Gnome Delivery Service

This minigame has Standard Risk as it requires travel to different areas of RuneScape. See the minigames page for a definition of risk.


The Gnome Delivery Service is a members-only minigame that expands the use of Gnome Cuisine. Players cook exotic gnome food or cocktails and deliver them to gnome customers scattered across RuneScape.

Aluft Gianne Jr., located in the Gnome Stronghold's Grand Tree, has opened a delivery service for gnomes that are far away and miss the taste of their native food and drinks. You help him by making and delivering orders to these gnomes in a given amount of time. If you are looking for employment in a job that will tax your cooking, timing, and travel skills, this minigame is for you. Not only is this game fun to play, it also offers some interesting rewards (see the Rewards section for more details).

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Before you help Aluft Gianne Jr. with his delivery service, you must prove yourself as a qualified Gnome cook and bartender. This involves making several types of gnome food and drinks, assigned by Aluft Gianne Sr. (food) and Blurberry (drinks). More about the lessons (and the recipes!) can be found in the Gnome Cuisine guide.


  • Level 29 Cooking minimum (to complete training)
  • Completion of Aluft Gianne Sr.'s cooking lessons
  • Completion of Blurberry's bartending lessons


  • Level 42 Cooking is best (to make all possible orders)
  • Cash to buy ingredients at Grand Tree Groceries or Funch's Fine Groceries
  • Energy potions or other means to replenish run energy
  • Teleport runes
  • Teleport jewellery (glory, duel ring, etc)
  • Armour or protection prayer for passing monsters, depending on your combat level
  • Access to different transportation networks to speed travel: Gnome Gliders, Spirit Trees, Mine Carts, Fairy Rings (hard orders only)

When you've made the ordered food or drink you must deliver it to the Gnome customer before his/her order expires. This means you have to travel, sometimes quite fast, to the Gnome's location. Any way of travelling that allows you to get there quickly is recommended. See the Getting Around Guide for possible means of transportation.

Some special types of transportation methods provide easy access to certain "hard order" customers. Usually quests are required to unlock these methods. These are suggested below:

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No matter what type of order assignment you choose when you play, you will have to prepare the food or drink order (always one item) and deliver it to a Gnome within a time limit. It is thus suggested to be prepared to cook the right food/drink fast, to save precious time.

Please note that the premade food and drinks that can be bought from the restaurant and bar do not work! You cannot buy premade food and deliver it, you must make your own food and drinks for deliveries.

One way to be prepared is to stock up on useful items in advance. Almost all gnome cuisine and bartending items and ingredients are purchasable from the food shops in the Grand Tree:

Only two items are not sold in stores: king worms and toad legs. These spawn in the swamp north-west of the Grand Tree (click the swamp toads to get the legs - be careful not to eat them!) Both also spawn near the herblore shop in Taverley. Level 75 thieves can pickpocket Gnomes for king worms and toad legs. King worms and swamp toads are also tradeable on the Grand Exchange.

Several items available cheaply in the shops also spawn in the Grand Tree:

  • Crunchy tray, gnomebowl mould, batta tin, knife, cocktail shaker - cooking area just north of the Gnome Restaurant (check inside north cabinet)
  • Cocktail glasses spawn in the areas near Blurberry's Bar.

Hudo sells Gianne Dough, the crucial ingredient for all gnome baking. Also, Aluft Gianne Sr. will give you a one-time gift of 100 of his special Gianne dough: simply speak to him after you have passed the food and drink preparation tutorials.

Another way to prepare yourself is to cook several of each type of food and drink and bank them so that you can use them when needed. If your bank space is limited, consider pre-baking just the Gianne dough in several ways to provide a starting base for foods.

Note: If you purchased anything from a gnome food shop to make your needed item, after you have completed the delivery, the store's stock will be completely replenished.

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How to play

To begin this minigame, simply speak to Aluft Gianne Jr. upstairs in the Grand Tree. He is located in the area just west of Aluft Gianne Sr. When you talk to him, be prepared to make an order and deliver it. During the conversation with Aluft Gianne Jr. you will be asked if you want to work on an easy or a hard order. The difference between these orders is explained below. Also during this conversation, the "Aluft Aloft Box" will appear in your inventory.

Easy orders - customers are always within the Tree Gnome Stronghold (see specific Easy Customer Locations later in the guide). Due to their nearness, you have only six minutes to deliver the easy orders to them. Be sure your run energy is stocked up.

Hard orders - the customer is never in the Stronghold and can be anywhere in RuneScape (see Hard Customer Locations later in the guide). You will have eleven minutes to deliver the order to the customer. Remember that, in general, no customer is impossible to deliver to on time, but some are just difficult (or impossible without some quests) to reach. Using the Getting Around Guide, plan your travel wisely to reach your destination in time.

"Aluft Aloft Box" - this can be checked for reminders about the order (what to make and for whom), as well as hints as to the customer's location. See below for exact customer locations.

Problem Assignments - There are some specific requirements to deliver to certain difficult Gnomes (listed in Hard Customer Locations below). If you can't deliver some items because you haven't done a quest required to access the area where a Gnome is located, just talk to Gianne Jr. and refuse the order. However, be aware that you won't be able to take another hard order for several minutes if you turn down a hard order. You may also wish to turn down an easy order if you don't like it for some reason - in that case you cannot take another easy order for a few minutes.

Cooking and Bartending - Don't forget to bake the food and garnish it! You don't want to arrive at your destination to discover your item is only half completed.

Late Delivery - If you do not deliver the order to the Gnome in time, the Aluft Aloft Box will disappear and the order will be cancelled. Nothing bad happens, you just don't get a reward.

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Customer Locations

Here is the list of the locations of the customers to whom you might have to deliver orders. The first table, coloured grey, shows Easy Customer Locations inside the Gnome Stronghold. The second table of Hard Customer Locations includes any requirements needed to get there, and some helpful ideas.

Remember, for areas where you must pass monsters, plan on protection prayer or wear armour depending on your combat level. Low level players should beware the level 60 Terrorbirds and level 66 Mounted terrorbirds roaming the Stronghold, and the level 72 tortoises confined to the tortoise pen. Harder orders may involve passing monsters such as the Trollheim ice trolls (level 100+), Feldip Hills ogres (level 90+), Karamja jungle jogres (level 80+), etc. Specifics are not provided for each hard delivery area since experienced players will already be aware of the hazards.

Easy Gnome Locations Within Gnome Stronghold
Name Location
Brimstail Located in the marked dungeon cave in the south-western corner of the Gnome Stronghold.
Burkor Tower guard South-East of Gnomeball field.
Captain Errdo Top floor of the Grand Tree, near the Gnome Glider.
Coach (see Gnomeball Coach below).
Dalila Grand Tree restaurant.
Damwin Bar East of the Gnomeball Area, upstairs.
Eebel Upstairs in the South-western part of the Gnome Stronghold, east of Brimstail's dungeon cave.
Ermin Upstairs near the spinning wheel South of the Agility area in the Gnome Stronghold.
Femi Just outside the main gates to the Gnome Stronghold.
Froono Upstairs near the magic tree in the centre of the Gnome Stronghold. The ladder to his home is just south of the bank and the tree farming patch.
Gnomeball Coach Located near (not in) the Gnomeball field on the western side of the Gnome Stronghold.
Guard Vemmeldo In the main Gnome Stronghold bank, west of the Gnome Agility Arena.
Gulluck Runs the weapons shop located on the second floor of the Grand Tree (third floor for Americans).
Heckel Funch Grand Tree, food shop by Blueberry's bar.
King Narnode Shareen On the ground floor of the Grand Tree.
Meegle Terrorbird pen, West part of the Gnome Stronghold (across river).
Perrdur In the Grand Tree restaurant.
Rometti Clothes Store upstairs in the Grand Tree, north-east corner.
Sarble In the swamp just north-west of the Grand Tree in the Gnome Stronghold.
Trainer Nacklepen Giant tortoise pen, north-west of the Grand Tree and north of the swamp in the Gnome Stronghold. Low level players should beware the level 72 tortoises here.
Wurbel Upstairs in a hut just South of the Gnome Ball minigame.

Hard Gnome Locations All Over RuneScape
Name Location
Ambassador Ferrnook Upstairs in Varrock Castle, at the top of the main entrance staircase.
Ambassador Gimblewap Upstairs in Ardougne Castle, near King Lathas (north room).
Ambassador Spanfipple In the White Knights Castle in Falador. Upstairs in the South wing, usually near the jail cells.
Brambickle Northern tip of Trollweiss mountain. Near the exit of the cave filled with Ice Trolls. Does not require Troll Romance quest nor a sled - only the Death Plateau Quest.
Captain Bleemadge Gnome Glider pilot on White Wolf mountain.
Captain Daerkin On top of the Duel Arena near Al Kharid, observing duels on the southern central platform.
Captain Dalbur Gnome Glider operator located in Al Kharid.
Captain Klemfoodle Operating the Gnome Glider on Karamja.
Captain Ninto Near the dwarves in the shortcut under White Wolf mountain, requires completion of the Fishing Contest Quest.
Commander Montai Khazard Battlefield, near the entrance to the Tree Gnome Village Maze.
G.L.O. Caranock Karamja shipyard (the fenced area north of the Gnome glider). Must have at least begun the Grand Tree Quest. If you've begun the Monkey Madness Quest you might need to bring the gnome royal seal to enter the shipyard.
Garkor On Ape Atoll, south-east of the temple. Need to have done at least part of the Monkey Madness Quest. Players who have completed the Awowogei part of the Recipe for Disaster quest and have level 64 Magic can teleport to Marim using 1 Banana, 2 Fires, 2 Waters, and 2 Law runes. Without a greegree, only diehards will accept this order - getting safely to the Sergeant is a nuisance.
Gnormadium Avlafrim Gnome Glider operator at the Feldip Hills landing strip, far south of Yanille (One Small Favour Quest unlocks the glider route, but you can walk past ogres from Castle Wars or Yanille or walk a few steps from Fairy Ring AKS).
Hazelmere On the island east of Yanille, surrounded by level 124 Jungle Spiders. He is upstairs in the tower. Very convenient to Fairy Ring CLS. If you have done the While Guthix Sleeps quest, your character will automatically speak to Aluft Gianne Jr. to take care of this.
King Bolren In the Tree Gnome Village, next to the Spirit Tree.
Lieutenant Schepbur Khazard Battlefield, close to the entrance of the Tree Gnome Village maze. Very convenient to two spirit trees.
Penwie The jogre-infested forest west of the Karamja Gnome Glider.
Professor Imblewyn On the ground floor inside the Magic Guild in Yanille, level 66 magic (or equivalent boosted level) needed to enter.
Professor Manglethorp Located on the ground floor of the Consortium (large building in the centre of Keldagrim), on the western side of the river, near the anvils.
Professor Onglewip On the ground floor of the Wizard's Tower south of Draynor. He can sometimes be found outside on the grounds. Very convenient to Fairy Ring DIS.
Wingstone West of Nardah, in the Kharidian desert. He can be found anywhere around the crevice.

Tip: Think of ways to get from one transportation network to another. One way is to teleport to Varrock and run up inside the Grand Exchange to the Spirit Tree in the north-east corner. You could use a ring of duelling to teleport to the Duelling Arena and then take the nearby Al Kharid glider back to the Grand Tree. You can glory to Edgeville then run to the Fairy Ring.

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Just like any other minigame, the Gnome Delivery Service also provides rewards for the players. Rewards can include items, coins, reward tokens, and bonus Cooking experience.

Easy Orders: You will be rewarded with Coins and Bonus experience (see below) only.

Hard Orders: You will be rewarded with items or coins, and Bonus experience. Item rewards may include:

  • Bolts
  • Gems (up to diamond)
  • Gnomeball
  • Half Key
  • Seeds
  • Bird's nest
  • Snake charm
  • Clean herbs (usually toadflax or snapdragon)
  • Runes (chaos, blood, soul)

All of these items will be noted if you get more than one of them. Besides these, there are also some unique items that can be obtained as rewards for hard orders:

Unique Rewards
Pic Name Use
Mint Cake Mint Cake Restores 100% of your run energy when eaten.
Gnome Goggles Gnome goggles Gnome clothes. After An Enlightened Journey quest, you can ask Auguste to combine your goggles with the bomber cap into "Cap and goggles".
Gnome Scarf Gnome scarf Gnome clothes. Very stylish, it streams out behind you.
Grand Seed Pod Grand seed pod Useful for transportation back to the Grand Tree (see below).
Reward Token -gnome- Reward token Gnomes will deliver food to your location (see below).

The Grand Seed Pod is a stackable item that can be used in two ways. You could launch it (outdoors only) to be seen eventually by a Gnome pilot that will take you to the Grand Tree, also receiving some farming xp. Or you could also squash it to be teleported immediately to the Grand Tree King, but temporarily losing 5 farming levels. It doesn't work past level 30 Wilderness and each pod can only be used once.

Each delivery you successfully make gives you some points, 3 points for a hard order and only 1 for an easy one. After you get 10 order points, a reward token is given to you. This reward token will keep track of how many points you have collected. You cannot have more than 120 points on it - you can continue to make deliveries, but without gaining additional points. At any moment, you can activate the token and a gnome will deliver food to you after a while: one item of food for every 12 points you have on the token. So if you have 60 points, you will receive 5 food items. This token might come in handy when fighting away from a bank (up to ten food items stored in only one inventory place), but take care - the delivery is not instantaneous. Alternatively, you could use the food you receive in your own deliveries (instead of baking it yourself).

Bonus Experience Points

On top of the experience you get from baking/mixing the Gnome foods and drinks, you are also given a small amount of bonus Cooking experience at the end of each successful delivery:

Item Bonus Cooking Experience
Blurberry special 150
Chocolate saturday 140
Drunk dragon 130
Chocolate bomb 110
Tangled toad's legs 105
Veg ball 95
Short green guy 90
Worm hole 90
Cheese+tom batta 88
Vegetable batta 86
Worm batta 84
Toad batta 82
Wizard blizzard 80
Fruit batta 80
Chocchip crunchies 46
Worm crunchies 44
Spicy crunchies 42
Pineapple punch 40
Toad crunchies 40
Fruit blast 20
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