Fremennik Tasks

This minigame is very dynamic, involving different levels of tasks. Because of this, the minigame risk ratings are given in the task summaries (found at the beginning of the Easy, Medium, Hard and Elite task listings).



The Fremennik Tasks contain tasks that can be completed by low, medium, and high level players.

What to wear is for you to decide, using your best judgement, but games necklaces and lyres can help speed up completion of some tasks. Only selected tasks directly involve combat, so armour will not be necessary except for very low levels, who may want defence against ordinary monsters that exist around the towns. If you were going to fight a monster you would want armour and weapons. However, if you do not plan to do anything involving fighting and will be in a safe area, then lightweight clothing is suggested. (For more information on monster fighting, view the guides in our Monster Hunting guides.)

In general, Jagex allows players to use stat boosting items (such as potions, pies, ales or Evil Dave's stew) to increase a stat to do a task. However, player assists do not work.

In the task menu, you will see six recommended tasks from the Fremennik area. To view the entire list of tasks, click Open Task List. If you click on an individual task, it will bring up more information on the task. All the tasks are listed further down in this guide.

Each time you finish a task, you will get a message in the top central part of your window stating that you've completed a task. Open the Task List and you'll see a small check mark next to that task. If you do not have the requirements for a task, a small lock will appear in the corner of the task. Once you have completed all the tasks of this region or you do not have requirements for any of the other tasks, minigames will appear in the task list.

You can perform the tasks in any order and at any level (Easy, Medium, Hard or Elite) that you wish. To help players plan effectively, a map showing the location for each task is available. It shows a code number for each task, which matches the lists in this guide. Check the map, bring what you need and you're on your way!

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Easy Tasks

Easy tasks follow this criteria:

  • Easy-ranged quest requirements.
  • Easy-ranged skill requirements.
  • Can be completed with little difficulty.


Skills: 10 Slayer

Quests: None

Completed Easy Tasks:Hide/Show

Complete Map Code Task Quest Requirements Other Requirements
E1 "Bring the Antipoisons" - Kill a Cave Crawler in the Fremennik Slayer Dungeon. None Antipoison, Level 10 Slayer
Go to the Fremennik Slayer Dungeon, south-east of Rellekka, near the Golden Apple Tree. (Fairy Ring code AJR). Kill a cave crawler. They are highly poisonous, so bring antipoison!
E2 "Why Won't You Die?" - Kill five Rock Crabs near Rellekka or on Waterbirth Island. None None
Kill five Level 102 Rock Crabs east outside of Rellekka near the mountain, or on the north tip of Waterbirth Island.
E3 "King Conifer" - Find the highest tree on the Fremennik Mainland. None None
The highest tree is to the east of Rellekka, on the mountain east of the rock crabs and Olaf Hredson. Simply stand next to it. (Right next to the Fairy ring, code DKS.)
E4 "Assaulted Goodies" - View the rewards in the Barbarian Assault Tutorial. None None
Talk to Captain Cain in Barbarian Assault and choose "Rewards". If you haven't, you must take the Tutorial before you can view the rewards.
E5 "Oxymoron Incarnate" - Speak to Otto Godblessed about Barbarian Training. None None
Go to the house west of the whirlpool near Barbarian Assault and talk to Otto.
E6 "Why Did the Lobster Blush?" - Collect three seaweed from the shore north-east of Rellekka. None None
The seaweed spawns are right next to the Rock Crabs. Pick up three of them.
E7 "Hunting the Hunter" - Find the Hunting Expert on the Northern Ice Plains. None None
Go north across the lake on the bank from the Rock Crabs. Go across onto the ice floes, and talk to the Hunter Expert, who is at the far north-west area.
E8 "Peer Off the Pier" - Catch a fish off Rellekka's piers. None Net/harpoon
Catch a fish with a net or harpoon off one of Rellekka's fishing docks.
E9 "A Familiar Feeling" - Recharge your summoning points near Rellekka's Gates. None None
Recharge your summoning points at the small obelisk near the entrance to Rellekka. If your points are already full, you will need to reduce them by summoning a familiar.
E10 "Endangered Species" - Kill an adult black unicorn. None None
Unicorns can be found east of Rellekka.

For information about the rewards for this set of tasks read below.

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Medium Tasks

Medium tasks follow this criteria:

  • Medium-ranged quest requirements.
  • Medium-ranged skill requirements.
  • Medium level of difficulty.


Skills: 33 Crafting, 48 Cooking, 55 Hunter, 42 Thieving

Quests: Fremennik Trials, Fremennik Isles, Creature of Fenkenstrain, Started Fairy Tale Part Two: To Cure a Queen, Started Garden of Tranquility

Completed Medium Tasks:Hide/Show

Complete Map Code Task Quest Requirements Other Requirements
M1 "Fremennik History 101" - Learn of the history of the Fremennik's and the Outlanders from Chief Brundt. Fremennik Trials None
Talk to Chief Brundt about the history of his tribe and the Outlanders.
M2 "Cool Story, Bro" - Watch a shouting match between two Fremennik Isles Tower Guards. Right click the guards to "watch" them. Fremennik Isles None
Climb up the watchtower either on Jatizso or Neitizot and listen to the guards shout at each other.
M3 "Who's a Good Boy?" - Interact with a pet rock. Fremennik Trials None
You can regain your pet rock if you have lost it by talking to Askeladden.
M4 "Only Takes a Little Vial" - Make three vials in the Rellekka furnace. None 33 Crafting, 3 molten glass or supplies
Go to Rellekka's furnace and craft three glass vials out of your supplies. There is a sand pit nearby should you not bring pre-made molten glass.
M5 "You Know You Want It!" - Charm the Fossegrimen into accepting a raw bass. Creature of Fenkenstrain, Fremennik Trials, Garden of Tranquility (started) Ring of Charos(a), raw bass, lyre
Bring your lyre to the altar of the Fossegrimen south west of Rellekka, while wearing your ring of Charos(a), and charm the Fossegrimen.
M6 "Yak Attack" - Wear Yak-Hide armour and kill an ice troll. Fremennik Isles Weapon, Yak-Hide Top/Bottom
Go to the north end of Jatizso or Neitizot wearing your Yak-Hide, and kill an ice troll (kill a male or female; runts will not work). Instructions for making yak-hide armour can be found in the Fremennik Isles quest guide.
M7 "Fremmental" - Make cheese in Rellekka's dairy churn. Fremennik Trials 48 Cooking, milk, butter or cream
Use your butter or cream on the dairy churn in the southern area of Rellekka. A bucket of milk spawns in a house to the north.
M8 "Fairy Mountaineering" - Use the Fairy Ring system to travel to the windswept tree on a mountain. Started Fairy Tale Part Two: To Cure a Queen Lunar/Dramen Staff
Use the Fairy Ring code DKS.
M9 "You Really Don't Need Any More Shoes" - Browse through Yrsa's shoe style selection. Fremennik Trials 500 gp if you wish to change shoes, otherwise just close the window.
Go to Yrsa's clothing shop in the western part of Rellekka and either talk to her or use the right click option.
M10 "Big Game Hunter" - Successfully hunt a sabre-toothed kyatt. None 55 Hunter, teasing stick, hatchet and a knife
Go to the Polar Hunting area north of Rellekka and catch a kyatt.
M11 "Grand Theft Fish" - Steal a fish from the Rellekka market. None 42 Thieving
Go to the Rellekka market and steal from the fish stall.

For information about the rewards for this set of tasks read below.

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Hard Tasks

Hard tasks follow this criteria:

  • Higher-ranged quest requirements.
  • Higher-ranged skill requirements.
  • Higher level of difficulty.


Skills: 35 Agility, 30 Mining, 52 Crafting, 52 Firemaking, 35 Strength, 55 Fishing, 65 Magic, High Combat Skills, 50 Defence

Quests: Fremennik Trials, Lunar Diplomacy, Royal Trouble

Completed Hard Tasks:Hide/Show

Complete Map Code Task Quest Requirements Other Requirements
H1 "Defeating Deadly Dagannoths" - Kill three dagannoths in the first layer of Waterbirth Dungeon. None High combat skills, if not completed Fremennik Trials, enough cash for the boat ride.
Kill three dagannoths. Praying ranged is recommended.
H2 "Dress to Impress" - Wear Rock-shell, Spined, or Skeletal armour and have a Rellekka citizen say your "honoured" name. Fremennik Trials 50 Defence. A full set of Skeletal, Rock-shell, or Spined armour.
Talk to a Rellekka citizen while wearing your armour.
H3 "The Graceful Barbarian" - Complete the entire Barbarian Agility Course. None 35 Agility, finished Barcrawl
Go to the Agility Course near Barbarian Assault and complete it.
H4 "Runes on the Moon" - Mine pure essence on Lunar Isle. Lunar Diplomacy Level 30 Mining, means of getting to Lunar Isle, pickaxe
Mine pure essence in the underground mine in the north-east of Lunar Isle.
H5 "Pyre At Will" - Make a barbarian Pyre Ship from Arctic Pine. None 52 Crafting, 52 Firemaking, completed Barbarian Training, arctic pine log, tinderbox, chewed/mangled bones, hatchet.
Refer to our Woodcutting Guide to cut arctic pine logs for the pyre ship. Chewed bones are dropped ONLY by mithril dragons and have rewards and benefits when used to make a pyre ship. Mangled bones have no rewards and instead roust a dangerous, high level aggressive barbarian spirit. This minigame seems to be bugged, so use your log on the pyre ship spot on the west side near Otto. DO NOT choose to "Construct pyre ship" or use the logs on another spot.
H6 "Fish Fingers" - Catch a tuna without a harpoon. None 35 Strength, 55 Fishing, finished Barbarian Fishing
Catch a tuna bare-handed at any fishing spot.
H7 "Easy As Pie" - Bake a pie using magic. Lunar Diplomacy 65 Magic, runes for "Bake Pie" (1 astral, 5 fire, 4 water), and an uncooked pie.
Switch to Lunar Magics, and cast Bake Pie with the necessary runes and a pie in your inventory.
H8 "How to Maim Your Dragon" - Kill a Mithril Dragon. None Barbarian Training, high combat skills.
Refer to our Mithril Dragon Slaying guide for tips on slaying this level 178 beast.
H9 "A Periodic Table" - Receive mahogany from your Kingdom. Royal Trouble None
Be sure to set your kingdom to collect mahogany, and visit Advisor Ghrim to collect from your subjects.
H10 "Totally Livid" - Unlock the first spell by helping out on the Livid Farm. Lunar Diplomacy None
Visit and participate in the Livid Farm minigame. This task is not required to collect the hard tasks reward.

For information about the rewards for this set of tasks read below.

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Elite Tasks

Elite tasks follow this criteria:

  • Very high-level skill requirements.
  • Very high level of difficulty.


Skills: 96 Fishing, 76 Strength, 90 Agility, 82 Runecrafting, 93 Slayer, 85 Crafting, 90 Smithing, 80 Herblore, High Combat Skills

Quests: The Fremennik Isles, Lunar Diplomacy, Tai Bwo Wannai Trio, Blood Runs Deep

In addition to this you must have completed the Barbarian Training miniquest.

Completed Elite Tasks:Hide/Show

Complete Map Code Task Quest Requirements Other Requirements
X1 "Jaws Breaker" - Catch a shark with your bare hands on Jatizso. None 96 Fishing, 76 Strength, completion of the fishing section of the Barbarian Training miniquest.
Got to Jatizo and fish at a shark fishing spot without a harpoon in your inventory.
X2 "Limber Lumber Jumper" - Complete the high-level section of the Barbarian Agility course while wearing an agile top. None 90 Agility, Completion of the Barbarian Bar Crawl.
Complete 250 laps of the Advanced Barbarian Agility Course to obtain an agile top and then complete one lap while wearing it.
X3 "Astronomical!" - Craft 56 or more astral runes simultaneously. Lunar Diplomacy 82 Runecrafting, 28 pure essence
Bring a full inventory of pure essence to the astral rune altar and craft it into astral runes.
X4 "First Stryke" - Kill an ice strykewyrm (you do not need to be assigned this as a Slayer target for this task). None 93 Slayer
Travel to the ice strykewyrm cave near fairy ring DKS and kill one. See the ice strykewyrm bestiary profile for more information.
X5 "Leap of Faith" - Jump the chasm in the Fremennik Slayer Dungeon to gain quick access to the pyrefiends. None 81 Agility
Head to the Slayer Dungeon and cross the first agility shortcut.
X6 "No Smoke Without Pyre" - Make a pyre ship from magic logs. None 85 Crafting, magic logs, chewed or mangled bones, completion of the Firemaking section of the Barbarian Training miniquest.
Refer to our Woodcutting Guide to obtain magic logs for the pyre ship. Chewed bones are dropped ONLY by mithril dragons and have rewards and benefits when used to make a pyre ship. Mangled bones have no rewards and instead roust a dangerous, high level aggressive barbarian spirit. See our Firemaking Guide for more information.
X7 "This Hasta Work" - Smith a rune hasta on Otto's anvil. Tai Bwo Wannai Trio 90 Smithing, rune bar, completion of the Smithing section of the Barbarian Training miniquest.
Visit Otto the Godblessed's house near Baxtorian Falls with a rune bar, magic log, and a hammer. Use the rune bar on the anvil and make a rune hasta.
X8 "Potting With Otto" - Make a super ranging mix potion in Otto's hut. None 80 Herblore, super ranging potion (2), caviar, completion of the Herblore section of the Barbarian Training miniquest.
Go inside Otto the Godblessed's hut with a 2 dose super ranging potion and some caviar. Add the caviar to the potion while standing inside the hut.
X9 "Axe'll Grease" - Use Balmung to kill a dagannoth (after completing Blood Runs Deep). Blood Runs Deep High Combat Skills
Visit Waterbirth Island and kill a dagannoth while wielding Balmung. Alternatively you can combat the dagannoths found beneath the lighthouse to complete this task. No other dagannoths around the game will complete this task for you. Praying range is recommended.

For information about the rewards for this set of tasks read below.

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Ok, you've trudged all over the Fremennik area, displaying your aptitude for all facets of this proud people's existence. So what do you get from all this? One of four forms of powerful Fremennik Sea Boots!

All Easy Tasks complete

After completing all the easy tasks speak to The Council Workman for a pair of Fremennik Sea Boots 1 and additional rewards.

When worn

  • Operate the boots to contact the Fossegrimen and recharge the magic lyre; you will receive one less charge than normal.

At all times:

  • Speaking to the Fossegrimen to recharge the magic lyre in person will give you two additional charges.
  • Peer the Seer offers a bank deposit service.

Experience Lamp(s): 5000 XP (Level 30+)

Pic Name Stats
Armour bonus Life bonus
Fremennik Sea Boots 1 15 60

All Medium Tasks complete

After completing all the easy and medium tasks, speak to Yrsa in Rellekka for a pair of Fremennik Sea Boots 2 and additional rewards.

When worn:

  • Once per day, use the magic lyre teleport for free.
  • Use a broken pier shortcut between Miscellania and Etceteria.

At all times:

  • Improved rate of gaining approval on Miscellania and Etceteria.

Experience Lamp(s): 10,000 XP (Level 40+)

Pic Name Stats
Armour bonus Life bonus
Fremennik Sea Boots 2 50 60

All Hard Tasks complete

After completing all the easy, medium and hard tasks, speak to Ghrim in Miscellania for a pair of Fremennik Sea Boots 3 and additional rewards.

At all times:

  • When stocking your coffers, Advisor Ghrim will accept flatpacked items in place of gold.
  • Speak to Olaf the Bard to change your teleport destination between Rellekka and Waterbirth Island.
  • New Fremennik honorific.

Experience Lamp(s): 15,000 XP (Level 50+)

Pic Name Stats
Armour bonus Life bonus
Fremennik Sea Boots 3 31 120

All Elite Tasks complete

After completing all the easy, medium, hard, and elite tasks, speak to Ghrim in Miscellania to receive the final upgraded boots, Fremennik Sea Boots 4 and additional rewards.

When worn:

  • The Dagannoth Kings will drop some noted items.
  • Deal more damage to the Dagannoths Kings.
  • Gain access to a new area in Jatizso mine. (Someone there will also turn your ores into notes.)

At all times:

  • The option to trade in 28 Suqah teeth or Suqah hides to Rimae Sirsalis for nine noted pure essence each.
  • The NPC Contact spell now allows players to switch from the Lunar spellbook to the ordinary spell book by speaking with the Oneiromancer.
  • The Seal of Passage now has a daily teleport option to Lunar Isle.
  • Further improved rate of gaining approval on Miscellania and Etceteria.
  • Speak to Olaf the Bard to change your teleport destination between Jatizso and Neitiznot.

Experience Lamp(s): 4x 30,000 XP (Level 86+), 40,000 XP (minimum level 89+)

Pic Name Stats
Armour bonus Life bonus
Fremennik Sea Boots 4 42 150

Congratulations on completing the Tasks for the Fremennik area!

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