The TokHaar Fight Kiln



The birthplace of the TzHaar, the TokHaar Fight Kiln, is a harsh environment situated deep in the heart of the volcano. Here, the TokHaar await your challenge to test their strength in some of the most brutal combat situations in RuneScape. You can teleport directly to the entrance of the Fight kiln using the TokKul-Zo.


Before you are allowed to take on the Fight Kiln, you must have completed The Elder Kiln quest and earned a fire cape by defeating TzTok-Jad. Only then will TokHaar-Hok recognise you as a champion of the TzHaar, and allow you to take on their combat challenge. Note that to do so, you must give your Fire cape to TokHaar-Hok, who will destroy it before you.

As the Kiln is one of the most challenging combat minigames to date, high combat and skill levels are advised to increase your chances of success. Furthermore, it is advised to cover as many sides of the combat triangle as possible with your set-up. However, it is possible to complete this minigame with lower levels and fewer combat styles.

As this minigame can take multiple hours to complete, there is an option to allow users to log out during a wave without losing their progress. To do this, click the logout button once during the wave. You will get a message stating that your logout request has been saved and will be automatically logged out after the wave is completed. Next time you log in you will still be in the Fight Kiln and the next wave of monsters will start. If you disconnect in the Kiln your progress will be saved and you will start from the beginning of the wave you disconnected on. Note that if you click logout twice you will lose your place in the waves and have to start from the beginning.

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Set-up and Preparations

The Fight Kiln features monsters that span all sides of the combat triangle, and some feature damage resistances against certain types of attack. A standard set-up for the Fight Kiln should carry more than one combat style, which will ensure that you can have faster kills against the bulk of the monsters you will face.

Equipment and Inventory

Fight Kiln Set-up
Fightkiln Setup
Melee weapon: Chaotic rapier > Abyssal vine whip > Abyssal whip
Magic weapon: Armadyl battlestaff (with Armadyl runes) > Polypore staff
Ranged weapon: Karil's crossbow (with Bolt racks)> Hand cannon (at least two) > Chaotic crossbow (with Broad-tipped bolts or better)

Melee body: Torva platebody > Bandos chestplate > Torag's platebody
Magic body: Virtus robe top > Ganodermic poncho
Optional Ranged body switch: Pernix body > Armadyl chestplate > Karil's top

Melee legs: Torva platelegs > Bandos tassets > Verac's plateskirt
Magic legs: Virtus robe legs > Ganodermic leggings

Melee/Ranged amulet: Amulet of fury > Amulet of glory
Magic amulet: Arcane stream necklace

Shield (melee and magic switch): Arcane spirit shield > Chaotic kiteshield + Farseer kiteshield

Pickaxe: Dragon pickaxe > Rune pickaxe

Helm: Torva full helm > Verac's helm > helm of Neitiznot
Cape: Completionist cape (Max cape) > Soul Wars cape > Ardougne cloak 3/4
Gloves: Goliath gloves > Culinaromancer's gloves 10
Boots: Ragefire boots > Infinity boots > Steadfast boots > Dragon boots
Ring: Fully charged TokKul-Zo
Aura: Vampyrism = Greater Reverence > Reverence
Special Weapon: Enhanced excalibur (for healing overload damage) > Dragon claws
Familiar (one summoned, one extra pouch): Pack Yak > Unicorn Stallion

When using a pack yak, a recommended load of potions would be 24 saradomin brew flasks, 5 super restore flasks and one super prayer flask.

Your set-up for the Fight Kiln should be based on at least the items listed above, and then the rest of your inventory should be adjusted based on your stats and healing requirements. Make sure to bring enough prayer restoration to last the duration of your overload potions (the Prayer drain calculator may be useful). A second or even third familiar pouch is essential. Leave a spare inventory space for picking up a power-up after wave one, or juggle an item on the floor during the waves. Note that the above is an example of a set-up; your own set-up may vary based on your own requirements and levels.

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The Monsters

Imbued by the power and memories of the Kiln, the TokHaar are powerful monsters, much stronger than their TzHaar counterparts. Besides having stronger combat capabilities, certain monsters also enjoy a damage reduction against certain combat styles, denoted by their position in the combat triangle. For instance, the TokHaar-Xil takes reduced damage from Magic and Ranged attacks, but otherwise receives normal damage from Melee attacks. This ability is important to note as you fight through the waves of TokHaar in the Kiln.

The monsters below are listed by their first appearance in the Kiln.

TokHaar Fight Kiln monsters
Pic Monster name Level Description
TokHaar-Hur TokHaar-Hur 100 A weak Melee combatant, these are the least threatening of creatures in the Kiln and can usually be dealt with last. They are effortlessly dealt with via the use of Magic.
TokHaar-Xil TokHaar-Xil 140 Uses Ranged attacks. These are dispatched easily with Melee.
TokHaar-Tok-Xil TokHaar-Tok-Xil 200 Though this monster sports a powerful Ranged attack, along with a close-range Melee attack, it is extremely fragile. These should be killed as soon as possible, which should not take much effort.
TokHaar-Mej TokHaar-Mej 160 Uses Magic attacks and an extremely accurate Melee attack in close-range. Caution is advised when taking these head-on; it is usually better to take them out from a distance using Ranged attacks.
TokHaar-Ket-Dill TokHaar-Ket-Dill 120 This monster is much deadlier than it first appears. Next to possessing an extremely accurate Melee attack, it also has a slamming ability that deals over 150 unavoidable damage. Additionally, in order to first damage it, you must make use of a rune or dragon pickaxe to chip away at its tough shell, or deploy dreadnips. In waves where this is encountered alongside more powerful monsters, your focus should be on trapping these first and taking out the stronger foe. Note that you can also make this monster temporarily unaggressive to you if you run out of its wander zone.
TokHaar-Ket-Zek TokHaar-Ket-Zek 400 A powerful Magic and Melee user that hits extremely hard. It is advised to use Protect from Magic or Deflect Magic in waves where it appears. You can deal with these by attacking from a distance with Ranged or Magic, or making use of kiting when using Melee.
TokHaar-Jad TokHaar-Jad 780 A terrifying strong reincarnation of TzTok-Jad, which uses devastating Melee, Magic and Ranged attacks, this monster will appear alongside other powerful foes simultaneously. You will have to make use of your knowledge of defeating TzTok-Jad in the Fight Caves, as well as the sparse safespots offered by the harsh terrain.
TokHaar-Yt-MejKot TokHaar-Yt-MejKot 300 A powerful Melee combatant, these, like the TokHaar-Tok-Xil, are extremely fragile and should be dealt with immediately using Magic. Alternatively, you can get these trapped behind other monsters or obstacles and deal with them later.
TokHaar-Ket TokHaar-Ket 180 Uses Melee attacks. Trapping these monsters allows you to deal with them after the tougher monsters in the Kiln. You can effortlessly take these out with Magic.
Har-Aken Har-Aken 800 A legendary monstrosity, this monster is awakened from its subterranean slumber in the final wave. Besides having a whopping 15,000LP, it employs a legion of tentacles that it mercilessly attacks with. Its head, which is its only weak point, surfaces for brief moments after you damage its tentacles enough, and only by killing its head will you be able to defeat the Kiln.
Har-Aken (Ranged Tentacle) Har-Aken (Ranged Tentacle) 800 A tentacle of the Har-Aken, it uses Ranged and Melee attacks. It can be disposed of quickly with Melee attacks.
Har-Aken (Magic Tentacle) Har-Aken (Magic Tentacle) 800 A tentacle of the Har-Aken, it uses Magic and Melee attacks. It can be disposed of quickly with Ranged attacks.

The Waves of the Kiln

The TokHaar, in their undying thirst for combat, will face you in 36 waves of brutal combat before the Har-Aken awakens in the final fight. The waves are themed, which will reflect the variety of the monsters encountered in those waves. Your progression through each theme of the Fight Kiln will result in the lava rising, and the platform which you battle on will successively grow smaller.

Listed below are the monsters you will face in each wave:

Waves of the Fight Kiln Hide/Show
Waves 1 to 10 : "Xil - attack!"
Wave Monsters
1 2 TokHaar-Hur, 2 TokHaar-Xil, 1 TokHaar-Tok-Xil
2 1 TokHaar-Hur, 2 TokHaar-Xil, 2 TokHaar-Tok-Xil
3 1 TokHaar-Hur, 1 TokHaar-Xil, 3 TokHaar-Tok-Xil
4 3 TokHaar-Tok-Xil, 2 TokHaar-Mej
5 1 TokHaar-Xil, 3 TokHaar-Tok-Xil, 1 TokHaar-Ket-Dill
6 1 TokHaar-Xil, 3 TokHaar-Tok-Xil, 2 TokHaar-Mej
7 1 TokHaar-Xil, 4 TokHaar-Tok-Xil, 1 TokHaar-Mej
8 2 TokHaar-Tok-Xil, 1 TokHaar-Ket-Zek (SE)
9 6 TokHaar-Tok-Xil
10 1 TokHaar-Tok-Xil, 1 TokHaar-Jad (SW)
Waves 11 to 20 : "Our Mej wish to test you..."
Wave Monsters
11 4 TokHaar-Mej
12 2 TokHaar-Tok-Xil, 2 TokHaar-Mej
13 2 TokHaar-Mej, 1 TokHaar-Ket-Zek (SW)
14 2 TokHaar-Mej, 2 TokHaar-Ket-Zek (SE and SW)
15 1 TokHaar-Tok-Xil, 2 TokHaar-Ket-Zek (SE and SW)
16 1 TokHaar-Tok-Xil, 2 TokHaar-Mej, 2 TokHaar-Ket-Zek (SE and SW)
17 1 TokHaar-Tok-Xil, 1 TokHaar-Mej, 2 TokHaar-Ket-Zek (SE and SW), 1 TokHaar-Yt-MejKot
18 2 TokHaar-Tok-Xil, 1 TokHaar-Mej, 2 TokHaar-Ket-Zek (SE and SW), 1 TokHaar-Yt-MejKot
19 8 TokHaar-Mej, 1 TokHaar-Ket-Dill
20 1 TokHaar-Ket-Zek (SE), 1 TokHaar-Jad (SW)
Waves 21 to 30 : "Our Ket are coming."
Wave Monsters
21 12 TokHaar-Hur
22 2 TokHaar-Hur, 2 TokHaar-Ket, 1 TokHaar-Yt-MejKot
23 2 TokHaar-Hur, 1 TokHaar-Ket, 2 TokHaar-Yt-MejKot
24 1 TokHaar-Tok-Xil, 4 TokHaar-Yt-MejKot
25 2 TokHaar-Tok-Xil, 1 TokHaar-Ket-Zek (SE), 2 TokHaar-Yt-MejKot
26 1 TokHaar-Tok-Xil, 2 TokHaar-Ket-Zek (NE and SE), 2 TokHaar-Yt-MejKot
27 1 TokHaar-Tok-Xil, 1 TokHaar-Ket-Zek (NE), 2 TokHaar-Ket, 2 TokHaar-Yt-MejKot
28 6 TokHaar-Ket-Dill, 1 TokHaar-Ket-Zek (NW)
29 6 TokHaar-Yt-MejKot
30 1 TokHaar-Jad (SW), 3 TokHaar-Yt-MejKot
Waves 31 to 33 : "Kill my brothers before the lava consumes you."
Wave Monsters
31 4 TokHaar-Tok-Xil
32 4 TokHaar-Yt-MejKot
33 4 TokHaar-Ket-Zek
Waves 34 to 36 : "We remember their shapes."
Wave Monsters
34 1 TokHaar-Tok-Xil, 1 TokHaar-Jad (SE), 1 TokHaar-Yt-Mej-Kot
35 1 TokHaar-Tok-Xil, 1 TokHaar-Ket-Zek (SE), 1 TokHaar-Jad (NE), 1 TokHaar-Yt-MejKot
36 2 TokHaar-Jad (SW and SE)
Wave 37 : "One final challenge."
Wave Monsters
37 Har-Aken

Note: The spawn locations of Ket-Zek and Jad have been listed in this table. You may find this of use when positioning yourself at the end of each wave.

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The TokHaar recognise the combat prowess of their challengers, and will reward you for progressing through the waves with power-up crystals. At the end of each odd-numbered wave, the Kiln will produce a power-up crystal in its centre. These crystals are usually worth picking up, and produce various beneficial effects when activated. Note that these crystals will vanish if you do not pick them up within one minute.

Image Crystal Effects Wave
Invulnerability Crystal Invulnerability Grants you a 100% damage reduction against all attacks for approximately 30 seconds. This does not apply to TokHaar-Ket-Dill's Slam attack. 1, 13, 25
Restoration Crystal Restoration Instantly restores your lifepoints and prayer points to their maximum possible values. 3, 15, 27
Magic Crystal Magic Increases your Magic level by 50% but reduces your Defence, Strength and Ranged levels by 50%. These stat changes reoccur regularly to maintain your boosted/decreased stats at their level. This effect lasts for 3.5 minutes. 5, 17, 29
Ranged Crystal Ranged Increases your Ranged level by 50% but reduces your Defence, Strength and Magic levels by 50%. These stat changes reoccur regularly to maintain your boosted/decreased stats at their level. This effect lasts for 3.5 minutes. 7, 19, 31
Strength Crystal Strength Increases your Strength level by 50% but reduces your Defence, Magic and Ranged levels by 50%. These stat changes reoccur regularly to maintain your boosted/decreased stats at their level. This effect lasts for 3.5 minutes. 9, 21, 33
Constitution Crystal Constitution Increases your Constitution level by 50%. This stat change reoccurs regularly to maintain your boosted stat at its level. This effect lasts for 3.5 minutes. 11, 23, 35

Keep in mind that there are various restrictions on the use of these crystals. You may only activate these crystals as long as you are not currently under the effect of a crystal already. For instance, if you activate the Magic Crystal, you will be unable to activate any other crystal (even Invulnerability or Restoration) until the effects of the Magic Crystal expire. Additionally, the stat changes that result from the use of the crystals cannot be negated; though you may temporarily restore your stats above their reduced levels (through use of a potion or otherwise), the effects of the crystal repeatedly occur at regular intervals, and you will find your affected stat reduced again quickly.

As some of these crystals produce very useful effects (the Magic and Invulnerability crystals in particular), it is worthwhile holding onto them for use in later waves.

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Taking on the Kiln

As the Kiln can be a very difficult combat challenge, it is recommended to approach the waves with a general strategy in mind. As the waves of each theme vary in monster composition, it is worth noting beforehand which monsters will appear in a specific wave, and thus in what order they should be killed. Additionally, because some monsters take reduced damage from certain types of attacks, it is usually worth attacking these monsters with the combat style they are weak against, speeding up kills and saving supplies.

The Kiln Stone

Located in the centre of the Fight Kiln is a rock formation about the size of your player, referred to as the kiln stone from now on. Despite its unassuming appearance, this stone is one of your most invaluable assets in your battle against the TokHaar. While positioned on the northern or southern side of this stone, monsters on the opposite sides will be unable to attack you with their Ranged or Magic attacks, and will end up being lured towards the stone, where you can dispatch them one by one with relative ease. This tactic comes in especially useful in the later waves, preventing you from being on the receiving end of a surprise attack by TokHaar-Jad.

General Strategies

As each wave consists of a varying mix of monsters, there is no particular strategy that encompasses every single combat situation. However, there are general strategies that can be followed to deal with waves more easily.

Kill order: Similar to the Fight Caves, the order in which you kill monsters in the Kiln can be prioritised. As a general rule, it is handier to deal with immediate threats that actively damage you, and deal with blocked or less dangerous monsters last. A suggested kill order for non-Jad waves is as follows:

Note that this kill order is merely a suggested order; as the contents of a wave vary, it may be useful to change your priorities based on your protection prayer in use or the types of monsters blocked by safespots/other monsters. During the waves that include TokHarr-Jad, if is advised to trap Jad first and dispatch the other monsters before dealing with him, if possible.

Wave Strategies

Waves 1 to 9: These waves are rather straightforward and should be easy to tackle. Taking out the TokHaar-Tok-Xil should be your priority, as they have powerful attacks and low lifepoints. Use Protect from/Deflect Ranged as long as they are alive, and kill them with Melee. On waves that feature the TokHaar-Mej or TokHaar-Ket-Zek, use Protect from/Deflect Magic and take out the Tok-Xil first, and then deal with the Mej or Ket-Zek with Ranged attacks. An exception to this would be wave 7, where it would be easier to kill the single Mej using Ranged first while praying Protect from/Deflect Ranged. In wave 5, avoid TokHaar-Ket-Dill by running away from it - leaving its wander zone will cause it to lose interest in you, allowing you to deal with the other threats first before taking Ket-Dill out last.

Wave 10: This wave marks your first battle against a TokHaar-Jad. Before this wave starts, stand behind the northern end of the Kiln Stone in the centre of the arena (pictured below) to lure both the Tok-Xil and Jad towards you. Once they are lured into position, take out the Tok-Xil and then deal with Jad.

Fightkiln Kilnstone

Waves 11 to 16: As almost every wave features at least one TokHaar-Ket-Zek, you will be making heavy use of Protect from/Deflect Magic. As such, your priority should be to take out any TokHaar-Tok-Xil as soon as possible, as they will be the only creature capable of dealing heavy damage to you. It is also recommended to wear your melee armour to cover your weak spot.

Waves 17 and 18: These waves mark your first encounter with TokHaar-Yt-MejKot. Fortunately, it does not possess the ability to heal other monsters, and is rather large and thus easy to trap. You can use the Kiln Stone or other monsters to get Yt-MejKot safely out of melee distance, and dispatch them last with Magic. As usual, it is advised to use Protect from/Deflect Magic and take out the Tok-Xil first.

Wave 19: This wave pits you against eight TokHaar-Mej and a TokHaar-Ket-Dill. Once more, avoid Ket-Dill until you are out of its wander zone, then dispatch all eight Mej using Ranged attacks. Because of the sheer number of Mej, it may be worthwhile to activate a Ranged Crystal if you collected one - this will significantly speed up your kills against the Mej. The Mej can be easily lured by standing inside the rock formation to the south-east pictured below. Once all eight Mej are down, deal with TokHaar-Ket-Dill, making use of the Kiln Stone if needed.

Fightkiln Mejwavelure

Wave 20: Before this wave starts, stand behind the northern end of the Kiln Stone, which will lure both TokHaar-Jad and TokHaar-Ket-Zek towards you. If you are still under the effects of the Ranged Crystal, make use of it and take out Ket-Zek using Ranged attacks. Once Ket-Zek is down, deal with Jad as before.

Waves 21 to 24: These waves consist of monsters that only use Melee attacks. As such, you can make use of the Kiln Stone to trap these monsters and kill them individually. Regardless of whether you trap them or not, you can easily blaze through these waves with Magic and Protect from/Deflect Melee. As these waves are extremely easy, you could get away with making use of Soul Split to conserve your supplies. Using a magic crystal would speed up these waves, however it may be best to save them until later waves.

Waves 25 to 27: As these waves feature TokHaar-Ket-Zek, use Protect from/Deflect Magic. Trap the TokHaar-Yt-MejKot by using the Kiln Stone or the other monsters, and then proceed to take out the TokHaar-Tok-Xil immediately. Afterwards, kill the Ket-Zek and then the Yt-MejKot.

Wave 28: The infamous armadillo wave, and easily the most time- and supply-consuming wave, this wave pits you against six TokHaar-Ket-Dill and one TokHaar-Ket-Zek. You will need to use Protect from/Deflect Magic as long as the Ket-Zek is alive. Avoid running through large groups of TokHaar-Ket-Dill, as they can easily deal copious amounts of damage or even kill you if they make use of their special attack. Instead, start out at the northeastern corner of the Kiln. This area falls under the wander zone of one of the TokHaar-Ket-Dill, and by making use of the wall along the north edge of the Kiln, it should be possible to trap it behind it, leaving your only immediate threat being the Ket-Zek. Dispatch the Ket-Zek with Ranged, then proceed to deal with the TokHaar-Ket-Dill you have trapped. Once it is dead, attract the attention of the other TokHaar-Ket-Dill individually and deal with them slowly one by one. Take your time on this wave and do not panic, as dealing with the TokHaar-Ket-Dill is an extremely tedious task.

Wave 29: After the ordeal of wave 28, this wave is extremely simple. Use Protect from/Deflect Melee and kill all six TokHaar-Yt-MejKot with Magic, standing behind the northern side of the Kiln Stone to keep four of them trapped.

Wave 30: Before this wave begins, position yourself behind the northern end of the Kiln Stone, once more luring TokHaar-Jad up to it. Use Protect from/Deflect Melee and deal with the two TokHaar-Yt-MejKot on the north side of the Kiln, and then kill the last one on the southeastern side. Finally, take out TokHaar-Jad.

Waves 31 to 33: Each of these waves consists of only one type of monster in each. As such, you can make use of each protection/deflection prayer and kill off the monsters with the combat style they are weak against.

Wave 34: Stand on the northern end of the Kiln Stone before this wave starts. This will trap TokHaar-Jad and TokHaar-Tok-Xil on the southern end of the Stone. Kill TokHaar-Yt-MejKot, and then take out TokHaar-Tok-Xil before dealing with Jad.

Wave 35: It is advised to make use of an Invulnerability Crystal as this wave starts. You will be dealing with all three combat styles, including Jad, and the spawn positions of this wave can make it extremely deadly. Stand on the northern end of the Stone, which will trap TokHaar-Ket-Zek behind it, leaving you to deal with the other three first. Make use of this time to kill TokHaar-Tok-Xil with Magic or Ranged, and then TokHaar-Yt-MejKot, before fighting Jad immediately afterward. If you choose not to use an Invulnerability Crystal, keep an eye out for Jad's attack while you kill Tok-Xil and Yt-MejKot. Once all three are dead (easier said than done), kill off TokHaar-Ket-Zek.

Wave 36: The Double Jad wave, this wave pits you against two mighty TokHaar-Jad at once. Fortunately, the Kiln Stone still stands, making this wave much easier than it first appears. Position yourself on the northern end of the Kiln Stone, which will trap both TokHaar-Jadz on the southern end. This allows you to deal with them individually, making this wave relatively easy.

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Unleash the Har-Aken!

If you have managed to survive the onslaught of the previous 36 waves, you will have a chance to face an ancient monstrosity in this final challenge of the Fight Kiln. The Har-Aken is a humongous beast, consisting of a head and multiple tentacles capable of attacking you with all three combat styles.

Defeating Har-Aken will require both offensive and defensive capabilities. The key to defeating this creature is by reducing the lifepoints of its head to zero, killing it as a result. However, the battle is not that straightforward; Har-Aken's head only surfaces briefly, allowing you to make a few attacks on it, before it dives beneath again. Throughout the battle, you will also have to contend with the multitude of tentacles that continuously rise towards to the surface; these will assail you with Ranged and Magic attacks, and additionally Melee attacks if you get close enough to them. As you might be low on supplies from the previous waves, it is best to get this battle over with as quickly as possible.

When this wave begins, equip your Magic switches, and activate Protect from/Deflect Ranged. When you see its head surface, activate a Magic Crystal and attack the head. Make use of this period to deal as much damage to it as possible. When the head dives down, move towards a corner of the map that has fewer tentacles near it - this will ensure that you are under attack from as few tentacles as possible. Take out the Magic tentacles using your spells, and continuously scan the area to note when Har-Aken's head resurfaces. Make use of this time to heal yourself as much as possible - you want to spend the time when Har-Aken's head surfaces by attacking it as much as possible. When Har-Aken's head resurfaces, continue this process.

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If, through a combination of true skill and great fortune, you manage to defeat the powerful Har-Aken, we offer you our hearty congratulations for surviving one of the most grueling feats of combat mastery. As the dust clears, TokHaar-Hok will praise your combat prowess and offer you either an uncut onyx or a TokHaar-Kal as a reward.

The TokHaar-Kal, a cape made of enchanted obsidian, boasts the highest defence and strength bonuses of all capes in the game. It is untradeable, so only the most skilled combat masters may wear this cape. Wear it with pride to show the challenges you have faced and bested!


While in possession of this cape, players with 93 Slayer can be assigned Ice strykewyrms by Kuradal or Duradel/Lapalok. A Fire cape or TokHaar-Kal is required to kill an Ice strykewyrm, unless you purchase a special ability from a slayer master for 2000 Slayer points.

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Original Guide by: Octarine & Saradomin_Mage

Thanks to: Ambler, Tansuo

Last updated by: Octarine

Last updated on: 01-June-2012

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