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Glacors are not aggressive, however, you should never attempt to fight them with items you are not willing to risk losing, and while there you should expect your death as a possibility at all times.



Glacor Basic Facts (Bestiary Profile)
Combat Level: 160 Glacor Combat level: 160 Glacytes Lifepoints: 30,000 Maximum Hit:
980 (melee)
half health (special)
Attack Style(s): All
Experience Summary
Killing glacors awards fairly good magic xp. They are the best source of blue charms in the game, as well as good crimson charm droppers.
Drops Summary
Glacors are the only creatures to drop ragefire boots, glaiven boots and steadfast boots, level 85 tank boots for magic, ranged and melee respectively. They are the only source of armadyl runes and the armadyl battlestaff in the game. They also drop elite clues and effigies.
Special Notes
Glacors use melee, ranged and magic attacks, all of which hit around 1000. They also occasionally fire a group of icicles. Anyone who stands on the square it lands on loses half their current lifepoints. When near half health the glacor spawns three level 160 glacytes.
Recommended Levels
75 magic or 70+ magic with means to boost to 75 for fire wave
Any level 70+ magic weapon

In addition, for optimal performance:
95+ magic or 90+ magic with means to boost to 95 for fire surge
95 prayer for torment
92 prayer or 88 summoning, for soul split and unicorn respectively
Chaotic staff or Virtus wand and book

Glacors can be found in their lair, accessible by fairy ring DKQ. Because it's so close to a fairy ring, the Grand Exchange is a very convenient place to gear up. Since glacors are not aggressive, it's easy to hop in and watch people kill - it will give you an idea of what to expect. Stay clear of the monsters though, some may blow up!

Glacors are very vulnerable to fire spells and take double damage from them. At half health, they will spawn three glacytes with 4250 LP each who attack with very accurate low-damage melee attacks. The glacor is invulnerable while the glacytes are alive, and it absorbs the ability of the glacyte killed last. The glacytes are the dark blue enduring glacyte, the greenish-blue sapping glacyte and the red unstable glacyte. Each has a special ability as follows:

The enduring glacyte is invulnerable when it is next to the glacor. The further away it is, the more vulnerable it becomes. If this glacyte is killed last, the glacor gains all-round 60% damage reduction. It is best to kill this glacor before another to avoid extremely slow kills. This glacyte is immune to damage from familiars and will not leave the glacor unless attacked.

The sapping glacyte drains your prayer by a few points when it hits you. If this glacyte is killed last the glacor will drain about 5% of your current prayer points per hit. This is an easy glacyte to kill last and can be quite economical if you keep your prayer points sufficiently low.

The unstable glacyte has a second bar over its health bar, which fills in about 15 seconds until it explodes, taking damage equal to 90% of its remaining lifepoints. This explosion will hit all players within one square, including those fighting other glacors, for high damage. It can be avoided by simply taking one step away - the glacyte can't move for a few seconds before it explodes. After exploding, it will regenerate health quickly until it explodes again. If this glacyte is killed last, the glacor gains the same ability, but it explodes in a 9x9 area. This is a good glacyte to kill last if you have sufficient power to kill the glacor before it starts regenerating.

When the glacytes are dead, the glacor gains an ability but is otherwise free to be attacked and killed, obtaining the drop. Shards of Armadyl are dropped approximately once every ten kills, boots are much rarer. Throughout the fight, the glacor will occasionally fire a bunch of icicles. Anyone standing on the square it lands on will lose half their current health. To avoid this attack, simply move one step in any direction. All glacytes and glacors are immune to damage from deflect curses and vengance. Glacors are also immune to damage from familiars.

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Setting Up

Glacors are optimally killed using magic. Mages should have their highest level fire spell set to autocast in their main-hand (for two-handed weapon users) or main-hand and off-hand for wand and book users. Magic weapons below level 70 have much lower accuracy, so players should avoid using lower tier weapons if possible. See below for a recommended action bar and setup for magic users.

Glacor Magic Actionbar

This action bar is very similar for both dual wielding and two-handed weapons, however with one minor difference. Players that dual-wield a wand and book should use the concentrated blast ability, whereas players using a two-handed weapon should use the sonic wave ability in its place. Concentrated blast is a very powerful basic ability which gives dual-wielding a slight edge.

The void knight set offers the fastest glacor kills due to its damage boosting set effect. Soul Split is sufficient for healing in most setups. Players without access to Soul Split should prayer-switch during the fight to reduce the damage dealt by the glacor.

Set-ups - Magic
Glacor Void Setup
Void                Standard
Helm: Void mage helm*
Amulet: Arcane stream necklace > Saradomin's hiss > Amulet of fury
Body: Elite void knight top*
Legs: Elite void knight robe*
Gloves: Void knight gloves*
Boots: Virtus boots > Boots of subjugation > Ragefire boots > Ganodermic boots
Cape: Completionist cape > God cape > Max cape > Trimmed skillcape
Ring: Seers' ring (i) > Onyx ring (i) > Sixth-age circuit
Aura: Vampyrism = Penance
Scrimshaw: Scrimshaw of the elements > Scrimshaw of magic
Weapon/s: Virtus wand & book > Chaotic staff > Armadyl battlestaff > Staff of light > Other high level staves

Inventory shown: Overload potions, prayer renewal potions, prayer potions, emergency food, healing aura scrolls, charming imp, runes for fire surge or other fire spells.

Additional information: A unicorn stallion familiar should be pre-summoned and used as an emergency food source. Potions can be upgraded to flasks for a longer trip, however banks are close by, allowing for a quick restock. Overloads can be downgraded to extreme potions.
Soul split and torment should be used at all times, and can be downgraded to prayer-switching and Augury.

*All four pieces of the void knight set must be worn to gain the full void knight set effect.
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There are three stages in killing a glacor. Smooth transitions between stages are a prerequisite for fast kills. Don't worry if you don't get it straight away - it will come with time.

Initial attacks
The only attacks you lay on a glacor should be fire spells - they hit high and often. Try to attack from a distance, but keep the glacor in sight. When it is first attacked, the glacor will use magic or ranged. Unlike with most monsters, you have time to switch protect prayers until the projectile hits you. Occasionally the glacor will switch attack styles - switch prayers accordingly. Players with access to the Soul Split curse should use it at all times instead of prayer switching. Whenever the glacor fires the triple spike attack, it will continue attacking with ranged afterwards. Familiars will not do damage during this stage.

The glacor's magic attack can occasionally freeze the player. The freedom or anticipation abilities should be used to break free of this quickly, as it can leave the player exposed to a triple-spike attack, or the unstable or glacor exploding.
Glacor Firespell


When the glacor goes below half health, it will spawn the glacytes. At this point, the glacor becomes invulnerable. Use one cast of fire surge to lure the enduring glacyte - it won't attack you automatically if you don't. Move at least ten steps away from the glacor to ensure the enduring is weak. Do not attack the unstable before it explodes - it can kill itself much faster than you can. Be sure to take one step away from the unstable as the explosion bar fills. When the enduring dies, there are two further options:

  • Killing the sapping glacyte last means you must keep your prayer low to avoid much drain. Attack the unstable just after it blows up - because it is at such low health it will die quickly. Once the glacytes are dead, move on to the next stage.

  • Killing the unstable glacyte last is recommended if you do not qish to maintain low prayer points. Kill the sapping quickly and simply one-hit the unstable and move on to the next stage.

It is possible to run away from the glacor and get it stuck behind a pillar or rock. This allows you to pray protect from melee while killing the glacytes. This is not recommended for experienced glacor hunters, but new hunters and hunters with lower levels may find it saves a considerable amount of resources.

Glacor Glacytes

Final attacks
When the glacytes are dead, continue attacking the glacor as normal. If you brought a stat-boosting ring and a ring of wealth, equip the ring of wealth. If you killed the sapping glacyte last, keep your prayer low. If you killed the unstable glacyte last, stay away from the glacor. If you accidentally killed the enduring glacyte last, it will take longer to finish the glacor but it should otherwise not be different from the first stage. This stage should, overall, present little trouble.

In short:

  • Fire spells on glacor.
  • Avoid spikes.
  • Lure enduring with a fire spell.
  • Kill enduring > sapping > unstable.
  • Fire surge on glacor.
  • Loot and repeat.
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Closing words

Glacors are an interesting boss, suited for various methods, but most importantly they are the first and only boss where magic is truly the only combat style of choice. With both common and uncommon unique loot it offers both a stable, expense-covering money flow with occasional bigger drops to offer a good profit. Overall, they are some of the best monsters to kill for various reasons - hopefully this guide has shown you just how you can make the most of them.

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Original Guide by: Quyneax

Special Thanks to: Octarine

Thanks to: Druvovic, DyingSilent, Jaffy1

Last updated by: Octarine

Last updated on: 14-May-2012

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