Fishing Guild

Fishing Guild Summoning Obelisk Harpoon, Big Net, and Cage Fishing Spots Harpoon, Big Net, and Cage Fishing Spots Harpoon, Big Net, and Cage Fishing Spots Roachey - Fishing Guild Shop Fisherman - Fish Flingers minigame Master Fisher Musician Fisherman's Wife - Fish Flingers minigame Rewards Goblin Dungeon Entrance

The Fishing guild is located in the heart of Kandarin, just north of Ardougne; it is for members only. You'll need level 68 Fishing to enter. At level 65, you might wish to drink a fishing potion to enter (requires level 50 Herblore to make); at level 63 you could eat an admiral pie to qualify (requires level 70 cooking to bake). Note that if you log out in the Fishing Guild after your boosted level has returned to normal, you will appear outside the Guild when you log back in.

The skills necklace teleport is an easy way for members to arrive just outside the guild door. Simply rub it and choose this guild as the destination. Read the skills necklace items database entry to learn more about making and recharging it.

The Master Fisher is usually just within the entrance, and as you enter you will notice the three respawns of fishing equipment within the first building: a lobster cage, harpoon and big fishing net (shown in red on the map). The range close by is also very convenient, allowing you to cook whatever you fish and gain the Cooking xp that you desire. There is a bank in the north-western corner where you can deposit your raw or cooked fish.

Fishing Guild

The two piers in the fishing guild are the obvious centre of minigame here. The fishing spots here allow you to catch tuna, lobster, bass, swordfish, and shark. Be aware that the fishing spots will occasionally shift positions, so you can't just ignore the playing screen while Fishing.

Other features of interest include:

  • The Fishing Guild Shop (run by the NPC Roachey), which will buy your raw and cooked fish in addition to selling bait and feathers.
  • The Fish Flingers minigame startpoint just outside the shop - a Fisherman will appear approximately every 90 minutes to teleport interested players to the island the minigame is held on. As a note, rewards from the minigame can be collected from the Fisherman's Wife found outside the entrance to the Fishing Guild.

The enclosed fishing spots to the north-east of the Guild are entirely seperate; they are part of the Fishing Contest Quest grounds. Similarly, the Goblin Cave entrance near the Fisherman's Wife is not part of the Guild, but it's location is noteworthy.

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