Piscatoris Fishing Colony

By Flippi273

This unique fishing colony is accessible via boat ride from the launching area west of the Tree Gnome Stronghold. It can also be reached by walking north-east from the Fairy Ring code AKQ.

It is the only place to catch Monkfish. It plays a major role in the Swan Song quest. This fishing colony also has seaweed nets, where players can obtain seaweed and use it for crafting glass items.

Once you get a full inventory of Monkfish you can cook them on the local range. NPC Arnold Lyspor serves as both the bank and the general store. The small mine outside the city walls has 2 clay, 2 tin, 2 copper and 3 iron rocks. The furnace building also features an iron press, which is explained in the Swan Song quest guide. Pressed iron sheets can be sold to Frank Lyspor for 20gp each. Kathy Corkat will row you down to the launching area west of the Tree Gnome Stronghold whenever you wish.

The Woodlands Hunting Grounds are just south of Piscatoris.

Fishing Colony

Skeleton Mage: Level 83

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