Gnome Village Dungeon

By Mindesto & Rien Adelric

This dungeon is located in the southern portion of the maze outside the Tree Gnome Village. It plays a small role in the Waterfall Quest and a more significant part of the Path of Glouphrie Quest.

Golrie, the gnome found in the left chamber of the dungeon, can be spoken to after completion of the Waterfall Quest to reobtain Glarial's Pebble - a useful quest item which grants access to Glarial's Tomb.

In the north-east chamber, there are two features of interest: Yewnock's Machine (an integral part of the Path of Glouphrie Quest) and an elven Singing Bowl (used to convert a crystal saw or small crystal seed into a set of crystal chimes). A monolith maze obstructs the path to these, but the quest guide provides instructions to unlock the maze. A locked door further restricts access to the Machine, but the strongroom key found in the locked Mahogany chest in the centre of the maze will unlock the door. To unlock the Mahogany chest, a second key, hidden in the chest to the north-west, is required.

Gnome Village Dungeon Hobgoblins (Level 28) Giant bats (Level 27) Zombies (Level 13, 24)

Dungeon Monsters
Hobgoblin: Level 28
Giant Bat: Level 27
Zombie: Level 13, Level 24

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