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Fish Flingers Waiting

This Distraction and Diversion has been rated as Low Risk. See the minigames page for a definition of high and low risk.


Take part in a fishing contest against your friends to gain fishing XP and obtain some fishy rewards. There are no requirements to play! By default, you start with ten tickets, which will allow you to play ten times. If you're lucky however, you may find an additional ticket while fishing anywhere in Runescape, including while participating in Fish Flingers; which will allow you to play another game. Ticket counts are looked after by the fishermen, meaning players do not carry any actual tickets. You can receive two tickets per day from the fishermen. The official Runescape world for this activity is World 89. Familiars will disappear while on the island, with their timers frozen, but pets will remain visible.

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Getting There

To start playing Fish Flingers, you'll need to speak with an Expert Fisherman, who stands in any of the places listed below. You can either talk to the fisherman, or right click 'teleport' to enter the waiting area. To see how much time is left until the next contest, speak to the fisherman, or "check time" with a Tackle Box if you have claimed one from playing previously.

Location Map Location Map
Barbarian Village

Near the River Lum by the fishing spots in Barbarian Village.
Ff Minimap Barbarian Village Burgh de Rott

At the dock south of the bank.
Ff Minimap Burgh
Catherby Beach

On the beach to the east of Catherby, near the fishing spots.
Ff Minimap Catherby Draynor Village

South of the bank by the willow trees.
Ff Minimap Draynor
Fishing Guild

Inside the guild next to the fishing shop.
Ff Minimap Fishing Guild Living Rock Caverns

On the southern side of the caverns.
Ff lrc
Lumbridge Swamp

Just across the bridge and slightly north from the Lumbridge bank chest and anvil/furnace.
Ff Minimap Lumbridge Otto's Grotto

Just north of Otto's Grotto.
Ff Ottos Grotto

On the beach by the fishing spots inside the Piscatoris Colony.
Ff Minimap Piscatoris Shilo Village

Near all the fishing spots inside Shilo Village.
Ff Minimap Shilo

The fishing area at the end of the river.
Ff Minimap Taverley    
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Playing the Game

You have 10 minutes to achieve a high score, gain medals or compete for awards. Your main goal is to find the best tackle (100% rating) for each type of fish - Bass, Cod, Herring, Pike, Salmon and Trout.

A tackle is a combination of bait, hook and weight used. 100% rating is the best tackle combo; a perfect tackle.

During each game, the six different fish will be split between four fishing locations. Each location will have up to two types of fish, but no fewer than one.

The different fishing spots are as follows:

Fish Flingers Map

Map of Isla Anglerine


Your inventory becomes a tackle box full of all the different bait, hooks and weights you will use to catch fish. To set up a tackle combination, select one bait, one hook and a variety of weights from the tackle box (1, 2, and 3). To add or remove weight to you line, select or deselect the different sizes of weights.

New FF Line Set-up

To begin catching fish after selecting a tackle combination, stand near the edge of the water where you're fishing and select the "cast" button from your control panel.


To score higher, you must find the perfect tackle combination for each fish. Each fish will have a completely unique tackle combination - the same bait, hook and amount of weight will never be repeated. The best way is to keep an eye on what rating each type of bait, hook and weight gives you each time you fish - each element contributes 33% to the overall rating. You can see your rating with each catch in the interface shown below.

Fish Flingers Interface


To maximise your rating, start with the hook type. There are three pairs of similar hooks, six hooks in total. Each fish gives a 33% rating for the most suitable type of hook and 16% for a "similar" hook type. A completely incorrect hook will give 0%. You will need to use trial and error to find the best hook that gives a 33% rating.

The strategy for doing so, along with a chart of which suitable hooks match "similar" hook types, is below.

After selecting your initial tackle combination, switch a hook to see what effect it has on your score.
ChangeAction required
33% increase to your scoreYou've selected the exact right hook for this type of fish. No further changes are necessary and you can move on to perfecting the bait.
16% increaseYou either have the perfect hook or have selected its similar partner. If you switched from one hook to its similar partner, the new hook is perfect. If you switched from one hook type to a new hook type, switch to the partner of the new hook. For example, if you switched from a Normal hook to a Bone hook, now switch to Wood.
0% increase/decrease to your scoreNeither the original hook type or the new hook type are similar to the perfect hook. Try a completely different hook type.
16% decreaseYou either had the perfect hook or had the similar partner to the perfect hook. If your new hook is the similar partner to the original hook, switch back! The original one was perfect. If you switched from one hook type to another, change now to the similar partner of the original hook. For example, if you switched from a Double hook to a Slim hook, now choose the Large hook.
33% decreaseSwitch back to your original hook! It was the perfect one.
Hook Similar Hook
Hook StandardStandard Hook SlimSlim
Hook LargeLarge Hook DoubleDouble
Hook BoneBone Hook WoodWooden


The strategy for bait is similar to that of hooks. Each bait has two similar baits based on the properties of shape and colour. After some practice, you should be able to get the correct bait after only one or two switches.

The strategy for doing so, along with a list of baits to try based on similar shape and colour, is in the table below.

After selecting your initial tackle combination, switch a bait to see what effect it has on your score.
ChangeAction required
33% increase to your scoreYou've selected the exact right bait for this type of fish. No further changes are necessary and you can move on to perfecting the casting range.
16% increaseYou either have the perfect bait or have selected a similar bait. If you switched from one bait to a similar partner, the new bait is perfect. If you switched from one bait to a completely unrelated bait, switch to a similar partner of the new bait. For example, if you switched from a Green Moth to Shrimps, now try Worms and Maggots to see which is the perfect bait.
0% increase/decrease to your scoreNeither the original bait type or the new bait type are similar to the perfect bait. Try a completely different bait type.
16% decreaseYou either had the perfect bait or had the similar partner to the perfect bait. If your new bait is related to the original bait, switch back! The original one was perfect. If you switched from bait type to another, change now to a similar partner of the original bait. For example, if you switched from Crayfish to a Locust, now try Grey Moth and Shrimp.
33% decreaseSwitch back to your original bait! It was the perfect one.
Bait Used Bait to Try (Similar Colour) Bait to Try (Similar Shape)
Bait WormsWorms Bait ShrimpShrimp Bait MaggotsMaggots
Bait MaggotsMaggots Bait CricketCricket Bait WormsWorms
Bait CricketCricket Bait MaggotsMaggots Bait LocustLocust
Bait LocustLocust Bait Green ButterflyGreen Moth Bait CricketCricket
Bait Green ButterflyGreen Moth Bait LocustLocust Bait Grey ButterflyGrey Moth
Bait Grey ButterflyGrey Moth Bait CrayfishCrayfish Bait Green ButterflyGreen Moth
Bait CrayfishCrayfish Bait Grey ButterflyGrey Moth Bait ShrimpShrimp
Bait ShrimpShrimp Bait WormsWorms Bait CrayfishCrayfish

Casting Range

Once you have found the correct bait and hook, your rating should be at least 66%. To get the last 33%, you need to find the casting range, determined by the line weight. FishFlingerWeights You have three available weights, the small (1), medium (2), and large (3). Start with the medium (2) weight and add or remove the small (1) and large (3) weights. If these do not work, use combinations to test weights of 4, 5, and 6, until you hit 100% rating.

Discovered Ratings

Once you get a 100% tackle rating, it will be added to the Discovered Tackle table. Discovered Ratings It displays the perfect combo tackles, which then allows you to help out other players to get their perfect tackle and lets you keep track of where you've used the perfect tackle.

Big Fish

After you have found the 100% rating tackle and begin using it as bait, you have a chance of drawing in a big fish. You will receive a notification in your chat box when this happens. A Big Fish will not appear in nearby water if there is another Big Fish present nearby. Once it appears, other players will have to assist you in order to catch the fish. The more players assisting, the greater the reward for all players involved. You have a zero chance to catch a Big fish if you re-cast or clear your line while you have a big fish hooked. You do not need a specific tackle to catch a big fish. A big fish can weigh up to 250kg!

You can catch a maximum of three of your own big fish, and can assist other players as much as possible during a single game, however, you only receive rewards for the first six times during a single game.

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Tips and Tricks

When there is under 4 minutes until the next competition begins, you can ask the Expert Fisherman for a hint about the fish in the upcoming game. To do this, select the chat option, "Do you have any advice about the fish?" The hint he provides you will contain the location and species of one of the six fish, as well as a hint about hook type, bait type or casting range. Players will receive different hints from each other.

Fisherman Hint
Hook Clue Translation
Large mouth Large hook
Double Double hook
Small mouth Slim hook
Normal Standard hook
Can spot metal from a mile off Bone or Wood hook
Bait Clue Translation
Brown wriggling Maggot
Red wriggling Worm
Leaping green Locust
Leaping brown Cricket
Fluttering grey Grey moth
Fluttering green Green moth
Red shellfish Shrimp
Grey shellfish Crayfish
Casting Range Clue Translation
Close to shore Casting range 1 or 2
Far but not too far Casting range 3 or 4
Far from shore Casting range 5 or 6

Finding the heaviest type fish is key to obtaining a high score. The maximum weight of a fish is 199 kg and will be the best type of fish to catch each game. If you catch a 199 kg fish, you will automatically claim the Heaviest fish in the Best Results.

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Medals and Scoring

Competition Results Example

Your final score is based on six different categories in different groups:

Amount of fish caught Score
  • Total weight - 1 point per 500kg total weight of fish caught (20 points max)
  • Heaviest fish (20 points maximum)
Weight of fishScore
  • Big Fish caught - 2 points each (Max of 6 points)
  • Total Assists - 1 point for assisting others in catching Big Fish (Max of 6 points)
  • Perfect tackle found - Each fish you find the perfect tackle (100% rating) for will give you a higher score in this category. See table on the right.
Number FoundScore
MetalsBest Results
There are 4 types of medals that can be won at the end of each game. Medals are used to buy tackle boxes, rewards from the minigame. The different medals are:
  • Junior Angler - Catch 3 species at 100% rating
  • Master Angler - Catch all 6 species at 100% rating
  • Whopper - Catch 3 Big Fish
  • Team Player - Assist in catching at least 6 Big Fish
Best results are slightly different from medals - they cannot be used to buy rewards and nor do they contribute to your score, but just show the best results among all contestants. The three best result categories are:
  • Heaviest fish caught
  • Most fish caught
  • Heaviest total weight

The Competition Results window shown at the end of each game will provide more detailed scoring information, including career averages for Fish Flingers and a list of each fish and their preferred bait/hook/range from the previous game.

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After completing a game of Fish Flingers, players are awarded Fishing XP based on their performance and fishing level, as well as fish tokens and medals based on their performance. Fish tokens are used to purchase fish or XP boosting fishing gear. Both tokens and medals can be used to purchase tackle boxes from the expert fishermen. The maximum amount of tokens a person can have is 2,000.

Fishing Gear

Each piece of fishing gear provides a small boost to your fishing experience earned when performing any fishing task in RuneScape. The full set, when worn together, provides a 5% experience boost.The full set can be stored in the Armour case in a Costume room in the Player-owned House. You can have more than one set of fishing gear.

ItemToken Cost XP Boost
hatFishing Hat 1401%
jacketFishing Jacket 1401%
wadersFishing Waders 1401%
bootsFishing Boots 1401%
TOTAL5605% (1% bonus for the full set)

Tackle Boxes

Tackle boxes store fishing tools (Nets/Rods/Harpoons/Lobster pots), bait (Feathers/Bait/Fish parts), gloves (Swordfish/Shark/Cooking gauntlets), raw fish, Fishing urns (r) and fishing gear. They are designed so that you will not have to use up so much inventory and bank space to store your tools. A notable feature every tackle box offers is the a 'Check time' option, which will tell you how much time is left until the next competition begins. Using items from your inventory, that can be stored in the box, will deposit them into the tackle box.

Beginner's tackle boxes can only store 1 tool and 1 bait type (150 bait per slot), but as the tackle box is upgraded, more items can be stored within it. Another useful feature of tackleboxes is their ability to hold a certain number of raw fish, and even telebank them away, up to a certain limit. Raw fish cannot be taken out of the tacklebox, only banked or telebanked. You can also check your current number of entry tickets, and check when you can earn more. If you lose a tacklebox, you can get another from the expert fishermen for free. If you destroy your tacklebox, when you reclaim it it will contain the same items it did when you destroyed it.

Tackle Box Cost Tool Slots Bait Slots (Bait per slot) Glove Slots Raw fish held (telebank total)
Beginner\'s tackle boxBeginner's tackle box 110 Fish tokens &
20 Medals*
1 1 (150) 0 6 (25)
Basic tackle boxBasic tackle box 230 Fish tokens &
50 Medals*
2 1 (250) 0 12 (50)
Standard tackle box Standard tackle box 470 Fish tokens &
110 Medals*
3 2 (400) 0 18 (100)
Professional\'s tackle box Professional's tackle box 900 Fish tokens &
230 Medals*
4 3 (650) 1 24 (200)
Champion\'s tackle box Champion's tackle box 1870 Fish tokens &
500 Medals*
5 3 (1000) 2 30 (500)
*Metals are cumulative and are only required to purchase a reward, but not consumed. For example, one can buy a Beginner's tacklebox with 30 metals and will still have 30 metals after purchasing it.

Other Rewards

There are couple of additional rewards available as well.

ItemCost (Tokens)
Tacklebox Fish Teleport limit reset - reset your daily limit on teleporting fish with a tacklebox.100
Fish Flingers entry ticket - the cap of 15 tickets/week is unchanged.100
Double fish caught for 20 minutes - you catch two fish at once instead of one. This benefit stacks with Agility and the Shark Outfits from Treasure Hunter.100

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