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This minigame has been rated as Standard Risk. See the minigames page for a definition of high and low risk.



Gnomeball is a member's only minigame. It is an aggressive and dangerous game played by none other than the smallest and most inferior race in RuneScape: Gnomes. Besides, they need some training to take on those Khazard Troops down the river. The Gnomeball Field can be found in the North West part of the Gnomes' Stronghold in Kandarin (see world map).

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The Rules

Once you have entered the playing field via the gate on the west of the field, you can talk to the Gnome Ball referee who will tell you the simple rules of the game. Throw the ball in the goal on the other side of the field while dodging any Gnome Ballers tackling you. You have a Gnome Ball Score in the top right of your screen when you are in the field, every time you score a goal you add 1 to it and you receive some ranged and agility xp. Once you reach 5 goals you win and you get an xp bonus and can walk out the field with the ball. The score also resets to zero every five goals.

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How to Play

Once you have talked to the referee he will give you a gnomeball which you have to throw in to the back of the net on the opposite side of the field. You can do that by passing to a Gnome winger (wearing light green), running downfield and receiving a pass back and then shooting. Alternatively you can pass between other players on the field and running around and eventually shooting. Or however you can always go solo and run the distance yourself dodging any tackles coming in by surrounding gnome ballers (wearing yellow, orange and red) and then shooting.

  • To pass to a winger or player, just click on them.
  • To shoot, just click on the goal net.

If a tackle does come, you either block it by effectively pushing the gnome out of your way, or you are tackled and get hit between 30 and 60 damage and the ball is taken off you. The better your agility, the less you get tackled.

Gnomeball Damage

If you are tackled, you will have to find the gnome baller with a ball (doesn't have to be your ball) and tackle him back. He either blocks your tackle or you lift him up by the collar like a bully and flatten him to the floor before taking the ball:

Gnomeball Block

Once you are within shooting range of the goal click 'shoot' on the goal and your player will shoot, either missing or scoring. When you score, you are cheered on by the cheerleaders as you add another goal to your score and receive some agility and ranged xp. The better your range, the less you will miss the goal.

Gnomeball Score
Skill Goal Number Bonus xp
1 2 3 4 5
Agility 4 5 6 7 5 +25
Range 4 5 6 7 5 +25

Gnomeball Goal

Remember, you can't log out inside the field so go outside when you are finished. Also you can't hold anything else except a gnomeball in the field (like weapons), otherwise it would look like you were cheating! If you've come for xp then you can team up with a friend to get it quick. He stands near the referee and passes the ball to you near the goal and you score, then he just gets another ball and you carry on hitting the net!

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Tips & Tricks

  • When in the field make sure you are always running by choosing 'Run' in the player options menu.
  • If there are a lot of gnome ballers in the centre of the field pass to a winger and run up to receive the return pass.
  • If your combat is low and are planning to stay for a long time, bring some food.
  • If you score 5 goals, you win your very own gnomeball, which you can take with you outside the field. The ball can be wielded as a weapon, however, it does not have any stats.
  • Have fun!

And finally remember; gnome ball can get very aggressive:

Gnomeball Trip
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Original Guide By: Eeeeediot

Thanks to: Demonsword66, Emofreak123, Shasta_Sms, Vap137, Vulxai, Wereta

Updated by: Shasta_Sms

Last updated: 10-Nov-2013

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