The TzHaar Fight Pits

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The Fight Pits is a place where the TzHaar race holds daily contests to find the strongest warrior, and players are offered the chance to fight in a free-for-all competition against their peers to determine this! The Fight Pits are found to the south-west of the TzHaar city, shown in the map below.


You have the option of fighting players on your world or players from other worlds. You are given this option about half way between the bank and the Fight Pits. The only difference between the two options is that with first option you only play against people on your current world and with the second option you are playing against other people from many other worlds. The rules and rewards are the same no matter which option you chose, so you will not be penalized for choosing one option over the other.

Fight Caves Message

If you are planning on fighting against 100+ level combat players you might want to take some food and some worthy equipment. Well, if you want to win that is. If you die in the Fight Pits you will not lose any items, you will simply be teleported back to the waiting area. Whilst in the Fight Pits you will notice a list of how many players are still alive and the name of the previous at the top of your screen. You can also identify the champion by a red skull above his or her head(see picture below). Some players will attempt to hide in the corners, a tactic that can buy you some time, but eventually you will be found.

Fightpits Winner

When you are teleported back to the waiting room you can still watch the players fighting by clicking on the viewing orb. You can also choose which section of the Pits you want to look at by clicking the menu on the right.

Viewing Orb  

Fight Pit Strategies

Although the goal of the Fight Pits is fairly simple, achieving this can be quite a difficult task. If you attempt to win fighting solo you will be killed very quickly, regardless of your level. Whilst waiting for the fight to begin, it is generally fairly easy to join a team. Simply look for other people who have a similar combat level and ask them if they want to team up. Having a mage on your team will also greatly increase your chances of winning. On the world select page, Jagex suggests Worlds 79 and 148 to find other interested players.

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Hybrid Armour

Hybrid armour is a possible reward from playing 5 of the combat based mini-games in RuneScape. Each of the armours require level 85 in three of the following skills: Strength, Defence, Magic and Ranged. There are three sets of this armour; Battle-mage (Magic/Melee), Trickster (Ranged/Magic), and Vanguard (Melee/Ranged). Whilst in the normal game these sets of armour are purely cosmetic. However, in Castle Wars, Fist of Guthix, Soul Wars and TzHaar Fight Pits they will cause you to deal additional damage to other players. This additional damage is calculated per armour piece.

Each of the items are randomly awarded at the end of a game. Each of the games only give a certain piece of each of the three sets. By playing games in the Fight Pits you have a random chance of gaining a robe (or body) of your choice from the sets. Hybrid armour is untradeable.

Hybrid Armour Robes and Bodies
Pic Name Attack Bonuses Defence Bonuses Other Bonuses
Stab Slash Crush Magic Range Stab Slash Crush Magic Range Summon Strength Prayer
Fight Pits Battle-mage Robe Battle-mage robe 0 0 0 +38 -30 +154 +145 +121 +52 -16 +60 +5 0
Fight Pits Trickster Robe Trickster robe 0 0 0 +38 +39 0 0 0 +52 +80 +60 0 0
Fight Pits Vanguard Body Vanguard body 0 0 0 -30 +39 +154 +145 +121 -20 +80 +60 +5 0
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