they can reach you whenever possible.
Tz-Kek Tz-Kek 45 You will take 10 damage whenever you attack this monster with melee. To avoid this effect, attack it with ranged or magic. It will also spawn two Tz-Kek (level 22) when it dies.
Tz-Kek -2- Tz-Kek -2- 22 This is the spawn of the Tz-Kek (level 45).
Tok-Xil Tok-Xil 90 This monster attacks with ranged and melee. Both attacks hit fairly accurately, so killing it quickly is a priority.
Yt-MejKot Yt-MejKot 180 This monster uses melee attacks that can hit up to 250 damage, so watch your life points if you are in close combat. It will also heal itself or other monsters nearby.
Ket-Zek Ket-Zek 360 This monster uses magic and melee attacks that can often hit very high. It is advised to pray Protect from Magic or Deflect Magic and to stay out of its melee range. The safest methods used to kill this monster are magic and ranged; however, you can kill them using the 'kiting' method (See the strategies section).
TzTok-Jad TzTok-Jad 702 The big kahuna, the monster of all monsters. It uses melee, magic, and ranged attacks which can hit in the high 900s. Killing it requires a unique strategy, which is covered below.
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The Monster Waves

Killing a level 702 is far too easy a feat to be worthy of the Fire Cape. Not only must you do this, but you must battle through 62 waves of attacks from lower level monsters before even getting a chance to kill TzTok-Jad. To see the list of monster levels for each wave click the "show" link below.


Here is the following list of monster waves, listed simply by their level. Be sure to know which monster is which level before trying to use this. The list is broken up into sections before new monsters are to be introduced. You will notice that there will be 2 identical monsters of the highest level before a new subseries of waves starts.

This list is primarily meant as a guideline. If you are playing with the RuneScape music on, you will hear a sound that notifies you each time a wave has been completed.

  1. 22
  2. 22 22

  3. 45
  4. 45 22
  5. 45 22 22
  6. 45 45

  7. 90
  8. 90 22
  9. 90 22 22
  10. 90 45
  11. 90 45 22
  12. 90 45 22 22
  13. 90 45 45
  14. 90 90

  15. 180
  16. 180 22
  17. 180 22 22
  18. 180 45
  19. 180 45 22
  20. 180 45 22 22
  21. 180 45 45
  22. 180 90
  23. 180 90 22
  24. 180 90 22 22
  25. 180 90 45
  26. 180 90 45 22
  27. 180 90 45 22 22
  28. 180 90 45 45
  29. 180 90 90
  30. 180 180

  31. 360
  32. 360 22
  33. 360 22 22
  34. 360 45
  35. 360 45 22
  36. 360 45 22 22
  37. 360 45 45
  38. 360 90
  39. 360 90 22
  40. 360 90 22 22
  41. 360 90 45
  42. 360 90 45 22
  43. 360 90 45 22 22
  44. 360 90 45 45
  45. 360 90 90

  46. 360 180
  47. 360 180 22
  48. 360 180 22 22
  49. 360 180 45
  50. 360 180 45 22
  51. 360 180 45 22 22
  52. 360 180 45 45
  53. 360 180 90
  54. 360 180 90 22
  55. 360 180 90 22 22
  56. 360 180 90 45
  57. 360 180 90 45 22
  58. 360 180 90 45 22 22
  59. 360 180 90 45 45
  60. 360 180 90 90
  61. 360 180 180
  62. 360 360


63: TzTok-Jad: level 702


Strategies - Magic and Ranged

The following strategies and tactics assume that you will be using one of the suggested inventories above. There is a suggested order in which you should kill each monster, from first to last:

  • Tz-Kih (level 22)
  • Tok-Xil (level 90)
  • Ket-Zek (level 360)
  • Yt-MejKot (level 180)
  • Tz-Kek (level 45)

If any monsters are blocked from attacking you, others that are in direct combat should be prioritised first.

Dealing with the low levels - Tz-Kih (level 22) and Tz-Kek (level 45)

Getting to the level 90's is not hard at all. Just kill each Tz-Kih fast so they do not drain much prayer and you should only take minimal damage. If you are using curses and have access to Soul Split, use it whenever needed to restore some health.

Dealing with the rangers - Tok-Xil (level 90)

It gets a little harder here, but the Tok-Xil shouldn't be too much of a problem. They can hit quite accurately, so use Protect from Ranged (if not wearing high defence armour) and kill them fast. Once again, if you have access to Soul Split use it if needed to cover any damage taken, or you can use the Enhanced excalibur's special. When you see two Tok-Xil, the next wave will include Yt-MejKot.

Dealing with the healers - Yt-MejKot (level 180)

Here is where knowledge of safe-spotting is needed as the Yt-MejKot can hit hard with their melee attacks. There are three popular areas to safe-spot monsters: the west side (shown first below) and the eastern and northern areas. The east lure is called the "italy" rock while the northern lure is called the "dragon rock", due to how they appeared on the minimap before the fight caves update. The newer, more useful lure (shown first below) is called the "pillar rock", and can be used to trap a great majority of the monsters.

Fightcaves Lureminimaps Trapped on Pillar rock

Pictured: The Pillar rock (first minimap), the Italy and Dragon rocks (second minimap), and a lure on the Pillar rock.

Safe-spotting enables you to kill them without needing to pray Protect from Melee. To do this, stand next to the wall and the bigger monsters will get stuck on the edge. Once the Tok-Xil start coming you can used Protect from Ranged while you trap and kill the Yt-MejKot first. You can conserve prayer by luring both monsters and killing the Tok-Xil first instead. The Yt-MejKot can also heal themselves or other monsters nearby. A green aura will appear around a monster when it is healed (see image below).

Fight caves healer

After killing two Yt-MejKot in the same wave start praying magic; you're now at the Ket-Zek.

Dealing with the mages - Ket-Zek (level 360)

Now it's time to beast your way through many Ket-Zek. Keep the Protect from Magic prayer on almost the entire time, unless you kill the Ket-Zek before other monsters in the wave. When the Tz-Kek start to appear, do not bother with them until after the Ket-Zek is killed. When the Tok-Xil appear you won't be able to used Protect from ranged, so kill them first.

Fightcaves Mageon360

When the Yt-MejKot (level 180 healers) appear, you can trap them behind a Ket-Zek (be careful to not get into melee range of any monsters), or use the same safespotting tactic as before. The most important things to remember are to keep protect from Magic on, kill the Tok-Xil fast, and keep the healers trapped!

Once you reach wave 62, the two Ket-Zek; kill off one and lure the other to the north-east corner. Then stop, calm your nerves the best you can and finish it off. You have now reached the final wave, TzTok-Jad. Scroll down or click here for the boss tactics section.

Strategies - Melee

Completing the fight caves with melee is quite different to with ranged; however, it is recommended to read the ranged/magic strategy section above in addition to this one, as it contains a lot of useful information. Piety or Turmoil should be used throughout the whole fight caves in order to speed up kills. This strategy has a higher risk of failure, but with practice can offer a fast and cheap way to complete the caves.

Getting to the Ket-Zek should be easy, simply kill the monsters in the same order as above and switch prayers accordingly. Use Soul Split to heal whenever possible. Due to the higher defence of melee armour, safespotting will not be needed. The real challenge begins when the Ket-Zek appear. From this point onwards you should have Protect from Magic activated at all times, or at least be ready to put it on at short notice.

The Ket-Zek have two attacks; one long-ranged magic attack and a short-ranged melee attack. Both of these attacks hit hard and accurately, and you will need to avoid both in order to kill them using a method known as 'kiting'.

Fightcaves Kiting360
  • First, kill or trap the other monsters in the wave (or at least the Tok-Xil and Yt-MejKot), keeping Protect from Magic on as you do so.
  • Approach the Ket-Zek and get used to the timing of his magic attacks. Make sure to stay at least one space away (as seen in the image) to prevent it from using its melee attack.
  • Click to attack the Ket-Zek as soon as it begins to fire its magic attack, as seen above. Once your hit has landed immediately step back to your first position. Now simply repeat until the monster is killed.
  • With some practice it is possible to attack the Ket-Zek every time he fires his magic attack without taking damage. This method is easiest with a faster weapon. Players using weapons such as a Chaotic Maul or Longsword will have to wait longer between attacks due to the slower nature of the weapon.

During the higher waves you should be able to tank most of the damage dealt by the Tok-Xil and Yt-MejKot, though it is advised to kill them quickly to minimise damage. When you reach wave 62, kill off one Ket-Zek and lure the other to the north-east corner. Finish this one off and then prepare for the final challenge, TzTok-Jad. Scroll down for the boss tactics section.


Killing TzTok-Jad (level 702)

Before TzTok-Jad spawns, turn Protect from Ranged on, stand in the alcove along the south side of the pillar rock, drink your boosting potions, prayer potions, and heal to full health. Depending on what side he spawns on, he will either attack you from the south in visible range or get stuck on the other side of the Pillar rock. For the first few hits you may need to change prayers according to the sound that his attacks make (see below). If you are attacked, run forward until you can see TzTok-Jad, to make it easier to use the correct prayers.

TzTok-Jad has three attacks; melee, ranged and magic. If you are standing at a distance, he will only use ranged and magic. Since each of his attacks can hit in the high 900's, it is almost impossible to tank his attacks, which is why you need to use prayer. To successfully use prayer it is important to know the animations of all attacks.

Attack Image Description Sound
Ranged Fightcaves Jadrangedattack TzTok-Jad will raise his two front legs and slam them on the ground, after a second or two, rocks will fall from the air. This sound will NOT warn you of the attack. Makes a crashing sound as it hits you.
Magic Fightcaves Jadmagicattack TzTok-Jad will rear up with flames erupting from his mouth and launch a fireball at you. This sound DOES warn you of the attack. Makes a charging sound similar to a fire being lit.
Melee Fightcaves Jadmeleeattack No animation will forewarn you of this attack, so it's wise to stay out of melee range if using magic or ranged. Melee users will need to pray against this attack in addition to switching prayers for the other two. He will slash his right claw at you. No sound will warn you of this attack.

Once you recognize one of TzTok-Jad's attacks it is important you turn on the appropriate prayer immediately. If you fail to do so, there is a good chance you will be hit as high as 970 damage. Melee users should use Protect from Melee and only switch prayers when they see the animation for magic or ranged. After the attack hits, switch back to Protect from Melee.

Note: Once TzTok-Jad has half his health remaining, four Yt-HurKot (level 108) will come to heal him.

Ranged & Magic - You will need to attack the healers by turning on long ranged and shooting or killing each one. If you attack a healer but it remains standing by TzTok-Jad it may still heal him, so it is advised to kill any that you cannot lure directly onto yourself. They can also deal a fair amount of damage so it may be wise to turn on a defence boosting prayer. Once all the healers have been distracted or killed, finish off TzTok-Jad.

Melee - When the healers spawn they should be ignored. Change to your special weapon (such as Dragon claws) and use all your specials on TzTok-Jad, while also changing prayers accordingly. If this does not kill him, switch back to your main weapon and finish him off. The aim is to deal more damage than the healers can heal, which should be easy with the high damage rate of a Chaotic weapon.

After the healers have spawned, if they heal TzTok-Jad back to full health, another wave of healers will be spawned again when he reaches half health!

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The Fire Cape

If you get this far, we offer our congratulations for killing one of the strongest monsters in Runescape alone! For your efforts you will be rewarded with an animated Fire Cape.

victory dialogue

The cape is untradeable so only the very strongest and bravest players own them. Wear yours proudly and show everyone what kind of warrior you really are!

Players with 93 Slayer can be assigned Ice strykewyrms by Kuradal or Duradel/Lapalok. A fire cape is required to kill an Ice strykewyrm, unless you purchase a special ability from a slayer master for 2000 Slayer points.

Fire Cape
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