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Special thanks to Blood_Angel, Aurhora

Another world, Freneskae is the home of the Mahjarrat and other dangerous races. Unlocked during the Fate of the Gods quest through the World Gate, Freneskae is a harsh environment with lots of danger to overcome, but a world of wealth to explore. The map below documents Freneskae in its entirety, with particular reference to the path through the Fate of the Gods quest as well as the Memoriam Crystals found throughout the world, unlocking memories of Zaros and Seren.

You can hover over any item/monster and click its icon to go to the relevant page documenting it.

Freneskae Map Memoriam z07 Memoriam z08 Memoriam z06 Memoriam z09 Memoriam z01 Memoriam z05 Memoriam z04 Memoriam z02 Memoriam z11 Memoriam z10 Memoriam z03 Memoriam z12 Memoriam s01 Memoriam s02 Memoriam s03 Memoriam s04 blood nihil ice nihil smoke nihil shadow nihil throwing muspah force muspah bladed muspah

Blood Nihil: Level 160
Ice Nihil: Level 160
Smoke Nihil: Level 160
Shadow Nihil: Level 160

Throwing Muspah: Level 150
Force Muspah: Level 150
Bladed Muspah: Level 150

Thanks To: Blood_Angel, Aurhora

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