Frost Dragons Guide

This area has been rated as HIGH-RISK. Frost dragons have a number of dangerous attacks that can catch unwary players off their guard.



After level 85 Dungeoneering, a resource dungeon becomes available to players containing creatures previously found in the frozen floors of Daemonheim: frost dragons. These monsters drop a special set of bones that are extremely valuable to players looking to train their prayer skill, making the dragons one of the best consistent money-making creatures in-game.

Frost Dragon Basic Facts (Bestiary Profile)
Combat Level: 166 Frost Dragon Lifepoints: 1610 Maximum Hit: 230 Attack Style(s): All, Dragonfire
Experience Summary
Frost dragons are typically not fought for experience, but depending on your stats, level of focus and choice of equipment, you can expect rates around 50,000-60,000 melee XP per hour.
Drops Summary
Frost dragons are one of RuneScape's most profitable money-makers, with a 100% Frost dragon bone drop, the highest value bone on the market. They can also drop the Draconic visage, a high value drop common among powerful dragons.
Special Notes
In addition to standard attacks and dragonfire, frost dragons have a unique ability to reflect any damage you deal back at you, signaled by a blue orb rotating around them.
Recommended Levels
80+ Attack and Strength (if using melee), 80+ Ranged (if using ranged), and 80+ Defence
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About the Frost Dragons

While their counterparts in the dungeons of Daemonheim are powerful, the surface-world variants are even more dangerous, using every attack style as well as a special damage reflection ability that can swiftly kill any unsuspecting player. They are particularly weak to stab attacks.

Frost Dragons Attack Styles
Magic Ranged
Frostdragon Mage Frostdragon Range
Melee Reflect Damage Orb
Frostdragon Melee Frostdragon Orb
Long Distance Dragonfire Close Range Dragonfire
Frostdragon Fire Frostdragon Closefire
  • Magic and Ranged: for each dragon, it is randomly selected whether it will use ranged attacks or magical attacks (in addition to its other styles below). Adjust your prayers accordingly once you see which attack has been chosen.
  • Melee: the dragon will only use this attack if you are within melee range.
  • Reflect Damage Orb: after a minimum of five rounds of combat, a rotating blue orb may activate, and any damage you deal to the dragon will be completely reflected back. This can potentially kill you, especially if you use a powerful special attack.
  • Dragonfire: similar to metal dragons, the frost dragons have the ability to breathe fire both at close range and long range. You will need to counter this with either super antifire potions, or an anti-dragon shield and normal antifire potions.
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Getting There

Frost Dragons Getting There Map

There are many routes to the Frost Dragon Cave. As shown in the map above, the quickest methods are either travel via fairy ring AIQ, or use of a Rimmington house teleport, and running south-east to the dungeon entrance. Alternatively, you can use the Explorer's ring cabbage patch teleport, or use the Glory amulet to teleport to either Draynor or Karamja. For banking, you can either use a Glory amulet if you brought one, a Ring of duelling, or a home teleport spell.

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Melee Set-up

Melee Set-up (Familiar, Cannon)
Monster Hunting Prayers Curses Text Protect Item On Protect From Magic On Protect From Missiles On Piety On
Protect Item Curse On Deflect Magic On Deflect Missiles On Soul Split On Turmoil On
If using curses, you will be alternating between Deflect Magic/Missiles and Soul Split. Remember, if you do not have super antifires, you will need to wield either a Dragonfire or Anti-dragon shield.

Helmet: Fighter hat > Helm of neitiznot
Necklace: Amulet of fury > Amulet of glory > Amulet of power
Cape: Completionist's cape (Max) > Soul wars cape > Fire cape
Chest: Bandos chestplate > Torag's platebody > Rune platebody
Legs: Bandos tassets > Torag's platelegs > Rune platelegs
Weapon: Chaotic rapier > Abyssal vine whip > Dragon scimitar
Shield: Dragon defender > Rune defender
Gloves: Culinaromancer's gloves 10 > Culinaromancer's gloves 9 > Culinaromancer's gloves 8
Boots: Steadfast boots > Dragon boots
Ring: Berserker ring (i) > Onyx ring (i) > Ring of life
Aura: Greater Reverence > Reverence
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Ranging Set-up

Ranged is not as effective as melee in terms of kill speed, but it has the advantage of being safer from damage, as you will be using protection prayers to cover all of the dragons' normal attacks. However, the dragons will still be able to use its reflect damage ability. Using the Void Knight set is highly recommended.

Ranging Set-up (Familiar, Cannon)
Frostdragon Rangedsetup
Monster Hunting Prayers Curses Text Protect Item On Protect From Magic On Protect From Missiles On Rigour On
Protect Item Curse On Berserker On Deflect Magic On Deflect Missiles On
Remember, if you do not have super antifires, you will need to wield either a Dragonfire or Anti-dragon shield.

Helmet: Void ranger helm
Necklace: Amulet of ranging > Amulet of Fury > Amulet of glory
Cape: Completionist's cape (Max) > Soul wars cape
Chest: Elite void knight top > Void knight top
Legs: Elite void knight robe > Void knight robe
Weapon: Hand cannon > Chaotic crossbow > Rune crossbow
Shield (no hand cannon): (Illuminated) unholy book > (Illuminated) book of law
Gloves: Void knight gloves
Boots: Glaiven boots > Ranger boots > Snakeskin boots
Ring: Archer's ring (i) > Onyx ring (i) > Ring of life
Aura: Greater Reverence > Reverence

Inventory shown: Extreme range potions, super antifires, prayer renewals, prayer potions, cannonballs and cannon, winter storage scrolls.  
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Strategy and Tactics

After entering the cave, set up your cannon so as to draw attention from all the surrounding dragons. You can do so in either the north or south region of the cave, but the monster spawn arrangement in the southern section is slightly better for cannoning. Although the cavern is a single combat zone, your cannon will still increase your kill rate significantly by damaging your target dragon as well as others when you are out of combat. When fighting, remember to watch out for the damage reflect orb, and cease combat immediately when it appears. Using curses is optimal as it will allow you to switch between Soul Split and deflect curses in order to heal from any mistakes. Keep track of your cannon's ammunition and try to refill in between rounds of combat.

Frostdragon Gameplay

If using a pack yak, pick up bones and use the yak's winter storage scroll ability to bank them. As this drains summoning special move energy, you will have to occasionally drink summoning potions to be able to continue banking efficiently. If using a lower beast of burden, simply continue killing until your inventory and familiar is full of bones, teleport to a bank, and repeat.

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Frostdragon Bones

Frost Dragons are known as one of the best creatures to hunt for consistent money-making. Every kill, you will receive their unique drop, Frost dragon bones, which are the highest valued bones set on the market. Like other high level dragons, they also have a small chance of dropping the rare Draconic visage. Combined with a decent effigy rate, these monsters are an all-around good choice for low-risk, high-profit monster hunting. For a full list of drops, visit the Frost dragon bestiary entry. Good luck hunting!



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