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In honour of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games being held in London, the Gielinor Games comes to RuneScape, bringing together the denizens of Gielinor to compete in a variety of activities. By helping to prepare for and competing in the Gielinor Games, players can earn points to purchase rewards ranging from costume pieces, emotes and titles! Do you have what it takes to win the admiration of the people, or will you find yourself wallowing in shame?

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Preparation (11 July 2012 to 23 July 2012)

Speak with Oomad Arrow in the centre of Varrock to begin preparing for the Gielinor Games. He will give you a set of three tasks: catering, medal making, and creating construction materials. Assisting in these tasks will reward you with contribution points that can later be used to purchase rewards.


While the games are taking place there are bound to be hungry people, competitors and spectators alike! Help Oomad spice things up by helping him cater the Gielinor games food. Upon accepting the task, Oomad will give you a combination of three flavours to bear in mind while creating the dish. There are six flavours: Bitter, fruit, savoury, sour, spicy, and sweet. Click on the Gielinor games kitchen to access the interface to create the dish.

Gielinor Games Catering Interface

The better the recipe, the better the score. Each individual ingredient has their own rating of flavour, as described in the table below. Your cooking level will determine how many ingredients you may choose for your dish. From cooking levels 19 and below, you may chose up to two ingredients; from cooking levels 20 to 39 you may choose up to three ingredients; and for cooking levels 40 and up, you may use up to four ingredients.

Flavour Rating Hide / Show
Gielinor Games Food Flavour Rating
Ingredient Bitter Fruity Savoury Sour Spicy Sweet
Gielinor Games Bitter melonBitter melon 4 2 - - - 1
Gielinor Games Coffee beansCoffee beans 4 - 2 - - 1
Gielinor Games DandelionDandelion 4 - - 1 2 -
Gielinor Games PlumPlum - 4 - - 1 2
Gielinor Games RaisinsRaisins - 4 - - 2 1
Gielinor Games RaspberriesRaspberries 1 4 - 2 - -
Gielinor Games Filo pastryFilo pastry - 1 4 - - 2
Gielinor Games PaprikaPaprika - 1 4 - 2 -
Gielinor Games PepperPepper 2 - 4 1 - -
Gielinor Games RhubarbRhubarb - 2 - 4 - 1
Gielinor Games Sour creamSour Cream - - 2 4 - 1
Gielinor Games YoghurtYoghurt 2 1 - 4 - -
Gielinor Games CinnamonCinnamon 1 - - - 4 2
Gielinor Games GingerGinger - 1 2 - 4 -
Gielinor Games NutmegNutmeg - - 2 1 4 -
Gielinor Games Burned toffeeBurned toffee - - - 2 1 4
Gielinor Games MintMint 2 - 1 - - 4
Gielinor Games Tupelo honeyTupelo honey - 2 - - 1 4

When looking for the best recipe, try adding in each ingredient individually and observe their point valuation for that particular recipe. If a particular ingredient happens to have all three flavours needed for the dish, the highest individual score given for that ingredient is seven, based on the scoring shown in the table above; the lowest individual score possible is one. Aim to use ingredients that have an individual score of five or higher to increase your total recipe score. You may hand in a maximum of three dishes a day for contribution points.

Note: The recipes listed in the tables below are one of many combinations for some recipes for the most points scored. You can calculate more combinations using the flavour rating table.

Best Recipes
Cooking Levels 1-19   •   Cooking Levels 20-39   •   Cooking Levels 40 & Up
Dish Best Recipe
Bitter, fruity, savoury Bitter melon, coffee beans
Bitter, fruity, sour Raspberries, yoghurt
Bitter, fruity, spicy Bitter melon, dandelion
Bitter, fruity, sweet Bitter melon, plum
Bitter, savoury, sour Coffee beans, pepper
Bitter, savoury, spicy Coffee beans, dandelion
Bitter, savoury, sweet Coffee beans, mint
Bitter, sour, spicy Dandelion, yoghurt
Bitter, sour, sweet Burned toffee, yogurt
Bitter, spicy, sweet Cinnamon, dandelion
Fruity, savoury, sour Raspberries, rhubarb
Fruity, savoury, spicy Ginger, paprika
Fruity, savoury, sweet Filo pastry, plum
Fruity, sour, spicy Raisins, raspberries
Fruity, sour, sweet Burned toffee, plum
Fruity, spicy, sweet Plum, raisins
Savoury, sour, spicy Nutmeg, sour cream
Savoury, sour, sweet Filo pastry, sour cream
Savoury, spicy, sweet Filo pastry, paprika
Sour, spicy, sweet Burned toffee, cinnamon
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Medal Making

The Gielinor Games can't go without awarding its most accomplished competitors. Help Oomad make seven medals each day. Each medal requires two nuggets to be made. Mine nuggets from the pile of scrap metal beside the forge. Hand the completed metals in to Oomad for contribution points. The kind of medal Oomad requests you to make is dependent on your mining or smithing level, whichever is the lower of the two.

Pic Name Required Level Required Material
Bronze Medal Bronze Medal 1 to 19 Mining or Smithing Bronze Nuggets2x Bronze nuggets
Silver Medal Silver Medal 20 to 39 Mining or Smithing Silver Nuggets2x Silver nuggets
Gold Medal Gold medal 40+ Mining or Smithing Gold Nuggets2x Gold nuggets
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Construction Materials (Members only)

What's the Gielinor Games without stages and competition arenas? Help Oomad by mining nuggets from the scrap pile beside the forge and smelting them into bricks or girders. Both bricks and girders require two nuggets to be made. The kind of construction material Oomad requests you to make is dependent on your construction or mining level, whichever is the lower of the two.

Construction Materials
Pic Name Required Level Required Material
Bricks Bricks 1 to 19 Construction or Smithing Clay Nuggets2x Clay nuggets
Iron girder Iron girder 20 to 39 Construction or Smithing Iron Nuggets2x Iron nuggets
Steel Girder Steel girder 40+ Construction or Smithing Steel Nuggets2x Steel nuggets
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Let the games begin! July 24th, 2012 marked the official start of the Gielinor Games, a series of four rewarding and repeatable events designed to test your skill, courage, ingenuity, and ability to have a good laugh. The events yield up to a certain quota of XP every day (indicated in the chat interface each time you enter an event), as well as an unlimited number of contribution points. The points can be spent in Oomad Arrow's Reward shop for Bronze, Silver and Gold tier rewards. Keep in mind that at any time you can have a maximum of 2,500 contribution points. If you reach this number, you must spend some points before you will continue earning more from your participation in the events. You can, however, continue participating even if you have reached your cap in points. To get started, head to the center of Varrock.

You may participate in: Cheese Wheel Rolling, Head-to-Head, Marathon, and Resource Race.

Cheese Wheel Rolling

Gielinor Games Cheese Rolling

Participate in a Gloucestershire tradition to earn contribution points and Defence XP! To perform in this event, begin at the top of the hill and click on a wheel of cheese to start it rolling down the hill and begin racing down the hill yourself! The hill is dotted with obstacles you must run around to avoid tripping over, though there is also a random chance of tripping on nothing as you progress. Stay on your feet as long as possible to get more contribution points. You do not need to catch your wheel of cheese to gain XP and contribution points. In fact, you may find it easier to ignore the wheel of cheese altogether after you cross the starting line.


Gielinor Games Head-to-head

In Head-to-Head, you compete against four NPCs in a race to the finish line. Finishing the race grants you contribution points and Agility XP, with more points and more XP the quicker you finish. To move down the track, you must play one of the three cards at the bottom of your screen. There are a maximum of 90 cards per game; many of them are duplicates. If you have played all 90 cards and the race still is not over, the race ends automatically.

Gielinor Games Cards

Each of these cards has a different effect, and who they affect is determined by the colored border around the card. Blue, gold, black, green and red cards are applied to individual racers. Silver cards affect all racers. The display at the top of your screen shows each racer as well as their designated color. Your character is always black. By hovering your cursor over the picture of each contestant, you can see what effects are currently applied to each racer.

Gielinor Games Status

During the race, each contestant moves forward two paces normally. To complete the race in as few cards as possible, avoid playing any cards which will decrease the number of paces your character will take each turn. The XP and contribution points you receive do not take into consideration what place you finish in, and placing first will not grant you any additional rewards (other than personal satisfaction). Additionally, avoid stacking three levels of "struggle" onto your character. Any contestant that has three levels of struggle will be removed from the race. If this happens to your own character, you will be removed and will not receive any XP or contribution points.


On your mark, get set, go! The Marathon is different from the rest of the Gielinor Games events in that it takes place at specific times on specific worlds. If your Games tab is set to "All," you will see updates about Marathon locations and starting times, up to an hour before the Marathon takes place. If you choose to participate, you will earn Constitution XP and contribution points.

Gielinor Games Marathon

To participate in the Marathon, hop to the world where the next marathon is taking place and make your way to the starting point. Be advised that you should not bring anything you are not willing to lose, as marathons may go through the wilderness and other potentially dangerous areas. On the other hand, bringing weight reducing gear and run energy boosts will reduce the time it takes you to complete the marathon. Taking a dip in the Oo'glog run energy pool if you have completed As a First Resort is also helpful.

Gielinor Games Marathon Start

Once the marathon has begun, an announcement will be made in the chatbox. At the starting point there will appear two pillars. Run through these pillars to begin the marathon. You can click the pillars to reset your starting time, if you began when you weren't quite ready. After beginning the marathon a yellow blinking arrow will appear on your mini-map, pointing you in the direction of the next checkpoint. To complete the marathon course, you must pass through every checkpoint - the number of checkpoints varies depending on the course. Make sure you don't miss one, or you will have to double back to it.

Gielinor Games Checkpoint Cleared

Completing the marathon as quickly as possibly will gain you more contribution points. You are not competing against the other players in the marathon, so your personal time is the only thing that matters. Bringing the equipment mentioned above will help you run continuously through the marathon instead of needing to rest frequently. Also, you are allowed to teleport during the marathon which can shave a few minutes off of your time.

Resource Race

Ready, set, pick/chop/mine! In the Resource Race event you will be brought to four floating, connected islands. Your goal is to gather as many resources as possible in five minutes and deposit them on the center island in order to gain contribution points as well as Mining, Woodcutting and Farming XP. Each of the islands contain a different resource: West for herbs, North for ore and East for wood. To gather herbs you must take seeds from the seed bags on the island, plant them and then wait for them to grow before picking. Ore and wood are on the islands already, ready to gather. They will respawn after you have depleted a rock or a tree. Resources are different colors; each color requires a different minimum level in that skill to collect. Accordingly, the higher the minimum level needed, the more that particular resource is worth. The colors and levels of the resources are shown below.

Colour Level
Blue 1
Gold 20
Black 40
Green 60
Red 80

Although higher level resources are worth more, they will also take longer to grow and respawn. If you are planning on picking herbs, it is recommended to plant the five patches then mine some ore or chop some logs before coming back for the herbs. Collect a variety of different resources for a bonus to your contribution points. XP is awarded based on the number of respective resources you collect. For example, if you only mine ore the entire five minutes, you will only receive Mining XP. Make sure to deposit all of the resources you collect; any resources remaining in your inventory when the five minutes are up will not be counted till your final score.

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Oomad Arrow in Varrock Square will take your contribution points for a variety of rewards. You can only have a maximum of 2,500 contribution points at any time. Rewards include bronze, silver and gold coloured clothing, two emotes and the "Athlete" title. You can spend points to unlock the silver and then gold tier of rewards. The gold tier rewards may only be unlocked by members. The bronze, silver and gold rings available in the shop can be worn while participating in events to increase the amount of XP you earn from them. If the rings ever run out of charge, they can be recharged with Oomad for the same number of points as it cost to originally purchase the ring. All rewards can be reclaimed from Oomad or Diango if lost.

Bronze   •   Silver   •   Gold
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Original Guide by: ForsakenMage and Aurhora

Last updated by: ForsakenMage

Last updated on: 29-Jul-2012

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